Saturday, December 10, 2011


I am finally posting my IMATS haul. The best items I got were the Bdellium Tools Brushes! I can't wait to get more of them.
These have so much quality and very comparable to the high end brushes I own like Mac! Yes!
 I want more!
Face Brushes!
 Eye Brushes
These were from Nigels...
OOooOO so many LASHES!
 The Press Pass Free Gift!
More Brushes from Crown...I regret a few though! But then can't really have too many brushes right? lol 
Finally Discounted Make Up For Ever!!! YAY! 
MUFE HD Concealers in 10 & 12
MUFE Yellow Primer # 6
MUFE Duo Matte Powder #207
MUFE Face and Body Foundation #32
MUFE Sculpting Kit #3
MUFE HD Blushes 6,7,8
#  207
 6, 7, 8
I found # 7 and 8 to not really show up on my face since I had to layer it more. I wouldn't like using up so much product for it to show up on me. Which is why I am giving 7 and 8 to my mother as she has a lighter complexion. #6 is my ultimate favourite!
 That's all for now!


** raspcherry .. said...

Finally, some posts -lol!, Love your stash! Im soo glad you picked up a MUFE sculpting kit, Ive been thinking about getting one, but you know my nearest store is over 100 miles away so I have to wait a while before I pick mines up.

Great post as always <3

Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards said...

SUPER great Haul Zerin!


Arezu said...

Ahh, I wish I went now. I've heard a ton of things about Bdellium Tool brushes.

How much were the lashes?!

Saimese said...

The bdellium tools brushes & lashes look great! I want those now!

Ricquetta said...

I honestly wish I got more bdellium tools! I also wish I got more mufe! Oh well, til next time! Great haul, it was so awesome seeing you again :D

Ricquetta said...

How do you like the Makeup Forever sculpting kit? :D

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