Friday, February 10, 2012

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick - # 34 La Raffinee [Review]

So this is my second Chanel purchase…..

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick - # 34 La Raffinee
My very first was the Chanel Lip Laque in Dragon (FOTD) and I heard that line will be or is already discontinued. Dragon is surely a beauty!

As I am a big fan of matte lipsticks and I just had to get this one!

When it comes to matte lipsticks…no matter what brand you wear, you MUST moisturize those lips regularly or else it can get overdrying.
The packaging is pretty impressive, classy and sophisticated. Of course, it is Chanel! It has a “click” mechanism where you click at the top and the lipstick pops out. Now that is interesting! I love the lil bulkiness of it as well.
I chose # 34 La Raffinee. This colour is a gorgeous dark rosy shade and it applies so rich and pigmented. I’ve never had this type of matte formula lipstick before. This is the most wearable colour from the colour range and . You can wear it on any occasion. It lasted at least 6-7 hours on me while through eating lunch. As for the texture, it’s not overdrying at all but it’s always good to moisturize the lips regularly. I noticed that there was no need for a lipliner for this colour at all. No bleeding involved either.
When applying this lipstick, it just glides on smooth like butter. It does not tug on the lips like Mac Ruby Woo lipstick. Now, that’s super drying but it’s such a gorgeous bold red colour…I don’t think I can ever pass that up. I would buy that again in a heartbeart!
-Applies very smooth and has the “velvet” feeling.
-Long lasting power (6-7 hours).
-This matte formula does not tug at the lips at all.
-Packing is very sophisticated looking.

-Very expensive of course.
-Limited colour selection.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Overall Thoughts:
Yes, Chanel is a very expensive brand which is why you don’t really see me buying their products. I try to make this a “special buy” only when it comes to a certain brand like Chanel and so I try to “splurge” for the right products if that makes any sense. Due, to the pricetag on this I doubt I will be buying anymore colours. I wanted one lipstick from this line as the texture seems quite unique and I chose a colour that will be good for any occasion. Overall, I am satisfied by my one Chanel choice. It also looks so chic carrying it around and pulling it out of my purse. If I ever finish this lipstick, I would definitely purchase it again.

I know these lipsticks came out a while back but have you checked them out?


MaviDeniz said...

I love this color


Halima said...

Gorgeous colour. Really compliments your skin tone. May pick this colour up. xo

Nilufar said...

So pretty! Im after the same lipstick but in the shade Kensignton! But its only available in the US and not in the UK :( But my BF has fam in the US so hopefully i get it for Valentines! Glad you're back!

Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards said...

Nice review Zerin. Love this shade on you.


Shadowy Lady said...

Glad to see u posting again. I have a Chanel addiction so I ran to my counter as soon as these were released and got l'Exuberante and La Sensuelle. Gonna check this one out too....looks so beautiful on ur lips

Zerin (XinaRox) said...

Thanks ladies!

I'm trying to get back at blogging again.

Shadowy Lady - I know you have a Chanel seeing your posts on them.

Arezu said...

Nice haul! I don't own anything Chanel but I agree, they're definitely luxury brand, and something I woudn't think twice about pulling out and applying.

There's actually a Chanel counter opening up in my local Bay store. I'm not sure if it's suppose to be a perfume or make-up counter or what, but I'm running there as soon as it's opened, haha. :)

Jennifer said...


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