Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sephora Sweet Deal: BARE LipFusion Lipgloss $11 Cdn

LipFusion Lip Plump Color Shine
Fusion Beauty

This is only $11 Cdn at Sephora right now. You can find it near the counter. I always wanted to try these lipglosses out since it's over $30+ regular price. I don't see myself spending that much on a lipgloss unless it's REALLY GOOD (like my Chanel that's amazing!).

This colour is a sheer tan peachy/pink shade so this should suit all skintones. It's obviously not as pigmented as I would like it to be. I've never really seen a very pigmented lip plumping lipgloss. I'd probably just apply it over a lipstick to get the plumping effect. I have small lips and I tried it on today. I felt a stinging sensation and I don't think it lasted that long but I did notice a plumping

I didn't really like the doe foot applicator much. You don't really get much product on the wand and I had to dip it in like five times to apply it on fully. It's best to use a lip brush wand instead.

Well...I guess it's not that bad and $11 was reasonable to try out this product.


Arezu said...

You do not have small lips!
Woman, you are CRAZY.

angelynv said...

Hey Zerin, I dont know if you already know this but the magic ingredient in lip plumping products is nothing more than cinammon oil..! So you could buy some cinammon oil and maybe mix it with something like almond oil to dilute it and dip your lip brush into that before applying your fave lipstick/lipgloss to get the same effect with all of your fave products x

Life of Temptation said...


Zerin said...

Arezu - LOL...I really do have small lips =p Lipglosses can make your lips look bigger!

angelynv - I kinda knew about that but thanks for reminding me. I'll definitely make my own now.

Life of Temptation - Yeh it is!

J-Ezzy said...

Honey, if anyone has small lips, come look at mines!

I bought the same one for $10 @ Sephora and yes, I too don't like the doe foot applicator, oh well, I'll live, I would have much rather preferred a brush.

Great review!!

btw - I hardley feel any tingling at all =/ (I must be immune by now!)

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