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Collective Mac & Sephora Haul {April 2010}

I finally went to the Mac store after a very long time. I initially was excited about the Art Supplies Collection but wasn't too impressed with the products. I wanted to get the lip stain markers but they didn't seem worth it at all. They all appeared quite sheer on my lips. The grease paint sticks were in many pretty colours but all were dark. I got myself Below Ground Greasepaint Stick. 

Mac Below Ground Greasepaint Stick

Mac Below Ground Greasepaint Stick: This is a creamy rich brown-bronzy shade.  I love the smoothness of these and they glide on so much better than shadesticks. I can't wait to use this eye base!

A few days ago Mac released a new collection called Pret a Papier. After seeing the promo pics, I knew I would be getting the coral paintpot called Coral Crepe.

It's a true coral colour with a hint of shimmer which is perfect for the summer.  It can be worn alone or as a base. I love how it's a coral shade so I can wear it on the cheeks and the lips. The formula is quite smooth and it doesn't crease on me either.

Product Comparisons:

Swatch Comparisons:
Coral Crepe (LE), Perky (LE), Rubenesque

Fold and Tuck Lipglass was also released in this new collection. Another pretty coral pink shade with a hint of gold shimmer. I love the pigmentation and the formulas of Mac lipglosses. I think this colour would suit all skintones.

Product Comparisons:
I find Fold and Tuck (LE) to be a lighter version of Red Devil (LE) and Lychee Luxe lipglass. 
If you're a sucker for corals like would definitely love Fold and Tuck lipglass.  Also, it's more wearable and not as bold as Red Devil or Lychee Luxe lipglass.

Swatch Comparisons:

 Light that Fire (LE), Fold and Tuck (LE), Red Devil (LE)

Lip Swatches:

This collection also had a nice blush called Instant Chic but it looked very similar to Melba blush which I already have and yes...I have tons of peachy blushes in my

I also picked up Summer Rose Beauty Powder from the Liberty of London Collection. I'm glad they had it in stock and it's a gorgeous pink shade and I just love the formulas of smooth!

Cute Packaging!

 Sephora Haul 
 I took advantage of the recent Sephora Sale and got some MUFE products!

5, 6 and 14. 
Check out my review : #5 Nip Slip Blush

#14 <- I bought this one for my aunt. She's much lighter than me so it would work fine on her.
#14 does not show up on my skintone.

I love the formulas of these soo much! They last such a long time on my cheeks and I love the colour selection as well. Only draw back is the pump since too much product tends to come out at once so you gotta press gently to get a small amount.

 I've been wanting the MUFE Gold Flash Color for a while now.  I finally got it! I'm loving the colour and the texture. This base is nothing like what I have and I find it quite unique. I'm also VERY EXCITED about MUFE's upcoming Metal Collection. 

  That's all for now!

Did you guy get anything during the Sephora sale or something from Mac's latest collections?


Chibu74 said...

great haul....i always look forward to your blog posts :)

fold and tuck and coral crepe are so so pretty

got nothing from sephora sale :(....after seeing your post i think i should have got MUFE products :(

i am waiting for MAC friends and family a lot of stuff last year...any idea when is it this year?

Brynn said...


Girl, I got #5 and #6 MUFE cream blush too! Aren't they just lovely? I also got Nars Torrid blush...what a beauty! Thank goodness for Sephora sales!

How do you apply the MUFE cream blush? Fingers? Duo fiber brush? So far, I've been using my fingers...but I think I might try using a brush. Just wondering if you find that there's a difference in the final look between the two methods of application.


Anonymous said...

i like that coral colour paint pot !

Ash said...

Gr8 haul! OMG love the MUFE gold base!can wait for the MUFE gold collection. I skipped red devil, coz it looked neon corally red on me. fold and tuck is nothin like red devil,it is the perfect coral L/g IMO, not too red/orange and it looks gorgeous when paired with ever hip/red full stop l/s.

Leah said...

great post! I LOVE that fold and tuck lipgloss!

Jackie said...

I'm dying to get my hands on Coral Crepe Paint Pot and Fold and Tuck Lipglass. I've been trying to avoid my local MAC store lol. I'm sure you know how that goes.

PS..Just wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award!! Check it out at!

Dhalia said...

Awesome Haul Zerin. I also ordered the coral paintpot and Fold Tuck...I'm also a sucker for corals. That MUFE flash gold is HOTT....I ordered the 12 Flash color set from Sephora online Tuesday...they finally got em back instock. Cant wait to receive it. ;-)

Not sure if you saw yet but Check my swatch out for the MUFE HD blushes.


Blusherine said...

Coral Crepe looks gorgeous on your skintone!

Inner Belle said...

what a fab haul, i havnt mac hauled in agesss, but i defo like coral crepe!

Bedalyz said...

thanks for the swatches! great haul =)

Marce said...

Great haul! The MUFE blushes are really pretty :)

Latinminx79 said...

Hi girl love you blog, Just FYI I nominated you for an award!!!

naush said...

need help with blush application: after doing my makeup, after contouring adding nars blush and buffing it in, i leave the house, and before you know it i look in the rearview mirror and notice again! the big streak mark my cell phone ruins from its heat i guess and i have a blank streak /gap on my cheek /jawline. what should i do to keep blush and contour on longer, i use mufe silica powder but it doesnt set anything. should i try mac creamblush, then apply powder blush, or just try this mufe cream blush to keep it on? also have u tried nars sheerglow foundation? need to switch mu mufe hd foundation to something more matte for the summer for my oily skin!

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