Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm Back Baby!

It's been ages I know!!! Well...the good news is I am back in the blogging world. I have missed it tremendously and can't wait to check out all the other blogs out there. Please share your blog links in the comments section. I would love to have a look! =)

I guess I can update y'all with a few things.
  • I am currently working full time and also going to school part-time so that's a juggle right there!
  • I havn't made too many make-up purchases in the past but I shall update with a haul post very soon. I am also quite excited about the IMATS this year! YaY!
  • I have a few products to review in the upcoming future.
  • I've been a devoted Blackberry user in the past however, recently went to the Android side and got myself Samsung Galaxy 2. =) Love all the new apps but missing the BBM world no doubt!
  • Recently purchased my very first Konad plate/stamp and OMG I am loving it! (I know...I got on the bandwagon very late) It's just too cute and I can't wait to post some designs for fun! I should've bought a whole set when I had the chance.
  • I am in need of a new template so if there are any web designers out there. Please let me know. I am happy receiving good service through making paypal payments.
  • I have coloured my hair black just two weeks ago. I've been wanting a change for a while now and after a very long time I finally did it! It's actually a "demi permanent dye" that I bought from Sallys. It will fade eventually.

These pics were taken during Eid. Well....takecare everyone! I will be update shortly!


Solene3005 said...

I love your style and your blog! I'm sooo happy! YOU'RE BACK :D
Many kisses from Belgium ;)

Anastacia said...

So glad U are back! I really missed looking at ur beautiful eyes!

Wow! I bought Galaxy SII too and like it a lot :)


Janella said...

yay you're back! looking beautiful as always


Uma Preve said...

Welcome back!

..raspcherry.. said...

YAY! Im so glad your back , I've been missing your posts <3

BTW Im having a giveaway on my blog x


BELLE said...

yay you are back! i like the black but i think your beauty reflects more in the lighter color we had before. Thanks for the update. xoxo

SheerBeauty said...

Welcome back!


Arezu said...

Ahhh, so happy to finally see your face again!

I'm not a huge fan of black hair, because I find it's not very flattering on a lot of people, but I think you pull it off BEAUTIFULLY.

Can't wait to see more posts woman! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh!! I'm so happy your back! And yay imats!!


Chicgurl said...

Glad your back! Can't wait to see what else you have in store. :)


Anonymous said...

Welcome back ;)

Diana said...

Oh my goodness!! Welcome back girly! You have definitely been missed. Hopefully you can inspire me again when it comes to makeup. I have been out of the loop ever since you left lol


The Dollymix Diaries said...

I am sooo happy that you're back Zerin! I started my own black back in december, check it out if you like.
Nunu- thedollymixdiaries.blogspot.com :D

Chris said...

She's back! Awesome! It's so great to see you with black hair. I can't wait to see your FOTDs. I left my link, btw.

VijiiS said...

Oooh! You look *so* great! Your hair looks fabulous!

Chibu74 said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, welcome back...missed your blog posts...pls post some FOTDs

you look gawjus :)

yummy411 said...

yay!! so glad to see you back! can't wait to see more posts from you!

Ricquetta said...

YAY! Finally woman! My shopping life has been so empty without you!

Andrea said...

Glad your back. i missed yout posts.


Multibooklover said...

yay! I love your posts

Anonymous said...

welcome back gal!


Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards said...

Welcome back Zerin! :-)))


Beauty and Grace said...

YaY!!!! So happy you are back! You are the blogger that inspired me to make my own! check it out!

giggle girlie gang said...

oh WOW!! I cant tell you how happy I am zerin to see you here back.I tweeted you too about how much i miss ur blogging n you tube videos..I use to check ur blog once in a while with hope of some update.I am really happy :)
I have my own blog now:http://gigglegirliegang.blogspot.com/

Meena said...

I am so happy you are back. Sure missed you. Love your posts. Keep them coming.


Meena said...

I am so happy your are back. Missed your posts.

Janet said...

woohooo you're back!
great to see your back in the blogging world, I gave up ages ago, but i was always peeping on your blog to see if there were new posts..

priincess emily said...

This is awesomee!

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