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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Lip Tar [Review]

Ever since I heard about Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics from Youtube and the Beauty Blog World....I have been quite anxious to try them out. I finally got to purchase a lip tar from IMATS called Pageant which was a really pretty fuchsia pink colour.  I was really impressed by this lip product so much that I wanted to explore more colours. Eventually and luckily, I was sent some OCC products to review. I was thrilled once I received the package.
 Lip Tars are $12.50 USD
There are about 33 lip tar colours to choose from.  
The colour selection is CRAZY! They have every single colour from blacks to blues to oranges and reds. Check it out for yourself HERE!
 Lip Tars come in a small tube of 8ml and since these are SUPER pigmented 
that a LITTLE goes a LONG WAY!
These are the ones I have right now...
Tarred, Feathered, Grandma, Harlot, Katricia, Pageant

These lip tars have a plastic slant tip applicator and the product comes out of the hole at the tip. As a lot of product comes out and since the product is so pigmented...I would suggest applying these with a lip brush and definitely use a mirror. It can be hard to prevent feathering if you just apply it as is. It's best to start off by applying a little product and then building up the colour.  According to their website ....these are 100% Vegan, free of parabens and other harsh preservative. Also, it contains Hemp Oil, Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E.

These lip tars apply like a lipgloss while the results look like as if you're wearing a lipstick (satin finish). It also gives a peppermint tingly feeling to your lips. You can also apply a clear gloss on top.

However, if you don't like the smell or feeling of may not like lip tars as they have a strong scent.
Lip Swatches: 
 Grandma - A true coral
Harlot -Coral Red
Katricia - Dark Violet
Pageant - Fuchsia Pink

You guys are probably wondering what's with the black and white lip tars? Well, the awesome thing about these babies are that you can produce different colours by simply mixing these together. Darken it with some Tarred (Black) or lighten the result with Feathered (White). HOW COOL IS THAT? Since these are intensely pigmented...a little goes a long way. You won't be wasting product. You can easily mix pinks with reds or purples with pinks. I had so much fun mixing these lip tars and trying out different colours. This even makes me want to stop buying anymore lip products since I get to customize my own. lol Although, I still want to try out the other colours that they have. For example, Hoochie, Vapid, Petty Beige, Cha Cha, Demure, Divine and Strumpet. I also loved the staying power of these lippies. They lasted at least 4 hours.
Mixed Lip Tar Colour Creations!
 I definitely want to get more colours to mix!
It was so much fun mixing these colours up. 

Now let's get to the real deal...
-Heavily pigmented with long lasting power
-Formula applies like a gloss and results in a satin finish
-Excellent colour choices (from primary colours to light, neutral, nudes, bright, and dark)
-Easily mix colours to create pretty new ones 
-Local Toronto folks can purchase these from a supplier called Fernanda Beauty and Spa Supplies's(in Mississauga). Click here for more information. 


-I'm not too sure about this but I think you can only purchase these online or just at the IMATS and so shipping would cost more for international shoppers. There are suppliers in certain parts of the world now. Click here!
-Some may not like the peppermint scent or tingly feeling during/after the application.
-Too much product tends to come out and becomes messy
-Some may not like using a lip brush and see it a "hassle"
-Not too sure which batch I got but Tarred (Black)'s pigment started to separate from the solution as I tried mixing it to another colour. 
-Takes longer to take off because of the intense pigmentation

Overall Rating:4/5

Overall Thoughts: Although these are more expensive than drugstore prices, they're worth it! I have no problem with the peppermint scent or the tingly feeling. I actually enjoy it. The colour payoff is outstanding and I am in love with the intensity of their pigmentation. I wish I had tried these lip tars earlier. I've honestly been missing out. I love the fun part of mixing and creating gorgeous new colours. The only thing that does bother me is that too much product comes out of the tube once opened and ends up getting messy.

Do you guys have any favourite Lip Tar or Lip Tar mixing combos I should try out?


Shadowy Lady said...

You got some great colours. I picked up Peagant and Plum in IMATS 2009 and don't use them much :( I like the formula and all but I'm too lazy for mixing and also find them a bit drying for my taste.

I super love Harlot on you

H said...

The combinations you've made look great!

I'm going against what people usually say, but I find them too pigmented. I generally don't lip super strong lips! Can they be applied sheerer? I know it's not the purpose of them!

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Def adding these on to my spring wishlist! Gorgeous colors.

Dhalia said...

WOW...these are neat Zerin. I like how you can mix them. Not really a peppermint girl but I would love to try it first.


DannieDukes said...

I must try these esp Katricia...they look so pretty!!!

belleza y cosmetica said...

Wow! These colours look amazing!

plusbarbie2906 said...

i've recently bought the occ. lipgloss they heavily pigment and not a everyday wear, but i love how you mix the colours

SAIchoticallyTrendy said...

I think I want 'Grandma'

glaciajo said...

Thanks for the review. I'm one of those people who will find using a lip brush to be a hassle. But I do think I will need one. The price is high, but as you's highly pigmented so it may be worth it. I'm thinking of trying Feathered (the white color) since I want to lighten up and make my other lip products more milky and more visible on my pigmented lips. This is helpful review.

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