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Hair Products Haul & Tips [Brown - South Asian - Style]

I have not been taking care of my hair at all. I've decided that I must start making an effort in all this before it's TOO LATE! My hair type is fine and thin which currently has dry ends. Also, I do lose hair everyday and so I need products that will stimulate the roots and have good hair growth and maintain moisture and shine. So I decided to try out the natural conditioning products that are sold at Indian Grocery Stores. Popular conditioning oils are coconut, amla, almond, olive and castor.  I am also considering using Biotin Vitamins for hair and nail growth.

The Haul!
I have read somewhere that the most strongest and healthiest hair in the world is probably "South Asian Indian hair".  No, not everyone is blessed with healthy hair obviously. We get hair in different textures whether thick or thin, straight, curly, wavy or afro style....at the end of the day we all want it to be healthy and strong.

 So have you guys watched the documentary film "Good Hair" by Chris Rock?
I loved it! It was informational with much comedy! =) 
This video actually shows you the whole process behind weaves, wigs and hair extensions. 
All of these are made from Indian human hair.
Warning: You may get grossed out by it.
Anyways, when I was younger....
(Random South Asian Girl Cartoon)

I had much fuller hair with alot of volume. My mom would always put coconut hair oil and massage my scalp right before I took a shower. (Yes, typical brown mom!) I remember it smelled strong back then, but now some products are mixed with other oils and are not as strong smelling. Although, it really depends on how pure the product is. Sometimes, I  remembering sleeping with the oil on and my mom made sure I had a towel on my pillow. It's been many years since I stopped using these natural conditioning oils and I'm thinking  maybe I should definitely try these oils again. If it worked back then....why wouldn't it work now? Right? 

Main problem is...you don't want to be a "greasy head" all the time! Hahaha....


*For best results, warm up the oil a bit and massage it into your scalp.  Leave it on overnight and make sure you have a "towel" on your pillow or use a shower cap and then wash it off with shampoo the next morning.

*To have intense conditioning, wrap a steam towel over your head after applying the oil to your scalp.

*After shampooing, you can apply a drop of oil to all over your head.

*How often should you do this? Maybe 2-3 times a week. I know it's tough....but I think I'll start off with doing it once a week for now.
So what did I get?

The Dabur Vatika brand is quite popular in the South Asian markets. I got a few products from their line. All of the following products were made in India.
Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil (150ml): This contains pure coconut oil, henna, amla, lemon, neem, rosemary oil, kapur kachri and soya extracts. The smell of this isn't as strong as the other products I've used but it's like coconut with a zesty tang. There are different sizes. I bought the smallest one and it was around $2-3 Cdn. The packaging of this involves piercing a hole into the center and squeezing the bottle so the product can come out. These oils can get solid inside the bottle and so you need to warm them up before using. You can place it in hot warm water beforehand or you can remove the entire plastic top and just squeeze the product out.
 Dabur Vatika Naturals Hot Oil Treatment (1kg): This was around $7-8 Cdn. This tub is just huge! I took a picture of it along with a nailpolish just for size comparisons. I am sure this will last be for months. The smell of this is not too strong at all. This is a conditioning treatment that includes natural ingredients like egg, honey, castor and marrow.
Egg - Repairs and strengths hair from the roots. 
Honey - Coats and conditions hair. 
Castor - Propogates hair growth. 
Marrow - Penetrates hair shaft to revitalize hair.
It can be used after shampooing and then applying it like a conditioner all over. Leaving it in for 10-15minutes and rinsing it off.  You can also wear it for hours under a shower cap and wash it off later. You can heat up the product as well. It really depends on the time you have.
 Marico Parachute Coconut Oil (200ml): There are different sizes for these bottles but I got the smallest one and this was $2.00 Cdn. This is 100% coconut oil. You may have to warm this bottle up for sure to use as well. The smell of this is VERY STRONG and this is obviously because of the natural ingredient of 100% coconut oil.  Big warning about the smell of this one. It really depends on you and how much you can handle. You maybe better off with the previous products above.
Dabur Vatika Black Shine Shampoo (200ml): This was around $3.00 CdnMy hair is currently black and I wanted to try out a shampoo which uses natural ingredients and also gives shine to black hair. I know I have used this product in the past when I visited Bangladesh.  This shampoo contains black olives, amla and henna. The other main reason was that I just found it so cool that the shampoo itself was really BLACK!
Just look here!  
So that's  my hair products haul that involves natural ingredients. 

Also, I am looking into hair mask and conditioning treatment recipes that involve olive oil, honey, lime and avocado.  

What hair care treatment do you use? 
Anything with natural ingredients?


Chris said...

I have the Parachute Oil, and I think it rocks! I have been using it for over a year, and everyone asks me what I do to make my hair look so nice. Hehehe. I even wrote a review on it.

Nilufar said...

Oh god! Memories! i used to remember my mum layering dabur amla hair oil n my hair everyday as a child. I used to get asked how is your hair so long and full! I thik its a bangali mother thing. She scolds me for ruining her (mine actually) well kept hair by dyeing it, using heat products.

TamaraB♡ said...

Ahh, bleaching the skin. So bad! I would never want to lighten my skin. I love a nicely tanned look. Makes me look like I got some sun in my life. Good post.

Arezu said...

I remember using this one oil when I was younger, and I always hatedddd the smell.

I'm so lazy when it comes to haircare.

Btw, I love that you're blogging more! I love reading your posts :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to know what store was this? I also live in Toronto - thank you!

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

I love Vatika's hair oils, but I think nothing works better than good old coconut oil :)

Brandy said...

You are gorgeous hun. I love your blog.


Zerin (XinaRox) said...

Sorry for the late response.

I bought these goodies from Asian Food Centre. It's beside the Flea market on HWY 27 & Albion.

Celia said...

indian hair is IMO the best kind, i really gotta look into the products more but i was tryna find something with almond oil. i heard that was good for the hair and commonly used? its so expensive tho :/ i saw the vatika on amazon i believe.

anyways you should def do a review on these down the line, im curious to know your results

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