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MAC Haul [Mac Shop & Vera Collection]

I bought a few things from the new Mac collections recently as I had missed out in the past Iris collection. I had called the Mac store earlier this week to put few of the new products on hold. Most of the products in the collection are very much dupable and were repromotes. As I do have a weakness for lipsticks, I got a few lippies for myself and a nail polish. These lipsticks were sold out at the Mac stores but some of the Counters still do have them. I just checked the Mac Website right now and all of the lippies I bought are sold out. Glad I called the shop earlier. :)

Mac Watch Me Simmer Lipstick 
Watch Me Simmer: A gorgeous bright coral with a hint of pink lipstick in amplified creamy formula.When applied on my lips it seems more coral "neon". It applies very rich and smoothly.

Swatch Comparisons
Watch Me Simmer, Red Full-Stop, Coral Polyp, Vegas Volt

Watch Me Simmer, Red Full-Stop, Coral Polyp, Vegas Volt
Watch Me Simmer is very much alike with Mac Red Full-Stop (Lustre) Lipstick which was limited edition released in the past. Coral Polyp lipstick released with the Mac Dame Edna collection is also quite similar to Watch Me Simmer but it's darker and more red. Vegas Volt lipstick is from the permanent line and it's a true coral with more orange tones.

It's actually quite bright on me than what you see in the pictures. The pictures make it seem it's quite toned down but it's not. It's bold!
 Watch Me Simmer

Mac Quick Sizzle Lipstick
Quick Sizzle:  Another gorgeous very pigmented, bright matte pink lipstick to add to my collection. A magenta pink lipliner would go very well with this colour.  Did I mention that it's MATTE? Yes, I just had to get this one. I adore the matte formula of this lipstick. Unlike, the other Mac matte lipsticks I have does not tug at my lips at all or feel overdrying. I'm guessing Mac is improving on their matte formulas. Well Done MAC! 

It is very similar to Mac's Girl About Town (permanent) lipstick. I  had swatched  both on my hands at the store and it was the SAME! I also saw on other blogs that it is similar to Mac Hollywood Nights LE lipstick as well and so the main difference is the formula which is matte. I actually have none of those lipsticks but I do have many bold pink lipsticks. Well, I can never get enough of pink lipsticks of course. :D

Swatch Comparisons
Quick Sizzle, Gladiola, MUFE # 9
Mac Gladiola LE lipstick is one of my favourite bright pink lipsticks of all time. Seriously, I have back-ups of this very lipstick. I love it that much and yes, it is a matte as well. Quick Sizzle now joins the hot pink matte lipstick club. When comparing Gladiola and Quick Sizzle, you can obviously see the difference with Gladiola having more purple tones. MUFE # 9 is another hot pink lipstick that I have. It has a more pearly finish.
 Quick Sizzle

Mac So Vain Kissable Lipcolour
So Vain: A gorgeous warm peachy pink lipcolour! The formula is really in between a gloss and a lipstick. It applies very well but does have streaks that may accentuate the lip lines. Regardless, I still love the colour very much. I find that it can be tough to find a pigmented colour like this.

Swatch Comparisons

So Vain Kissable Lip Colour, Sock Hop LE Lipglass

If you missed out on the ever so popular Mac Sock Hop Lipglass...this would be the next best alternative!
 It seems like a neutral peachy pink colour on my lips.

These are some products from my make-up stash that were from previous collections but are now repromotes in Mac Shop/Cook Collection.
Brash Eyeshadow

I got only ONE product from the Vera Collection. 
 Play Day: This is a creme formula light peachy pink nail polish. I simply adore this colour! I've been having difficulties finding this particular colour and it was tough to find. No joke!
These are the similar colours I found. 

Product Comparisons
Malibu Peach, Play Day, Naylene D5
Mac Malibu Peach LE nail polish is a much darker coral pink colour. It's also quite gorgeous! Naylene D5 is a more neon peachy pink and I absolutely love it as well. I bought it from those asian nail salons. I'm also a big fan of creme formula nailpolishes.

 I'm also thinking of posting a V-Day Inspired let's see how that goes.

So did you guys buy anything from the new Mac Collections?


Chris said...

I am considering getting Added Goodness fluidline, but I hear Bobbi Brown has a gel liner that is a dupe for AG, so I am not sure. I do love the fluidline formula, so I am still leaning towards MAC's version! :)

I like the lipsticks you got. You always look so nice in pink lipstick.

Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards said...

Great review of great products. Yes to the Vday look. ;-)


Ricquetta said...

I love so vain! I've had in since last year and its just gorgeous. I wish i got watch me sizzle but not sure if it would have looked good on me. Seriously thinking of going back and checking it out. It's been so long since I completely indulged in a MAC Collection.

Shadowy Lady said...

Great haul love. Watch Me Simmer was on my list but it's identical to Chanel Genial from a few summers ago so I skipped. Also would love to see you do an FOTD with Optimistic Orange. On me, that blush was peach instead of coral/orange...boooo I need a tan!

Mariam Dad said...

Great post and great choices :) I can't wait for this this collection to hit Denmark (27th feb). Maybe I should call the store too!?

Rica said...

Awesome haul! I want A LOT of things in this collection but it's just too many things. I need to win a lottery.

I also got So Vain (you knew already lol). And I also got Enchantee, bc it's just too pretty. I bet this colour would look good on you too! I missed Optimistic Orange last time, but I picked it up this time. =D

I definitely want more Kissable Lipcolours lol

x Rica

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

This collection is so pretty. Great picks for sure.

Arezu said...

Nice haul! I keep hearing amazing things about Watch Me Shimmer l/s and your swatches look BEAUTIFUL. Same things with Quick Sizzle and So Vain. You blog is such an enabler!

Cream polishes are my favourite, and I love anything peach/coral coloured as well :)

amelia said...

A) I'm so glad your back!! I've really missed your blog lady!!

B)Gladiola, and Quick Sizzle shall be mine!

great post:)


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