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Hail Cougar Boots! [ A Review ]

What do I keep in mind when purchasing winter/rain boots?
My main focus has always been getting into comfortable, strong gripped soledwarm and waterproof boots. Especially when it comes to our very chilly, winter weather of Canada. Can the boots take the slushy icy puddles we have on the streets? How about the - 30 degrees cold weather for the winter boots? You gotta be careful as to what you pick.  In the past, I have bought boots where they ended up leaking in water and sinking into my socks. It was not a pleasant experience at all! I had to walk in my water leaked in boots to class. =( I've also been in really cold temperatures just waiting for the bus while having my feet get so cold and numb that at one point...I could not feel them anymore. No Joke !

Recently, I was sent Cougar Boots from Matchsticks to try out their Ravishing Black Winter Boots and Regal Black Rain Boots

When it comes to Cougar Women's Winter Boots....

"There’s no beauty secret for cheeks reddened by a chill winter wind. Whether you’re sledding down snow-capped hills or playfully chasing the kids across the yard, with the right pair of our warm winter boots you’re sure to have a rosy glow all season."
Quoted from Cougar Boot                                                                

Cougar Regal Black Rain Boots.

When I wore these boots, they come slightly just below my knees.  It has a circle ring on both sides of each boot and has the green and white Cougar Logo at the back. They felt quite comfortable when worn. These black rubber boots come in polar fleece linings while also being waterproof and having perforated insoles....which simply means that you won't get the stinky sweat smell since these boots are anti-sweat proof while eliminating odour.  It is aligned with fabric to always have warm, dry feet.  These are guaranteed to be leaked proof for at least six months which is awesome for the price as it goes for around $75.00 Cdn. 

I've worn this out on a wet day last week and I purposely had walked through the wet parking lots just to test them out and I even stomped around in the wet puddles. LOL   I also felt protected in the chilly fall weather during that time. It claims that it can go to Rated 0°C to -24°C / 32°F to -11°F. Also, the rubber soles seemed to be non-slip and had strong grip on the wet surfaces of the parking lot. I would say these are quite durable and tractable. 

When I first received these rain boots, they did have have the strong rubber scent but if you leave them out for a goes away. It's not really a negative thing, I think it's just very typical for all rubber boots to have this sort of scent.

Cougar Ravishing Black Winter Boots

I find these winter boots to be SO CUTE and COZY
The material is of a Stylish Black Suede, Nylon and Polar Plush lining that is removable. It comes along with a cord lock lacing system which makes it adjustable as to how tight you want it. I'm really liking the cute pattern and the fur's TOTALLY ME!

Even though winter has yet to come....I wore these "cozy cuties" last week during the super chilly days. The days when my ears were hurtin' from the cold while my feet remained very warm and cozy. These babies can also stand extreme cold Canadian weathers with Rated -10°C to -30°C / 14°F to -22°F.  The soles are thick with a strong, non-slip  grip and anti-sweat proof. The price ranges from $150-175 each. 

These are Guaranteed Waterproof!

They felt super comfortable and cozy on my feet as the insulation of these boots are set for cold temperatures.  I wanted to wear them all day long since they kept my toes so warm.  These are PVC free which is safer for all of us environmentally without the use of toxic plastics.  How Cool!

Later on, I decided to...
As T.I would say....(lol)

As for blog experimenting...

I decided to pour water and capture if they truly are waterproof. 

This experiment was successful. As you can see the water is not leaking/sinking into the boots instead it is actually sitting on the surface. 

I will be definitely be rocking these for the winter season. I shall be recommending Canadian Based Cougar Winter Boots to everyone as they will be keeping our toes warm and cozy for the nasty cold weathers. Whether you are taking a stroll in the park, hiking on a mountain or just jumping into puddles...Cougar Boots are mighty and shall always protect! 

Thank you Matchsticks for introducing me to Cougar Boots.
I'll always be TEAM COUGAR!

I shall leave you guys off with a very cute picture.

This cutie is also telling you to TRY COUGAR BOOTS TODAY!

Can you resist? 


Dhalia said...

Hi Ziren ...this post is both cute and informational. Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you get to keep your toes extra warm this winter. Great heads up for when I visit. Your rain boots remind me of my Hunter boots ...mines come a little to the knee.


Gaby said...

Wow, I love your review, so informative and funny at the same time! I also received some Cougar boots, but I went for the Tibet rain boots and the Ringo Star winter boots. My review is coming soon!

Zerin (XinaRox) said...

Dhalia - Thanks hun. I'm glad to wear these warm cozies for the winter.

Gaby - That's awesome. Can't wait for your review. Thanks. The tibets boots are actually cute too.

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