Sunday, October 24, 2010

INOA Revolutionary Red Hair Transformation Contest Entry by L'Oreal Professional Canada

I was contacted by Matchstick a while back for the L'Oreal INOA Redhair Transformation Contest. I had to team up with hairstylists to create an entry. We had to use specific red/copper colours to create the final result. So once we had the transformation do we win and what?

The hairstylists must submit their entry on Facebook and the highest number of votes (likes) will be the winner. The winning team will be featured in ELLE Canada magazine. 

So what's in it for the voters? Well...the more you vote the more chances of winning....

L'Oreal INOA Hair Colour Services for a year (value of $1,000)

This is Our Entry:
 Haha...just look at my Before shot....really does seem like true "Before" picture! (greasy looking hair...not smiling...all moody looking)

I would love to have your votes and support! So how can you vote? 
Just simply go on must first LIKE L'Oreal Professional Canada/ELLE Canada
Once, you are on their VOTE for your Favourite Transformation.
Then, find my entry and vote/like along with your information to win the draw.  
Please vote daily so you have more chances of wining!

It wasn't great that the voting started way ahead of when we posted our entry. They should have administered the contest better and made it fair so that voting started all at the sametime...OH WELL!

More Info on my Red Hair Transformation:

I teamed up with Vanessa Vitali & Christine White at....
Salon Daniel Spa
 3391 Bloor St. West/Islington Ave in Toronto Tel. (416)-231-6900
Bonus: If you say my name, can get 15% off any hair service.

So what was the Hair Colour Formula? You can go to any L'Oreal Professional Hair Salon and ask for this. 5.60 base color with 7.40 (intense copper) faceframing thin highlights. 

My team colour stylists chose 5.60 (red) from the Inoa base shade and 7.45 (copper) Inoa for a face brightening highlights which were at the front. The back to back Sweet Meches panels were placed in a half-hexagon placement from the top to the sides of the hair, framing the face only to achieve the thin copper highlights. Also, keep in mind my hair level before was 6-7.

Here's Vanessa just starting to blow dry my hair and then once dry....she applied velcro rollers around the frame of my face and then used bobby pins to make clip on rolls for the rest of my hair.
 Here's Christine and Vanessa....styling out the hair!
 Still Stylin'

My make-up wasn't really well done on that day since I had to rush  and I didn't know we were going to take final shot pictures on the same day since we kinda scheduled it for later. Anyways, so I had to improvise somehow. Wish I had better make-up on that day. =( My lips needed some colour.
 Final Result Outdoor Pictures:
Thanks for looking and please do vote!


Arezu said...

I love love LOVE the colour, it's so beautiful, and it suites you well! You look like a vixen ;)

Dhalia said...

LOVE LOVE vote is in Zerin.


Dhalia said...

Oh man...I dont have a fb. ughhhhh

Dhalia said...

Zerin...I'm waiting for your TORONTO IMATS pics and scoop. lol


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