Monday, November 8, 2010

IMATS Toronto 2010 - Part Two (Haul & Swatches)

 I will be keeping this bag forever and

I've been wanting to start a make-up kit in a while now. I figured that the IMATS was the best place to start with some basic essentials so I got the Graftobian HD Foundation Palette in Warm and Neutral. Each palette contains 24 shades. These palettes were also suggested by MakeupbyRenRen and GossMakeupArtist on Youtube. I already own many product/brushes as well that would work well for my kit. I'm super excited to use these palettes!

I got these for my kit as well. 

Crown Brushes
The lineup for this booth was CRAZY! We had to wait so long just to pay for the brushes. It was super busy. I don't know why they didn't have more than one check-out spots. 

Royal Brushes

I love me some cute chubby brushes!
Size Comparison
I got these brushes from another stall which had cheaper prices. 

The NYX booth was like heaven! They had everything there and it was the largest booth that was right in the middle of the hall room. Many NYX products tempted me but I resisted. I only got a few lip/eye liner pencils.  

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
I got Pageant Lip Tar!
I'm loving the texture of this lipgloss...super pigmented and not sticky at all!

Finally Make Up For Ever!
This was the first booth I went to on Saturday morning. I thought I would also have to face the 1-2 hours famous long wait but I went at 10am and I did not even wait 5 minutes for my chosen products. YAY! 
Great job MUFE!

I got these HD blushes for my friend. 
# 12 and # 4
Metal Pigments in # 1 and # 3
Swatch Comparison
MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks 
in Matte Formula
# 4, 5, 6, 7
Swatch Comparisons
I love matte formula lipsticks so much! I guess especially because I do have pigmented lips and the matte formulas are heavily concentrated which results in great colour payoff and staying power. If you're a person who thinks that Mac's Satin formulas are too drying then I would not recommend MUFE matte formula lipsticks as they are more dry. They don't apply smoothly so you need patience since it is a matte finish. It's really up to what a person likes and is comfortable with. 

# 4 Antique Pink (Matte)

# 5 Violet Pink (Matte)
Comparable to Mac Pink Plaid Lipstick and Nars Sex Machine Lip Pencil

# 6 Dark Raspberry (Matte)

# 7 Burgundy/Bourdeux (Matte)
This is comparable to Mac Diva lipstick but Diva has deeper red tones. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this haul!

Did you guys go to the IMATS this year? What have you hauled?


Anonymous said...
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Miss ♥ Nikka said...

Wow great haul! Loving that OCC lip tar color! And everything u got! I wish I could go to an IMATS event!

Beauty Addict said...

Wow, that's an amazing haul!!!

Roxy said...

omg LUCKY! i'm so glad i went to IMATS LA but I'm so sad that I didn't get anything from MUFE! That's amazing that you got your sin 5 minutes! but thats ridiculous that Crown didn't have another check out they had 2 in LA! Great haul htough

Arezu said...

I've been waiting for this post from you!

I love everything you got, I'm super jealous! lol

How did you enjoy IMATS?

Also, how do you like those Crown Brushes you got? I've been wanting to order from them online for a long time now.

Dhalia said...

Great haul Zerin and thanks for the nice swatches.

Dhalia :-)

kawaii619 said...

Ahhh I'm so jealous! Hopefully I'll get to go to an IMATS sometime, I always miss out =(. Anywho, those MUFE lipsticks are to die for!

PrincessLisax3 said...

I need some new brushes. Have you tried out those Crown or Royal brushes? Are they cheaper at the IMATS JW. I wanna try out cheaper brushes before I really invest in MAC brushes.

Vivalalipstick said...

Hey Zerin, Hope all is well. Please do a review on the Graftobian foundation as I have been considering it for a while but to be honest wasnt sure what palette to buy :)
Do let us knwo what you think and take care

MyMakeUpMania said...

awesome hauls! love rosy shades on ur lips :)

Anonymous said...

Question: Are the prices lower when you buy products @ an IMATS event?

Jenn @ So Very Fabulous said...

Those MUFE lipsticks look great on you! I only picked up one of them, the Moulin Rouge one, though I haven't tried it yet. Those metal pigments look pretty!

I wish I would have picked up some brushes and OCC Lip Tars too!

Anonymous said...

i was wondering when u go to the imats do you get the products and brush cheaper than regular price. i was just curious and do you have to be a makeup artist to go. thnx

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