Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Very Very Quick Sizzle FOTD!

I really wasn't going to post this up but since I do love bright pinks lips...I just had to share this FOTD!

 What I Used
Philosophy Hope In a Jar Face Cream
MUFE Primer #6 (Yellow Base)
Mac Pro Longwear Foundation NC 42
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer NW 35 mixed with tiny amount of MUFE #10 Full Cover Concealer
Mac Espresso Eyeshadow (Eyebrows) - Please excuse the eyebrows as I was trying to let them grow out.

Mac Shroom Eyeshadow (Highlight)
Gosh Liquid Art Eyeliner - Black (It's a favourite right now!)
Random Lashes bought from IMATS 
Fresh Look ColorBlends Contacts in Grey

Mac Refined Golden Bronzer (Contour)
Rome Cargo Blush (I should use this blush more often!)
Mac Medium Dark Duo MSF (Highlight Side)

Mac Magenta Lipliner
Mac Quick Sizzle Lipstick
 This was just a super quick post. I'll be doing some actual FOTDs with eyelooks very soon. Appreciate your patience!

How do you guys like Mac Quick Sizzle lipstick?
To be honest, I prefer Mac Gladiola lipstick over this one for sure. It's my all time favourite. Mostly because it has more purple tones in it and I'm a big fan of that!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tangle Teezer [Review]

I bought the Tangle Teezer a few weeks ago from Sally Beauty Supply Store. I actually did not know much about this product at all. I just wanted a brush to tame my tangles in my hair. So I bought it just like that! It was around $13.50 Cdn.  It's when I came home and I started searching it up that I found out it's quite popular and it's originally from the UK.

I have fine, thin, wavy/curly  hair which has the tendency of getting tangled very easily. I was looking for a magic comb that would take these nasty tangles away without bringing tears to my eyes or having any breakage.
Yes, it is PAIN FREE!
I know it's not recommended to brush wet hair but I think it's not a bad idea to use it in the shower after applying conditioner. It really depends how much your hair sheds. If this brush is too harsh, you can use a wide tooth comb instead.
This product comes in different colours I think. I chose the hot pink one of course! It is a little bulky and I would prefer some sort of handle to grip it better.

-Saves time when detangling hair.
-Painless process!
-Light weight tool.
-Can be used on dry or wet hair. Do not continue further use on wet hair if there is breakage.
-Reasonably priced.

-Should have a handle to better grip the brush since it is wide shaped.

Overall Rating: 5/5
This is a great hair tool and recommend this to everyone who has tangly hair. This would be great for kids who have tangly hair. I would definitely buy my little cousin this for sure. I still see her mom trying to comb her hair and the poor child is just yelling out in pain. Her hair is fine and quite curly almost like Side Show Bob. No Joke! LOL Wish I had a picture of her right now....
Speaking of crazy hair....
Here's an old (bad quality) picture of hair roller experiment gone wrong from 1-2 years ago. I secretly call it Krusty the Clown/Afro Hairstyle. LOL I always laugh at this picture whenever I see it. I used these cheap small hair rollers that really tangled up my hair so badly. It was a DRAG to remove each and every roller. O-M-G! I still rememeber my pregnant Aunt back then just laughing her A$$ off once she saw my hair condition! Good times though! I look mad sleepy as it was 2 AM at night. If only I had this Tangle Teezer to help me with all the crazy knots I had back then.

So will you be getting this Tangle Teezer "magic brush" ?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Other Products I Found at the South Asian Store....[Random Rant!]

Other Products I found at the shop....
Products I wanted to highlight here.....
-Fair & Lovely
-Stillman's Bleach Cream
-Olivia Herbal Bleach Cream

So what are these products suppose to do?
 They are suppose to make the skin lighter. 
Why would you want to be lighter fair skinned? 
"Being fair skinned" is considered "Beautiful"

This concept is believed in South Asian culture and in other cultures as well. The darker skintones are actually looked down upon. These beliefs have always existed and are still existing today. 

Sadly, these products are sold at our local Indian Grocery Stores and worldwide.
These products are still being bought by many women who are trying to achieve "lighter skin" in order to be "beautiful".

Some of these products actually contain bleach and obviously, it is harmful for the skin. 

It's not really surprising when you see women layering on foundations that are so many shades lighter than their actual skintone...just so they can be considered "beautiful". It just looks hilarious looking after. Oh you Ghost ladies!

So you may start thinking.....hey what are bronzers for? Haha! This side of  the Western world digs the "tan" look.  

Seriously, people should snap out of this type of mentality and appreciate the skintone they have.  I don't think I have ever complained about my skintone and I have always learned to appreciate it too. 

Just remember we are all beautiful people!

Hair Products Haul & Tips [Brown - South Asian - Style]

I have not been taking care of my hair at all. I've decided that I must start making an effort in all this before it's TOO LATE! My hair type is fine and thin which currently has dry ends. Also, I do lose hair everyday and so I need products that will stimulate the roots and have good hair growth and maintain moisture and shine. So I decided to try out the natural conditioning products that are sold at Indian Grocery Stores. Popular conditioning oils are coconut, amla, almond, olive and castor.  I am also considering using Biotin Vitamins for hair and nail growth.

The Haul!
I have read somewhere that the most strongest and healthiest hair in the world is probably "South Asian Indian hair".  No, not everyone is blessed with healthy hair obviously. We get hair in different textures whether thick or thin, straight, curly, wavy or afro style....at the end of the day we all want it to be healthy and strong.

 So have you guys watched the documentary film "Good Hair" by Chris Rock?
I loved it! It was informational with much comedy! =) 
This video actually shows you the whole process behind weaves, wigs and hair extensions. 
All of these are made from Indian human hair.
Warning: You may get grossed out by it.
Anyways, when I was younger....
(Random South Asian Girl Cartoon)

I had much fuller hair with alot of volume. My mom would always put coconut hair oil and massage my scalp right before I took a shower. (Yes, typical brown mom!) I remember it smelled strong back then, but now some products are mixed with other oils and are not as strong smelling. Although, it really depends on how pure the product is. Sometimes, I  remembering sleeping with the oil on and my mom made sure I had a towel on my pillow. It's been many years since I stopped using these natural conditioning oils and I'm thinking  maybe I should definitely try these oils again. If it worked back then....why wouldn't it work now? Right? 

Main problem is...you don't want to be a "greasy head" all the time! Hahaha....


*For best results, warm up the oil a bit and massage it into your scalp.  Leave it on overnight and make sure you have a "towel" on your pillow or use a shower cap and then wash it off with shampoo the next morning.

*To have intense conditioning, wrap a steam towel over your head after applying the oil to your scalp.

*After shampooing, you can apply a drop of oil to all over your head.

*How often should you do this? Maybe 2-3 times a week. I know it's tough....but I think I'll start off with doing it once a week for now.
So what did I get?

The Dabur Vatika brand is quite popular in the South Asian markets. I got a few products from their line. All of the following products were made in India.
Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil (150ml): This contains pure coconut oil, henna, amla, lemon, neem, rosemary oil, kapur kachri and soya extracts. The smell of this isn't as strong as the other products I've used but it's like coconut with a zesty tang. There are different sizes. I bought the smallest one and it was around $2-3 Cdn. The packaging of this involves piercing a hole into the center and squeezing the bottle so the product can come out. These oils can get solid inside the bottle and so you need to warm them up before using. You can place it in hot warm water beforehand or you can remove the entire plastic top and just squeeze the product out.
 Dabur Vatika Naturals Hot Oil Treatment (1kg): This was around $7-8 Cdn. This tub is just huge! I took a picture of it along with a nailpolish just for size comparisons. I am sure this will last be for months. The smell of this is not too strong at all. This is a conditioning treatment that includes natural ingredients like egg, honey, castor and marrow.
Egg - Repairs and strengths hair from the roots. 
Honey - Coats and conditions hair. 
Castor - Propogates hair growth. 
Marrow - Penetrates hair shaft to revitalize hair.
It can be used after shampooing and then applying it like a conditioner all over. Leaving it in for 10-15minutes and rinsing it off.  You can also wear it for hours under a shower cap and wash it off later. You can heat up the product as well. It really depends on the time you have.
 Marico Parachute Coconut Oil (200ml): There are different sizes for these bottles but I got the smallest one and this was $2.00 Cdn. This is 100% coconut oil. You may have to warm this bottle up for sure to use as well. The smell of this is VERY STRONG and this is obviously because of the natural ingredient of 100% coconut oil.  Big warning about the smell of this one. It really depends on you and how much you can handle. You maybe better off with the previous products above.
Dabur Vatika Black Shine Shampoo (200ml): This was around $3.00 CdnMy hair is currently black and I wanted to try out a shampoo which uses natural ingredients and also gives shine to black hair. I know I have used this product in the past when I visited Bangladesh.  This shampoo contains black olives, amla and henna. The other main reason was that I just found it so cool that the shampoo itself was really BLACK!
Just look here!  
So that's  my hair products haul that involves natural ingredients. 

Also, I am looking into hair mask and conditioning treatment recipes that involve olive oil, honey, lime and avocado.  

What hair care treatment do you use? 
Anything with natural ingredients?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

MAC Haul [Mac Shop & Vera Collection]

I bought a few things from the new Mac collections recently as I had missed out in the past Iris collection. I had called the Mac store earlier this week to put few of the new products on hold. Most of the products in the collection are very much dupable and were repromotes. As I do have a weakness for lipsticks, I got a few lippies for myself and a nail polish. These lipsticks were sold out at the Mac stores but some of the Counters still do have them. I just checked the Mac Website right now and all of the lippies I bought are sold out. Glad I called the shop earlier. :)

Mac Watch Me Simmer Lipstick 
Watch Me Simmer: A gorgeous bright coral with a hint of pink lipstick in amplified creamy formula.When applied on my lips it seems more coral "neon". It applies very rich and smoothly.

Swatch Comparisons
Watch Me Simmer, Red Full-Stop, Coral Polyp, Vegas Volt

Watch Me Simmer, Red Full-Stop, Coral Polyp, Vegas Volt
Watch Me Simmer is very much alike with Mac Red Full-Stop (Lustre) Lipstick which was limited edition released in the past. Coral Polyp lipstick released with the Mac Dame Edna collection is also quite similar to Watch Me Simmer but it's darker and more red. Vegas Volt lipstick is from the permanent line and it's a true coral with more orange tones.

It's actually quite bright on me than what you see in the pictures. The pictures make it seem it's quite toned down but it's not. It's bold!
 Watch Me Simmer

Mac Quick Sizzle Lipstick
Quick Sizzle:  Another gorgeous very pigmented, bright matte pink lipstick to add to my collection. A magenta pink lipliner would go very well with this colour.  Did I mention that it's MATTE? Yes, I just had to get this one. I adore the matte formula of this lipstick. Unlike, the other Mac matte lipsticks I have worn...it does not tug at my lips at all or feel overdrying. I'm guessing Mac is improving on their matte formulas. Well Done MAC! 

It is very similar to Mac's Girl About Town (permanent) lipstick. I  had swatched  both on my hands at the store and it was the SAME! I also saw on other blogs that it is similar to Mac Hollywood Nights LE lipstick as well and so the main difference is the formula which is matte. I actually have none of those lipsticks but I do have many bold pink lipsticks. Well, I can never get enough of pink lipsticks of course. :D

Swatch Comparisons
Quick Sizzle, Gladiola, MUFE # 9
Mac Gladiola LE lipstick is one of my favourite bright pink lipsticks of all time. Seriously, I have back-ups of this very lipstick. I love it that much and yes, it is a matte as well. Quick Sizzle now joins the hot pink matte lipstick club. When comparing Gladiola and Quick Sizzle, you can obviously see the difference with Gladiola having more purple tones. MUFE # 9 is another hot pink lipstick that I have. It has a more pearly finish.
 Quick Sizzle

Mac So Vain Kissable Lipcolour
So Vain: A gorgeous warm peachy pink lipcolour! The formula is really in between a gloss and a lipstick. It applies very well but does have streaks that may accentuate the lip lines. Regardless, I still love the colour very much. I find that it can be tough to find a pigmented colour like this.

Swatch Comparisons

So Vain Kissable Lip Colour, Sock Hop LE Lipglass

If you missed out on the ever so popular Mac Sock Hop Lipglass...this would be the next best alternative!
 It seems like a neutral peachy pink colour on my lips.

These are some products from my make-up stash that were from previous collections but are now repromotes in Mac Shop/Cook Collection.
Brash Eyeshadow

I got only ONE product from the Vera Collection. 
 Play Day: This is a creme formula light peachy pink nail polish. I simply adore this colour! I've been having difficulties finding this particular colour and it was tough to find. No joke!
These are the similar colours I found. 

Product Comparisons
Malibu Peach, Play Day, Naylene D5
Mac Malibu Peach LE nail polish is a much darker coral pink colour. It's also quite gorgeous! Naylene D5 is a more neon peachy pink and I absolutely love it as well. I bought it from those asian nail salons. I'm also a big fan of creme formula nailpolishes.

 I'm also thinking of posting a V-Day Inspired Look...so let's see how that goes.

So did you guys buy anything from the new Mac Collections?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick - # 34 La Raffinee [Review]

So this is my second Chanel purchase…..

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick - # 34 La Raffinee
My very first was the Chanel Lip Laque in Dragon (FOTD) and I heard that line will be or is already discontinued. Dragon is surely a beauty!

As I am a big fan of matte lipsticks and I just had to get this one!

When it comes to matte lipsticks…no matter what brand you wear, you MUST moisturize those lips regularly or else it can get overdrying.
The packaging is pretty impressive, classy and sophisticated. Of course, it is Chanel! It has a “click” mechanism where you click at the top and the lipstick pops out. Now that is interesting! I love the lil bulkiness of it as well.
I chose # 34 La Raffinee. This colour is a gorgeous dark rosy shade and it applies so rich and pigmented. I’ve never had this type of matte formula lipstick before. This is the most wearable colour from the colour range and . You can wear it on any occasion. It lasted at least 6-7 hours on me while through eating lunch. As for the texture, it’s not overdrying at all but it’s always good to moisturize the lips regularly. I noticed that there was no need for a lipliner for this colour at all. No bleeding involved either.
When applying this lipstick, it just glides on smooth like butter. It does not tug on the lips like Mac Ruby Woo lipstick. Now, that’s super drying but it’s such a gorgeous bold red colour…I don’t think I can ever pass that up. I would buy that again in a heartbeart!
-Applies very smooth and has the “velvet” feeling.
-Long lasting power (6-7 hours).
-This matte formula does not tug at the lips at all.
-Packing is very sophisticated looking.

-Very expensive of course.
-Limited colour selection.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Overall Thoughts:
Yes, Chanel is a very expensive brand which is why you don’t really see me buying their products. I try to make this a “special buy” only when it comes to a certain brand like Chanel and so I try to “splurge” for the right products if that makes any sense. Due, to the pricetag on this I doubt I will be buying anymore colours. I wanted one lipstick from this line as the texture seems quite unique and I chose a colour that will be good for any occasion. Overall, I am satisfied by my one Chanel choice. It also looks so chic carrying it around and pulling it out of my purse. If I ever finish this lipstick, I would definitely purchase it again.

I know these lipsticks came out a while back but have you checked them out?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

KORRES Products!

KORRES products has always been a favourite of mines. I'm a big fan of their body butter lotions the most. I recently finished the body butter lotion that smelled very exotic like yummy guavas.  The smell and feel is just heavenly. I've always purchased them at Sephora  but now they are sold at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada as well. Awesome!!!

I was recently sent some products to test out.  I also gave my mom these products to try out.

KORRES Basil Lemon Body Butter  
7.95oz/ 235ml

I have had body butters before that seemed very greasy, over-powering scent and took very long to settle into my skin. This one did neither. In fact, it was not greasy at all! It soaked into my skin very well as it was very moisturizing. I love how it has the exotic scent of Basil Zesty Lemon that stayed on for a long time. It is enriched with shea butter which makes it super hydrating. It also contains natural ingredients like sunflower, almond and avocado oils that help nourish and improve the smoothness of the skin especially for parts like the elbows, knees and heels.

So this would be perfect for the dry winter season that we are having in Toronto right now.

 Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Night Cream
 1.35oz/ 40ml
As I am 24 years old right now, I don't see why it might be too early to start using Anti-Wrinkle / Anti-Aging products. I mean I should try to use products which "try" to prevent them right? Yes, it's all about the PREVENTION! We always are fighting for more youthful skin!

This is a night cream that is meant for all skin types. As it's so moisturizing, a little can go a long way.  Normally, I have combination skin but this nasty winter has made it quite dry. The texture is very cream like and quite moisturizing that is perfect to be worn at  nights so it can stay strong for the cold season the next day. It creates a good canvas for my make-up/foundation to apply on.

As for the natural ingredients, it contains quercetin and oak  which is clinically proven to be the alternative to retinol. As people have sensitive skin, they do not want to put on chemicals like retinol at all and therefore, seek for natural ingredients. KORRES gives the solution with their natural ingredients. This product also improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin that results in a radiant glow.
  Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Eye Cream
 0.51oz/ 15ml
Many eye creams that I've purchased in the past as resulted in burning sensations around the eye. I find this eye cream to be quite soothing. This eye cream contains the natural ingredients Quercetin and oak that plays the alternative to Retinol. It prevents signs of aging lines, dark circles and puffiness around the eye area. The formula is very light and not thick at all and perfect for sensitive areas like the eye areas. I really like the pump system but you just need a very tiny amount as a little can go a long way. As for my under eye circles, I do not think this cream can do anything as it's more genetics. Instead, it makes my eyes look more hydrated and well rested the next day.

Wild Rose Face and Eye Serum  

1.01 oz/ 30ml

I love serums especially when wearing under make-up. It can be used as a primer for our make-up applications. Yes! A great canvas to paint on!

This product brightens up the face while smoothing out lines and evening out the skintone. The natural ingredients here contain wild rose which is a natural source of Vitamin C that helps boosts the radiance of our skin and make it bright and fresh looking.  The rose scent of this is not over powering at all. It's quite light. I have also applied it right before my moisturizer in the morning. It is very hydrating and really brightens up my dull skin at times.

Well...that's all for now! Hope everyone is well! :)

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