Thursday, April 29, 2010

Collective Mac & Sephora Haul {April 2010}


I finally went to the Mac store after a very long time. I initially was excited about the Art Supplies Collection but wasn't too impressed with the products. I wanted to get the lip stain markers but they didn't seem worth it at all. They all appeared quite sheer on my lips. The grease paint sticks were in many pretty colours but all were dark. I got myself Below Ground Greasepaint Stick. 

Mac Below Ground Greasepaint Stick

Mac Below Ground Greasepaint Stick: This is a creamy rich brown-bronzy shade.  I love the smoothness of these and they glide on so much better than shadesticks. I can't wait to use this eye base!

A few days ago Mac released a new collection called Pret a Papier. After seeing the promo pics, I knew I would be getting the coral paintpot called Coral Crepe.

It's a true coral colour with a hint of shimmer which is perfect for the summer.  It can be worn alone or as a base. I love how it's a coral shade so I can wear it on the cheeks and the lips. The formula is quite smooth and it doesn't crease on me either.

Product Comparisons:

Swatch Comparisons:
Coral Crepe (LE), Perky (LE), Rubenesque

Fold and Tuck Lipglass was also released in this new collection. Another pretty coral pink shade with a hint of gold shimmer. I love the pigmentation and the formulas of Mac lipglosses. I think this colour would suit all skintones.

Product Comparisons:
I find Fold and Tuck (LE) to be a lighter version of Red Devil (LE) and Lychee Luxe lipglass. 
If you're a sucker for corals like would definitely love Fold and Tuck lipglass.  Also, it's more wearable and not as bold as Red Devil or Lychee Luxe lipglass.

Swatch Comparisons:

 Light that Fire (LE), Fold and Tuck (LE), Red Devil (LE)

Lip Swatches:

This collection also had a nice blush called Instant Chic but it looked very similar to Melba blush which I already have and yes...I have tons of peachy blushes in my

I also picked up Summer Rose Beauty Powder from the Liberty of London Collection. I'm glad they had it in stock and it's a gorgeous pink shade and I just love the formulas of smooth!

Cute Packaging!

 Sephora Haul 
 I took advantage of the recent Sephora Sale and got some MUFE products!

5, 6 and 14. 
Check out my review : #5 Nip Slip Blush

#14 <- I bought this one for my aunt. She's much lighter than me so it would work fine on her.
#14 does not show up on my skintone.

I love the formulas of these soo much! They last such a long time on my cheeks and I love the colour selection as well. Only draw back is the pump since too much product tends to come out at once so you gotta press gently to get a small amount.

 I've been wanting the MUFE Gold Flash Color for a while now.  I finally got it! I'm loving the colour and the texture. This base is nothing like what I have and I find it quite unique. I'm also VERY EXCITED about MUFE's upcoming Metal Collection. 

  That's all for now!

Did you guy get anything during the Sephora sale or something from Mac's latest collections?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Updated Make-Up Collection/Storage

I've been M.I.A for awhile now but I can go back to regular blogging. Been busy with school with finals but I'm glad it's now over.

Many had wanted to see my crowded make-up organization/collection.  I have a dressing table and about four of the drawers are occupied by cosmetic goodies.

Here is an example of a drawer filled with crowded make-up products.

1st Drawer
Side 1:
Contains: Cheek/Blush Products 

As you can see, I keep some products in their original boxes. Particularly, I like keeping Nars products in their boxes because of their rubberized packaging. They always tend to get quite dirty. I also like keeping some Mac Limited Edition boxes...some are just too cute to throw away.

The small drawer containers are bought from local dollerstores like Dollerama (Cdn chain store).

Side 2:
 Contains: Cheek Highlighters, Eye Bases, Eyeliners & Facial Moisturizers/Removers

2nd Drawer
Side 1:
 Contains: Face Powders, Foundations, Concealers, Lip Conditioners, Primers & Lipliner Pencils

 Side 2:
 Contains: Lipsticks & Lipglosses

I bought the lipstick holder from Ebay. Each tray can hold 60 lipsticks/glosses.

3rd Drawer
Side 1:
Contains: Eyeshadows, Eyeshadow Palettes

Contains: Eyeshadow Palettes, Miscellaneous Tools like eyelash curlers, & tweezers

4th Drawer
Side 1:
Contains: Nailpolishes
Side 2:
 Contains: Nailpolishes, Nail Tools, Removers & Perfumes

 Storage Organizers
(All from Walmart)

  I have three of these in three different sizes and have stacked them on top of eachother. 
The biggest one which is at the bottom contains my hair products, colours and hair tools. 
The top and middle ones contain pigments, loose shadows, jewellery, lashes and some drugstore make-up.

An Important Message:

Many have been wondering whatever happened to my tutorial videos? Well, unfortunately youtube started disabling some of my videos because of copyright issues. So I decided to transfer all the videos to my blog. I had stored them on my external drive for the past 2 years. As I was uploading them to my blog, the external drive just completely went dead on me. It first stopped detecting that it was connected and then it just stopped turning on. It's not like I dropped the external drive either...I had kept it well and in good condition. I was SOOO UPSET! I had so many important documents, pictures, songs, and  movies in that drive and I can't believe it's probably gone forever. =( I might give the drive to a friend who can try to fix it but I have totally lost hope. Last year, a sweet subscriber/follower had sent me some of my make-up tutorials that was stored on her ipod to me but that was deleted as well. =(  I hope if you're reading this or if anyone else has them still...can you please try to e-mail me the videos?

I would VERY MUCH appreciate it so that I can upload it back on my blog. Again, I'm sorry this happened and believe me, I've been real sad because of this. =(

Monday, April 5, 2010

March 2010 Favourites!

Just a few things I've been loving....
1. OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender Nailpolish: I know I repeated this like 100x but for real guys! This colour is just amazing! So pretty! Click here to see details. 
2. Chanel Dragon Lip Lacque: This is the only Chanel cosmetic product I own right now and if you're a red lipstick/lipgloss lover...then this is a must have. You won't be disappointed. The formula is just too good and super pigmented. A little goes a long way!  I wore it in this FOTD. 
3. Wet N Wild 907C Mauve Outta Here Mega Last Lipstick: I've been wearing this quite a lot...just like how I wear Mac Faux, Brave and Pink Plaid lipsticks. This is a great drugstore alternative and I love that it's super cheap. I guess these are my favourite matte drugstore lippies and I love the colour selection too. Here's my review on these lipsticks. 

4. Mac Luscious Sparks Dazzlecreme Lipgloss (LE): It may look quite bright and orange in the tube but it's very wearable. I love it since it makes everything coral!

5.The Balm Shady Lady Eyeshadow Palette (LE): I guess this is now a limited edition palette. The second version of this is currently at Sephora. I absolutely love the colour and texture of these eyeshadows. These go on smooth like butter. I've been wearing much of the neutral colours lately and been getting many compliments as well. I should definitely do an FOTD with this palette. This palette is WORTH IT!

Sally Nailpolish & Lash Sale! Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Once again...the month of April brings you sweet deals on nailpolishes and Ardell lashes at Sally Beauty Supply Store.   


Nailpolish brands include...
China Glaze
Sally Girl (so cheap...around $1.30 each)
So Easy Stripe Rite
(For Nail Art - with thin pointy brush)
Nina Ultra Pro

I made a trip to Sallys on Saturday and here's my mini haul....

Orly White Tips, ORLY Prince Charming, ORLY Petit Four

Nailpolishes in Comparison 

Love & Friendship, Petit Four, Lucky Lucky Lavender

I can't get enough of lavender pink nailpolishes these days...they make my finger nails look so much better! lol  I would say the closest dupe for Mac's Love and Friendship (LE) nailpolish is Orly's Petit Four. OPI's Lucky Lucky Lavender is pretty as well but lighter with more pink tones. 

 Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic, Orly Prince Charming (New Shade)
These are obviously not similar in colour as one is grey and the other is a brown taupe.  I also think that Orly Prince Charming nailpolish is very similar to OPI's Over the Taupe nailpolish. 

Ardell Invisiband lashes have always been my favourite. 
I'm glad these were on sale as well. 

Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

 Ardell Wispies, Demi Wispies and Demi Lurvies.

Check out the entire Store Flyer:,default,pg.html

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