Sunday, April 25, 2010

Updated Make-Up Collection/Storage

I've been M.I.A for awhile now but I can go back to regular blogging. Been busy with school with finals but I'm glad it's now over.

Many had wanted to see my crowded make-up organization/collection.  I have a dressing table and about four of the drawers are occupied by cosmetic goodies.

Here is an example of a drawer filled with crowded make-up products.

1st Drawer
Side 1:
Contains: Cheek/Blush Products 

As you can see, I keep some products in their original boxes. Particularly, I like keeping Nars products in their boxes because of their rubberized packaging. They always tend to get quite dirty. I also like keeping some Mac Limited Edition boxes...some are just too cute to throw away.

The small drawer containers are bought from local dollerstores like Dollerama (Cdn chain store).

Side 2:
 Contains: Cheek Highlighters, Eye Bases, Eyeliners & Facial Moisturizers/Removers

2nd Drawer
Side 1:
 Contains: Face Powders, Foundations, Concealers, Lip Conditioners, Primers & Lipliner Pencils

 Side 2:
 Contains: Lipsticks & Lipglosses

I bought the lipstick holder from Ebay. Each tray can hold 60 lipsticks/glosses.

3rd Drawer
Side 1:
Contains: Eyeshadows, Eyeshadow Palettes

Contains: Eyeshadow Palettes, Miscellaneous Tools like eyelash curlers, & tweezers

4th Drawer
Side 1:
Contains: Nailpolishes
Side 2:
 Contains: Nailpolishes, Nail Tools, Removers & Perfumes

 Storage Organizers
(All from Walmart)

  I have three of these in three different sizes and have stacked them on top of eachother. 
The biggest one which is at the bottom contains my hair products, colours and hair tools. 
The top and middle ones contain pigments, loose shadows, jewellery, lashes and some drugstore make-up.

An Important Message:

Many have been wondering whatever happened to my tutorial videos? Well, unfortunately youtube started disabling some of my videos because of copyright issues. So I decided to transfer all the videos to my blog. I had stored them on my external drive for the past 2 years. As I was uploading them to my blog, the external drive just completely went dead on me. It first stopped detecting that it was connected and then it just stopped turning on. It's not like I dropped the external drive either...I had kept it well and in good condition. I was SOOO UPSET! I had so many important documents, pictures, songs, and  movies in that drive and I can't believe it's probably gone forever. =( I might give the drive to a friend who can try to fix it but I have totally lost hope. Last year, a sweet subscriber/follower had sent me some of my make-up tutorials that was stored on her ipod to me but that was deleted as well. =(  I hope if you're reading this or if anyone else has them still...can you please try to e-mail me the videos?

I would VERY MUCH appreciate it so that I can upload it back on my blog. Again, I'm sorry this happened and believe me, I've been real sad because of this. =(


Dhalia said...

WOW!!!!!! Is all I can say...I'm not to far behind you.

Sorry about your videos Zerin.

Anonymous said...

awww that sucks about ur vids, I had been wondering where they went...u keep ur makeup so organized, i'm gonna try buying some of those storage containers to put my makeup in...I've collected alot (still not quite as much as you) and they're all over the place...i think i'm gonna stop buying now unless I run out of something or if something really wows me- damn Specktra lol Besides I'm getting into nailpolishes now and that collection is quickly growing (60+ polishes eeek! lol)so i need to cut expenses in other areas LOL. Hope ur friend can fix ur hardrive:)

Crissy K said...

That's terrible news. I'm sorry you lost all your videos and documents on your external hard drive. Your videos were awesome. You have such amazing talent. I hope you get many positive responses with people who have your videos! Very cool collection by the way, very organized. :)

Dhalia said...

Where did you get your lipstick trays from hold the lip color upright??? I need that for shoots...I'm always rushing to find a color in my kit and they are just everywhere.

So Very Fabulous said...

Wow, you have an AMAZING collection! I have a bunch of those things from Dollarama too. I'll have to look into getting one of those lipstick organizers at some point, would be so much easier to see everything!

uchanrin07 said...

WOW!!!! zerin your makeup collection is soooo sad for your videos.and i was thinking whats wrong?finally you back, im soooo

Arezu said...

Ahh, that's a sweet collection, how do you choose what kind of make-up to do each day? Damn woman!

And I'm sorry to hear about your videos, hopefully you can recover them! I miss watching your videos.

☆Anastacia☆ said...


Diana said...

wow u are very organized!!! I can't wait till i get this much makeup ONE DAY . . . ONE DAY!! lol

resham said...

Thats such a fantastic well organized...

i hope you get the videos...i need them grl...:)

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

I AM SO SORRY YOUR VIDEOS ARE GONE :( I hope they are recovered!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your collection!!! I doubt mines will ever get to that size, I'm too lazy to figure out what I want, lol. Glad your back to blogging :D

Bavani said...

hai dear...dun worry ya...i'm havg al ur tutorials...i download it cz i vl watch it u havg alotzzz of products...damn..

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

I absolutely love your makeup collection and organization. Hope to see your lovely face again on some tuts.

Dominique -aka- 美華ちゃん said...

haha if you ever have a blog sale, I am THERE!!!

Celly said...

aw that sucks so much! my comp crashes some years ago and those pictures are forever gone. i only store music and some misc pics on my external drive. maybe you can download the vids off youtube and save them to your comp?

anyways great collection. and re-send me your email because blogger had removed it when i tried rejecting a spam booo.

Blusherine said...

what a great collection! i love how you keep everything in place!

Sisa said...

Maybe I can help you. I think I saved all of your videos. I'll try to send one to you so we can try out if it works?

Chibu74 said...

thats terrible!! sorry to hear about ur vids :(

great collection, i like the way you have organized ur stuff....i need to organize mine too...i'm just to lazy :)

could u pls do a review/usage of nars have quite a few of those, i'm sure you like those a lot...thanks

sum said...

oh no im so sorry for ur me ur my makeup guru who i follow cuz ur the best desi girl out there who does the coolest makeup which matches my skintone! i really really hope u recover the vids becuz i soooo miss seeing them (discovering u what what taught me makeup and made me a M.A.C whore :p) anyway please do more and more tutorials like u did before...u have alot of fans! :) x

Consuela said...

Hey I have 23 of your videos how can I email them? I'll try with my normal email account, I think the format of the videos is realplayer

Consuela said...

Hey I have 23 of your videos how can I email them? I'll try with my normal email account, I think the format of the videos is realplayer

Zerin said...

Thank you so much ladies! Appreciate all your help. I'm getting responses from people who have my videos. I will post them on my blog soon. =)

Dhalia - I tried searching up the ebay link but they removed the item already and I can't seem to the find the seller anymore. It's an acrylic lipstick holder that carries 60 lipsticks.

Farah said...

First of all amazing collection and storage.
Second i feel so bad for you about the videos. Your vids rocked hopefully your friend can fix it :(

Nat said...

My goodness Zerin - you have a MAC Store!

Dhalia said...

Thanks Zerin...just bought one from :-)

Anonymous said...

This is such a large collection. But well organized. Doesnt your makeup get old? When do u start to throw stuff out? When did u start getting into makeup and building up your collection?

Young, Fabulous, and Pregnant said...

Wow, you have so many goodies! I am so jealous!

Jony said...

I think you have a beautiful collection!!!

Honey said...

Its such a shame about ur videos :( I learnt so much from them.I hope u get all of them back one way or the other.
Love love ur collection its to die for! N kudos on keeping it so organised.

Richa said...

aww I was wondering where your video's went because I didn't see any on your blog either try backing up your pictures online. It's the option i went for because my external gave out to i lost everything. I back up all my pictures at There is Unlimited photo storage. I think they give you video storage options to. Plus you can get a page to share pictures and what ever else you might like. Check it out :)

Diana said...

hey hun I have an award for ya check out my blog!

khmari123 said...

all i can say is OMG!

Kaitlyn said...

great collection! i'm going to have to get some of those lipstick holders!

cococharnelle said...

Og my god I 'm so jealous!

Sharon said...

sorry about ur videos...nways love ur make up collection...very pretty& likey

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