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Review: Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams are now being sold at Sephora (US/Canada). I picked up four colours a few days ago. After testing these cream eyeshadows out, I must say that I am quite impressed! The texture and pigmentation is just amazing. I literally do not need an eye-primer under these bases and so you can tell how long lasting they are. Once you apply them on, they do not budge! When I used Mac Paint Pots, I had to use an eye primer under or else it would end up creasing the eyeshadow. Once again, MUFE does it again! I am honestly impressed with all the new products they are releasing. Well Done Make Up For Ever!

The colours come in 22 shades ranging from neutrals to metallics to bright/bold shades. Some of the shades are specifically designed for only lips and cheeks while others are for eyes and cheeks only.

Awww.... Such cute looking pots!
*Aqua Cream: Eyes & Cheeks Only*

  I got myself # 21 & #11....

 # 21 is a gorgeous turquoise shade which contains gold shimmer...although it is not as smooth as #11 which is a very smooth true golden base. These colours can be worn on the eyes and cheeks. They apply smoothly and do dry quickly.  Imagine these as eyeliners? You can definitely wear it alone rather than as bases too. I don't think I would put on the turquoise one on my cheeks though (lol) but I may try out the gold shimmer on the cheeks as a highlight. I am also wanting to get # 20 which is an intense blue shade.

*Aqua Cream: Lips & Cheeks Only*
I got myself # 7 & # 9....

These are actually advertised as being "multipurpose" however I tried number # 7 (hot pink with gold flecks) on my lips but felt that it was drying. I would recommend moisturizing your lips before applying these. # 9 (true bright coral with a little shimmer) is another gorgeous colour that would look lovely on both the lips and cheeks. I don't think I will purchase more lip/cheek colours since I have a huge lip/blush collection already but I will definitely check out more of the eye/cheek colours.

The Swatches:

-Heavily pigmented with long lasting power
-Texture is easily blendable and smooth

-Excellent colour choices (neutral, metallic, & bold/bright)
-Multipurpose but for certain colours only
-Enough product is in the pot so it can last you a long time 

-Some may find the lip/cheek aqua creams to be too drying on the lips
-Would be nice if all the colours are for multipurpose (eyes/lips/cheeks) 

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Product Comparisons
Aqua Cream #11 Vs. Flash Color #4
Comparison Swatches:
Hey! Don't ask why I got another gold shade...I love golds and can't get enough of them! When comparing the two golds...the flash color # 4 has more shimmer/glitter than the aqua cream #11. Both pots contain the same amount of product in each.

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So what colours are you liking?


rainbow st@r! hello kitty p@nts said...

I got a sample of #9 and #5 and wore them to a waterpark-they lasted through every single ride-I agree these are AMAZING!!

resham said...

I am liking the GOLD...and you knw why...;)

Shadowy Lady said...

I love the colours you picked and glad you liked them too. I still didn't get a chance to review these but I do loved this products :)

I need the gold one now!

Leah ♥ said...

great post! thank you so much for these swatches, Ive been thinking of picking up #7 for the longest!

SKayylove said...

omg ur making me want the aqua! i just saw that one in the essence mag. its so pretty w/ pics! i think i gotta pick it up this week its so tempting <3

Arezu said...

Ahh, I haven't heard about these yet!

I'm on the look out for a HG base, I think I should pick one of these bad boys up!

Farah said...

Great review i love golds too!
I have the coral flash color and it looks exactly like the cream too..

Vixxan said...

I am so tortured by these. I want them but I am telling myself that I don't need them because I have a lot of the flash colors. I hope I can hold out but it's not looking good. Thanks for the review an swatches.

Abby Q. said...

These are very pretty, but what's the difference btwn these and flash colors? I like the idea of these! I can imagine they'd do a good "foiled" eye no?

Blusherine said...

great review, thanks a lot! i love the golds!

ano3000 said...

Hi!! I absolutely love these cream shadows! I think I'm addicted to them..It's so convenient for hot summer days!! Also, I wanted to give you a tip: the MUA at sephora told me you could use the lip/cheek combos on the eyes as well. He said to prime the eye first and set it with a translucent powder. Please do a tutorial with these soon! Thanks!

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