Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mac Warehouse Sale Haul - June 2010

I was lucky again to get tickets to the sale this past weekend. Thanks B!

I went on a Sunday....even though I did haul a lot....many of the "better" products were sold out. There was hardly anything left at $3 bins. =( I wanted number #7 lashes! I hope someday I can go on a Friday.

I arrived at the fairgrounds at 11am and entered around it was a long wait. =( Although, the inside product line-ups were not long at all.


I bought some products for gifts as well.....

There are three halls inside the warehouse.
From the First room I got.....
 Dry Martini (LE) - $7.00 - I am so glad I found this at the warehouse sale. This was actually on my wishlist. It's a gorgeous olive green shade.

Devil May Dare Warm Eyeshadow Palette (LE) - $15.00 - I was tempted to get this during the holidays last year but happy to pick it up for less. YaY!

From the Second room I got....

Artifact Paintpot - $9.00

Pigments (LE) - $9.00: Pink Vivid, Jardin Aires, Chocolate Brown, Melon, Heritage Rouge

231 Brush - $10.00

Fashion Groupie Eyeshadow (LE) - $9.00 (not in picture)

From the Third room I got....
Two Lip Products for $15
Clear Gloss, Lavender Whip (LE), Crosswires Lipstick

Heavenly Dish Neutral Lip Kit (Considered a Lip Product = $7.50)

$12.00 Each
Sunny By Nature MSF (LE), Blush of Youth (LE)
The Charity Bags on Sunday included....

Impeccable Brown Pencil in Taupe
Pret-a-Papier Lipglass
Lustrewhite Lustreglass
Brill Eyeshadow

I was hoping that they would include a blush and I heard that the Friday and Saturday bags were much better. To be honest, I wasn't impressed by the products when compared to what we got from the last few sales.  The free gift really sucked this time! I think we got a crappy lipstick from a holiday collection around two years ago. The free sharpener was nice though. I left the sale at 2pm.

Ever since being a member of the yearbook club in highschool and taking Media Arts class....

 I always had a passion for photography!

So I finally got myself a DSLR Camera!! YAY!!! 
There was a bundle sale at Bestbuy this I splurged big time. 
It's a great investment though and I'm glad I got it!
I was going to either pick Nikon or Canon but went with....

Canon EOS Rebel T1i 15.1 MP Digital SLR Camera With 18-55mm IS Lens Kit

That's all for now!


prettyaspeaches said...

Wow that is quite the haul!!! Yay for getting a new camera too!

BombbDotCom said...

Great Haul!!!
Love the Camera! I've been shopping around for a DSLR, and I heard the cannon rebel was really good!
When you get the hang of it can you do some sample photos on your blog? I would love to see how the pics come out=)

Ash said...

gr8 haul..cross wires has been on w/l for so long, such a beautiful coral, somehow I just forget to get it when I visit MAC store..artifact PP is gorgeous, so sad it is d/c, it is similar to brown now GPS, which I have..wht are the names of nude l/s in the palette? gr8 camera, I was debatin b/w canon and nikon, but nikon won the final round and I ended up with Nikon D90..def an investment

VexintheCity said...

Nice haulage but dare I say it that the camera purchase is even better!

Rhamnousia said...

You guys are so lucky having these frequent warehouse sales, I wish we had something like that in the UK for MAC


xLovelyMakeupx said...

i have the same camera, i still find it a little hard to use, let me know what you learn from it. I also tried doing videos, and tried to upload them on youtube but it didnt want to dowload that kind of file, let me know if you have better me at


Arezu said...

Niceeeeeee haul! If I ever go again I wish theres more of the 7.5g pigment jars - you get SUCH a good deal with those!

Chibu74 said...

wow, you got some good stuff...old pigment jars was a steal...great haul

resham said...

Ya..even I wish to visit a warehouse sale some day...the deals are awesome...
Good you picked Canon...I am team Canon..always..:)

Pamela said...

wow, the free gift was a lipstick? what colour was it?

I also went on Sunday and got a blush - Sweet William. they looked like they had many boxes of Sweet William... Didn't think they would run out by the afternoon.... i didn't pick up the charity pack as well... looked like crap unfortunately

patsypat121 said...

Do you know if MAC has warehouse sales in NYC? Where can I find information on their next warehouse sale in Canada?

redQueen said...

If you need mac tickets for Friday, just let me know next time. I went on Friday and Saturday. The charity bags were slightly better.

DANA said...

Wow, so lucky there's such places to get MAC warehouse or for sales!! MAC here in Australia never goes on sale and there is no warehouses for them either ='( *cry at a corner*

Awesome haul!! And gotta love the dslr!!! =)

Dhalia said...

Nice haul Zerin...

I'm on the hunt for a nice cam...let me know how that works.


Amber said...


Can I ask you whera are these MAC Warehouse Sale ?
I'm planning a trip to Toronto and Ottawa and it will be great to have somme shopping adresses

Amber said...


Can I ask you whera are these MAC Warehouse Sale ?
I'm planning a trip to Toronto and Ottawa and it will be great to have somme shopping adresses

Zerin said...

prettyaspeaches - Thanks! I can't wait to have fun with it.

BombbDotCom - Thnx! I was in between Nikon & Canon but the Canon bundle kit seemed like a good I went for that one. I will definitely post pictures....I still have to learn how to use my new baby. =)

Ash - I'm glad I got crosswires for cheap at the sale. =) It also is a permanent that part was good. I'm glad Artifact pp is similar to Brown now I can cross that off my The names from the lip kit aren't really common or popular. Names: Barely Visible, Floating Lightly, Heavenly Dish.
I agree...getting an DSLR is an investment for sure.

VexintheCity - lol for sure!

Rhamnousia - Aww...they shud have sales all over the world just to be fair. I guess they have the sales here because they actually make the mac products in Toronto.

xLovelyMakeupx - I'm really new at I gotta get the hang of it first.I'll have to check out tutorials to learn techniques. =)I never directly upload videos to youtube...I always put it in a video editor software and then produce a video file and then load it on youtube. try doing that!

Arezu - Thnx! I purposely picked up the old pigment jars! Such a great deal!

Chibu74 - YA! Old pigment jars were Da BOMB!

resham - YAY! For team CANON!

Pamela - It's called Ruling's in holiday white and gold packaging and the colour was a golden glaze shade...not really my type. =( We also got a mac free sharpener.
I wish we got the sweet william blush instead. =(

patsypat121 - I have no idea if they have sales in NYC. You can always check out craiglist...kijiji or to find out more about the sales. There are threads in the forum.

redQueen - That's really sweet of you. I would love to go on a Friday or Saturday next time. Please leave your email or email me. THNX!

DANA - Awww....yeh I know what you mean....Australian Mac prices are crazy expensive!

Dhalia - Thnx. Will tell!

Amber - These tickets will go on craiglist, redflagdeals, kijiji, or try the forums. They don't post the tickets that early probably around 2 weeks before the sale. The sale happens 4 times a year. I think the next one will be in september/october. BTW the tickets are really invitations that are given to employees so that they can pass it on to their friends/families...people just sell them online. These will range from $20-35.

Hope that helps you out.

Abby Q. said...

Wow that is so cool, I can't believe how dirt cheap it all was! I wish we had a warehouse sale in the US! Even CCOs are not that cheap. :( Anyways enjoy your massive haul!

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

so jealous of your haul!!!

have fun with ur new camera!!! can't wait to see artsy fartsy shots!

Roxy said...

girl if i EVER come to canada you need to take me to this MAC warehouse! omg you always get good shit!

islandmakeups said...

I love your MAC haul. Wish we have a MAC warehouse in Washington.

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