Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fetish Pink Lips FOTD!

A Fetish Pink Lips FOTD!
or should I just call it "Hello Kitty FOTD" as my friend Joolee had suggested...Hahaha!

What I Used:
The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Smashbox Primer
Mac Pro Longwear Foundation NC 42 mixed with NW 35 (NW 35 felt too dark in certain places so I mixed NC 42 to balance it out....I'm pleased with the results and I absolutely love this foundation)
Mac Select Coverup Concealer NW 35 mixed with MUFE #10 Full Cover Concealer
Mac Medium Dark MSF Natural Powder
Mac Espresso Eyeshadow (Eyebrows)

Urban Decay Primer Potion (Eye Primer)
Mac Lemon Chiffon LE Shadestick (Any light golden eye base)
Stila Kitten Eyeshadow (On Lid/Highlight)
Mac Mega Rich Pigment (Outer Lid/Above Crease)
Mac Swiss Chocolate Eyeshadow (Crease)
Mac Showstopper Eyeshadow (To Darken Crease)
Mac Blacktrack Fluidline & Mac On the Hunt Superslick Eyeliner (To wing out eyeliner)
Mac Feline Eyeliner Pencil (Waterline)
Mac Bronze Eyeshadow (Bottom Lashlines)
Ardell 105 Lashes
Freshlook ColorBlends in Grey

Mac Refined Golden Bronzer (Contour)
Nars Amour Blush (Cheeks)
Mac Cheeky Bronze MSF (Highlight)

Mac Soar Lipliner
YSL Fetish Pink Lipstick (This may seem neon pink when applied on the lips to most people but if you use a neutral/muted pink should tone it down and look GORGEOUS!) Mac Pink Nouvea lipstick may be a dupe. Click here to see comparison. 
 No Flash Pictures!

  DSLR Pictures!

 Funny thing, I didn't realize my tshirt had a picture of a bow and I had also worn a bow (frm H&M) when I took the I literally saw them both when I uploaded the pictures...then I totally felt like Hello Kitty! (Maybe I dressed up too early for Halloween?...Haha)
So I guess I have different skintones in all of my oh well. I like playing around with the different functions on each I'm still learning! My skin has been acting up lately. It's mainly because I havn't been regular with my skincare routine. Lazy Me! 
Yesterday, I finally purchased a domain for my blog. I know...why did I delay it for this long? I have no it's now
Just a reminder that IMATS will be held in Toronto on November 6 & 7 this year at the Toronto Congress Centre which is near the Pearson Airport. Click here to buy tickets! It's $35.00 now per ticket if you buy in advance online and if you do choose to buy from the doors..the prices will be much higher.
 That's all for now!


Hollywood said...

Beautiful Look and I am absolutely in love with your hair color it just perfect for the season I may try to go get somthing like this soon =)

PnB said...

You look totally adorable. The [pink is great on you ad that blush is stunning~!

Anonymous said...

u look so pretty,love that lipcolour n yahh for new domain <3

Dhalia said...

Just beautiful Zerin. You look like a doll...a sexy doll at that. :-)


PrincezzJazmin said...

please dont b offended but i like ur hair better golden brown. ur very pretty n ur eyes and skin complexion just dont do justice to that hair color. just keepin it real

Jennifer said...

very cute!
see you at IMATS :)

Sharon said...

u r so beautiful&gorj hun..that lippy is pretty,I need it lol

Mara said...

Your skin is just glowing, I loveeeeeee. Your so lucky to be blessed with gorgeous eyes...I'd kill for eyes like yours...:)

Nilufar Ali said...

OMFG! In the 6th picture, you look JUST LIKE AISHWARIYA RAI.

Great FOTD. You look stunning as always hun! xX

Celia said...

you look gorgeous and i notice youve lost some weight! looking good, love.

Sue said...

Hun you look great!

theitteen said...

love your eye makeup! will retry this for sure :) XO

MZ.CYN said...

You look Gorgeous!!! I'm loving the hair color!

kawaii619 said...

I LOVE that bow! Cute look =]

Nat said...

too cute. waiting to show it to my daughter after school. she's on a tomboy trip these days..!

vanillasmush said...

Just too pretty for words! Your face is glowing and the hair color is suiting you well! keep it!

Amina said...

i really like this colour u look well cute x

Anonymous said...

Your hair is gorgeous and your makeup and yourself! :) I'm going to IMATS, I hope to meet you!

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

You look so beautiful! I LOVE the bow in your hair. x

Andrea said...

You look soo cute and love the new hair. I just started a blog please sub thanks

Andrea said...

check out my new blog i will be having a giveaway soon

angel5ace said...

Hey Zerin! Love the FOTD and the hair!! omg I love the colour it looks so unique! So I started a new blog and would love if you would follow me Check it out xxx

cindycs said...

This is a really pretty look on you. We have the exact same skin tone so I think I'm going to give it a try.
Also, that contest you posted that Dhalia was hosting, I entered and won a free MAC eyeshadow which is always fun! So thanks for the heads up.
Also, you should do more posts on your blog, I check your blog nearly everyday but you hardly post anything. I know life can get really busy sometimes but I'm sure your readers would love to hear from you more often! :)
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hey, your blog is amazing. What camera do you use as the photo quality varies at time?

Zerin (XinaRox) said...

Thanks ladies!

PrincezzJazmin - I'm not offended at all. I actually prefer golden brown tones as well. I recently put in some dark blonde highlights in my hair lol since I was missing them so much.

Nilufar Ali - Wow what a compliment lol....I think it's the eye shape only.

Celia - Gurl...I lost back in August but gained it back again. =( I have to go bak to try again. Also, remember cameras are fun and you can even take pics in angles to appear love the magic!

cindycs- Congrats on winning! I know I've been very slow with my blog. =(

Anonymous - I use two cameras. one is a DSLR Canon Rebel T1i and other is a normal digital camera Canon PowerShot SX 200 IS. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

This look is stunning! x

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