Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Other Products I Found at the South Asian Store....[Random Rant!]

Other Products I found at the shop....
Products I wanted to highlight here.....
-Fair & Lovely
-Stillman's Bleach Cream
-Olivia Herbal Bleach Cream

So what are these products suppose to do?
 They are suppose to make the skin lighter. 
Why would you want to be lighter fair skinned? 
"Being fair skinned" is considered "Beautiful"

This concept is believed in South Asian culture and in other cultures as well. The darker skintones are actually looked down upon. These beliefs have always existed and are still existing today. 

Sadly, these products are sold at our local Indian Grocery Stores and worldwide.
These products are still being bought by many women who are trying to achieve "lighter skin" in order to be "beautiful".

Some of these products actually contain bleach and obviously, it is harmful for the skin. 

It's not really surprising when you see women layering on foundations that are so many shades lighter than their actual skintone...just so they can be considered "beautiful". It just looks hilarious looking after. Oh you Ghost ladies!

So you may start thinking.....hey what are bronzers for? Haha! This side of  the Western world digs the "tan" look.  

Seriously, people should snap out of this type of mentality and appreciate the skintone they have.  I don't think I have ever complained about my skintone and I have always learned to appreciate it too. 

Just remember we are all beautiful people!


Sisa said...

You are totally right, honey! We have the contrary problem here in Middle and Northern Europe. Dark and tanned skin is considered to be beautiful, because it is "exotic", and the people go to the sunbed to get tanned, which is harmful as well. And they layer on much too dark foundations - also hilarious, making them look much older than they are and like an American Indian for Carnival. Look on what some European girls do to theirselves :-( http://www.vokuhila-is.org/oida/wp-content/gallery/krocha/1-cefd1033453bee0e.jpg

Nilufar said...

Tell me about it. Its real funny when you watch bangali wedding videos from back home. The girl is all natural in the Gaye Holud and then for the wedding, shes more paler than milk! When my sasa goro bhai got married, i did his wifeys makeup on his Walima. and my Sasa goro bhai kept telling me to make her skin more lighter, shes going to be on video camera! I was trying to explain natural is beautiful and wont look harsh on camera, and he kept saying no it isnt! Weird...

Chris said...

I was raised to believe that it was better to be lighter skinned, and it was a horrible way to grow up. For years, I was ashamed to be tanned. Now I am proud of it. It's dreadful how human beings teach one another these awful things. :(

Arezu said...

It's kind of sad that people set a example of what is considered beautiful.

I remember watching a video of this little Indian girl on YT and she was always talking about using Fair & Lovely to make her lighter. The fact that her mom or whomever thinks it's okay for her to use is unfortunate.

Mandii said...

I'm Spanish and even we deal with the same issues. Even racism within the same culture. It's very sad. I find it so beautiful when we can be comfortable in our own skin and appreciate what make us unique!

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

LOL me and my mom always get a chuckle at the indian store when we visit and I never cease to point at these things. What's so sad is that EVERYONE in South Asia bleaches their skin - I don't see the difference because the last time I saw they are still brown...if anything it just ruins their skin at some level.

The last time I was taking to a girl - she is educated and all but she implied that being dark=ugly. So gross, I wish people would just realize that there is nothing wrong with having more melanin in your skin - it is actually beautiful :)

Shadowy Lady said...

wow that is quite sad. I have a few South East Asian friends so I knew about this problem but still...

In the Persian community, it's the exact opposite. When I was a teenager till my early 20's, I was obsessed with tanning beds as all other Persian girls loved to sport a fake tan. I've since grown up and like my own skin but still see the trend in very rare occasions that I attend a Persian party.

Mariam Dad said...

I can't believe people still think this way! One thing is that you have a certain skin tone but to wear waaay lighter/darker make up is just naive! Like everyone's not gonna notice!

Ricquetta said...

My grandma is just like that :( Sad times. But I wonder, would the lightening cremes be good for lightening acne scars? hmmm....

Zerin (XinaRox) said...

Sisa - That's just crazy! Shocked how it's total opposite there.

Nilufar - Back home make-up is crazy and has improved though...they keep layering foundation on and keep increasing the shade to such a lighter tone and then it totally changes the person's whole face!

Arezu - Fair & Lovely is a classic example! lol

Mandii - I am very happy with the skintone I have...we all have problems but we should never be complaining about our skintones.

Adorable On Your Vanity - Those people are just disqusting!

Shadowy Lady - Opposite worlds!

Mariam Dad - They apply foundation all over in weddings...even neck and then chest and arms and legs so it all is evened out. lol

Ricquetta - I doubt it would lighten anything. =S NO idea actually....lol

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