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Review: J'adore Make Up For Ever Lipsticks!

I have significantly delayed a visit to Sephora for a while now. I recently went a few weeks ago and was blown away by the new MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks.

I noticed the price increase with the Mac LE products and I was just so stunned and thought might as well purchase something more in value like MUFE products. They tend to be more pigmented, long lasting and intense in colours. I'm quite impressed with their entire product line. I think I have become a MUFE convert! lol Yes, you heard me right!

I bought three lipsticks on this Sephora trip thinking I should save up for IMATS. Hopefully, IMATS will carry MUFE products which are usually 40% off there. I hope the new lipsticks are there this time so I can splurge on some more. 
Each lipstick is $22 CDN / $19 USD at Sephora

There are about 50 shades in their new lipstick line. 
The colour selection is amazing from brights, nudes, neutrals and deep/dark shades. 
They have all colours including black lipstick. 

Three Finishes: Matte, Satin & Pearly

I would've gotten lipsticks in matte formula but the Sephora location I went to did not carry all the matte colours and only had the satin and pearly formulas.

The Boxes:
The Sleek Packaging:
The Pretty Babies:
# 9, # 21, # 39

# 9: Pearly Fuschia
 To be honest, I may have many hot pink lipsticks but they do not compare to this lipstick formula at all. It's hard to capture the pearly finish of these in photos so please do swatch them in person and you will know what I'm talking about. These are pearly and has very finely milled glitters/sparkles in it. It's not glittery/chunky like Mac's Dazzle lipsticks at all though....which is why I never liked that Mac collection.The colour pay off is super intense and very long lasting. I was so impressed with the staying power. This formula glides on very well and it's not over drying. 
Swatch Comparisons:

# 21: Pearly Bright Red
Just like # 9.....this red lipstick is nothing like something I own. It also contains finely milled glitter/sparkles. I just love how it looks on the lips with the pearly finish. It is also creamy and super intense. Again, swatch these babies when you're at Sephora again. It's a great addition to my red lipsticks. Trust me on this....this red formula is totally different and unique and I bet you don't have anything like this....FOR REAL! haha
Swatch Comparisons:

# 39: Satin Orange Coral
This  satin formula can be a bit drying to some people but it feels fine on me. It's not too drying unlike the MUFE aqua cream colours on the lips. It's super pigmented and very creamy like formula. The coral colour probably seems like a colour that I most likely have but I do not have it at this intensity or pigmentation. I like how the orange is actually balanced well with the coral shade. Since, I do have a thing for corals...I could not resist this colour either. =)

Swatch Comparisons:

-Heavily pigmented with long lasting power
-Formula glides on well...smooth and creamy
-Three different finishes: Matte, Pearly, Satin
-Excellent colour choices (light, neutral, nudes, bright, and dark)
-Ability to mix funky colours together easily

- The price? However, this is a high end's obviously expensive. 
- Some may not like the scent...but it doesn't bother's WAY BETTER than Nars lippie's scent!

Overall Rating:5/5

Overall Thoughts: I am quite impressed with these lipsticks. I think these are now my favourite brand lipsticks ever. If you think Mac lipsticks are the best....well...these can even be better. Just pay a lil more and you will get more intensity/staying power. Although, I still love my Mac (matte) lipsticks...these probably top them next. I'm glad that the pearly finishes do not contain chunky glitters that would just be so irritating. These lipsticks are super intense and bright and you can pick from a variety of colours. I feel that they are quite long lasting because of their rich pigmentation. Overall, these lipsticks lasted 4-5 hours on me at least and it stayed on pretty well even through eating/drinking. The smell of these are fine but I think Mac's vanilla lipstick scent is better. I'm glad these don't have a funky smell like Nars lippies. (I still love their matte velvet pencils though).

Have you guys checked out these new lipsticks yet?


sabina said...

omg i want them all!!!!
i get soo upset when i see good suff from mufe,its not widely availabe in the uk :(
anyways glad to see u back xxxxxxx

Shadowy Lady said...

Great choices Zerin. I've got 7 of these now. First I bought three like you but I loooved them so much I went back again and got 4 more :P

They are now one of my fave lipstick formula, next to Chanel Rouge Coco.

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Def have to check these out!

resham said...

LOVE the RED lipsticks you have swatched....
That IMATS will be great, if you plan to buy more of MUFE pRODUCTS...

Sharon said...

lovely colours..I need these

Nat said...

how come all bongs have such gorgeous features? is it the mishti doi and macher jhol?? :))

Jennifer said...

Pearly Bright Red is gorgeous!

Nilufar Ali said...

They look so pretty on you! Wish there was a Make Up Forever Stockist near me =(

Btw Are you Sylheti Bangali?

If you are then ... AFNAY BALA ASSONI? xx

Anonymous said...

i freaking love #39 , i like #9 too but i have colours similar !! <3 what u got

Anonymous said...

im freaking loving #39 and #9 but i have tons of similar colour to #9 already !! love what u got

Farah said...

These look dangerous! I will be playing with these at the IMATS for sure. Hope to see you there ;)

grace said...

OMG!!! They're gorgeous! I want them all :D

Dhalia said...

Those Lippies look fab Zerin. I love me some MUFE products....I will def look into these.

H said...

Yaaay love that you updated again! Love the lipsticks too might just go to sephora and check em out for myself

Just a question will you ever film tutorials again? I'd LOOVE to see more of your tuts they were the best!

Arezu said...

I'm REALLLYYYYYYYYY digging #21, even though I know it's not a colour I would get a lot out of.

I'm debating the IMATS thing, but I would definitely have a limit. What day where you planning on going?

shimmergrass said...

they look amazing,
do u think #26 will look good on nc40 olive sintone?

Zerin (XinaRox) said...

sabina - Thnx for the welcome back. Tell me about it...these lipsticks are so good. You should definitely look into these.

Shadowy Lady - Thnx. have seven of these. I would also love to get more. These lipsticks are to die for! lol I still have to try out Chanel but scared of the prices.

Hell Notes for Beauty™ - Pls do check these out.

resham - Hopefully...the IMATS have what I want. =)

Sharon - You definitely do. =)

Nat - lol....that's cute! I love mishti and maach!

Jennifer - I love it!

Nilufar Ali - Thnx hun! You should try to look around or get someone nice to ship it. =)

LOL @ the sylheti line. Aii Bala! (Noakhali)

I'm not sylheti bengali lol....My grandparents are Noakhali I guess both sides...but grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

mw - I love all the lipsticks!

Farah - I can't wait for the IMATS. Hopefully...MUFE has what we want. =)

grace - lol I want them all too!

Dhalia - You should definitely!

H - Yes, you should check them out. Aww....I don't know if I will. My software/laptop got so slow...I don't even know if it can take my video editings anymore lol...I should attempt it at least I guess. It's been AGES! I'm glad you still miss them and find them good.

Arezu - There are so many colours to choose from. I'll be going on the Saturday hopefully. Of course, there should always be a budget.

shimmergrass - Thnx. I can't remember this colour but from the colour description on Sephora it seems it would be fine for that skintone. #26 (Brown Beige-Satin) I'm guessing it might be a darker version of Mac Cherish or similar to Mac Taupe lipstick?

certified organic makeup said...

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