Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Review: Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color Lipsticks!

I was at Walmart yesterday when these awesome lipsticks were discovered....

Wet N Wild Mega Last (Matte) Lip Color Lipsticks

I first bought two of them just to try them out. I came home and was AMAZED by the pigmentation and quality of these. Then I went back today for a few more. These were for $3.44 Cdn and I'm sure if there's a sale...you can get them even cheaper. I know I'm a Mac user and did try out many drugstore brand lipsticks as well...but these are REALLY GOOD! It reminds me of Mac's satin/matte finish lipsticks (No Kidding!). These probably are similar to Revlon Matte lipsticks as well. When compared to NYX lipsticks....I found NYX to be more creamier in texture. I still prefer these though...good for pigmented lips! I can even compare them to Mac...honestly, I have seen many youtubers compare ridiculous drugstore products to Mac and I just don't see how they could even make such comparisons...it's like comparing apples to oranges? Come on!

Product Swatches:

914C, 911D, 904B, 907C, 901B

914C Mocha-licious: I bought this for my mom since she loves brown matte colours. I'll get more for her if she likes these. They have many dark colours to choose from.

911D Stoplight Red: This (blue base) red is so hot! I love it! I'm actually wearing this lipstick as I'm posting this blog. I wore it for five hours already and also drank water and it's still on good.

904B Rose-Bud: A gorgeous warm pink shade. It's really pretty and very pigmented.

907C Mauve Outta Here: This is a gorgeous blue base barbie pink colour. It's something I would definitely wear more often. It's totally my kinda colour!

901B Think Pink: It's a very light nude pink colour...kinda looks peachy here. Obviously...it's too light on me and looks chalky. I shouldn't have bought this colour. lol I guess I can tone it down with some lipliner and gloss.


-Satin/matte finish (amazing texture)
-Very Pigmented
-Not over-drying
-Long Lasting
-Very true to colour
-Perfect for people with pigmented lips
-Many colours to choose from (nude to bold to dark)


-Packaging needs to be improved (too plastic/cheap looking...wish it was more attractive)
-Inside seems too loose
-Would like some more selection in the lighter/medium colours
-No testers were at Walmart and so I had to pick colours without swatching....wish I didn't get the light pink nude...lol

Overall Rating: 4/5

I also grabbed these nailpolishes for $2.44 at that time too.

Last Thoughts: I have no idea when these came out and I'm happy I found these lipsticks. They need some lovin'! These are great to try out and I would definitely recommend these to everyone. I do own a few NYX lipsticks but I would prefer these over them. NYX felt more creamy while this had more matte-ness to it. I just don't like the packaging of these and wish they were in better conditions. Packaging plays a big role but I guess you gotta see the price of these too. These are worth it!

Has anyone tried these before?


L○O whisper O○ve said...

I love all these lipsticks but I agree the packaging is not good!

Thanks Zerin :)

Lipstick Rules said...

OOOh I'm going to check these out! thanks for the review1

Ash said...

Diamonds are found in midst of coal zerin..guess you hit a couple of diamonds here.lol..IMO they look worth more than what you paid for them..gr8 pigmentation, true to colour..I agree Nyx l/s are very creamy and slippery on lips, plus there staying power is really poor..will have to check these babies out..

rayqueenbee said...

I had purchased these but didn't like the texture when applying but I may give it another try when they go on BOGOF. I like your color choices, maybe it was because I choose that dark purple color which didn't suit me well. Love your review.

Tina Marie said...

wow these look so pretty. nice and pigmented! I gotta try these. thanks for the swatches :)

Celly said...

I bought one for my giveaway last month - I wanted to get one for me since they were really cheap and had pretty colors. Now I'll for sure go back and stock up for my makeup kit and myself... you pick such pretty colors!

ting RN said...

wow the colors look great. i should check them out :) - tingy

LipGlossGossip said...

Oh I saw these last week but didn't get any because I was unsure of the pigmentation. I will have to get a couple! :-)

Kate Gene said...

You know, I actually like that light pink color on you! LOL!

Thank you for doing this review! Wet n Wild has really stepped up their game! Have you tried their gel liner yet? I hear it's fantastic!


Rai said...

I've been meaning to pick 1 up. Rite Aid has a bogo on Wet n Wild, but they don't have the new products in. :/

Kiss N' Makeup Designz said...

Wow they really are pigmented. Loving the Mauve over and the baby pink! Thanks for the post! :)


resham said...

you saved me some bucks dear...seriously need to try these....

Addicted2Fashn said...

I love Mauve outta here & Think Pink!!!
i hope i can find these !!!

Richa said...

thanks for the review going to try it out!

jalyssacakex said...

Oh, your gorgeous...I have a similar skin tone to you and I would have never thought to try that beautiful mauve shade...usually when I use this lipcolor I only use the neutral shades with a lip butter underneath to make it lustrous..but I agree with you packaging is terrible..after 2 uses the lipstick smeared in the cap =(

Anonymous said...

drugstore products are bringing it !!!
i love the lipswatches
xo mw

CĂ©lie said...

I really love Mauve Outta Here ! Thanks for the swatchs !

I bought a peach Barry M lipstick and it's very similar to Think Pink and I don't like too lol! It's too light on me and dry my lips...

Zerin said...

L○O whisper O○ve - No problem....I'm actually wearing them these days. =D

Lipstick Rules - You should definitely check these babies out!

Ash - Yeh those nyx are really slippery...wish they had matte formulas....do check these out!

rayqueenbee - No problem. There are many colours to choose from now.

Tina Marie - TRY THEM!

Celly - Thnx! I would buy more if I ever see them on bogo.

ting RN - Do check them out!

LipGlossGossip - I was unsure of them too...so I only bought 2 and then I went back and bought 4 lol

Kate Gene - lol...yeh it is pretty light!The gel liner is pretty good too but I dont know how fast it will dry up inside the pot since the pot is in plastic. I've been using the wet n wild liner for one month now...so far so good!

Rai - I guess they dont go on bogo on the new lippies...I'm sure later they will!

Kiss N' Makeup Designz - Yeh they are very pigmented...way better than NYX ones.lol

resham - You gotta try them!

Addicted2Fashn - I know...these are your kinda colours!

Richa - Do try!

jalyssacakex - Thank you! You should definitely try those pink lippies out. The packaging sux...I know!

Desiree said...

Honestly, the texture and pigment looks a lot better than most MAC lipsticks. Totally going wet&wild this spring.

Krishna said...

I read on a pro makeup artist's blog how he really loved a couple of wet n wild lipliners, so I went to pick some up last week and I discovered the lipsticks as well. I LOVE THEM! And I mean, not just because they are super cheap, but because they are actually really pigmented. I found that the revlon colorstay lipsticks that look similar to these are less pigmented and dry to a weird consistency. I only got a couple of colors, but I think I will go back tomorrow and get a few more. There is nothing better than finding amazing makeup at the drug store. Very nice post.

Arezu said...

I really want to check out the new Wet n' Wild stuff, but I haven't gotten around to checking it out.

These lipsticks look really nice, I'm eyeing the Spotlight Red & Rose Bud lipsticks.

Ainabarad said...

I LOVE these lipsticks. I only have two colors of them, but wow! For the price, they are far too nice!!! BTW, the colors I have are the darkest red and the dark purple. LOVE!!! I need to review them on my YouTube channel sometime!!!

Cristhina said...

Im glad I read ur review,because I seen these lipsticks at Walmart 2 days ago and wasnt sure if ushould get them or not, but Im so getting those tomm!!!!
I love ur taste by the way ;)

Anonymous said...

Where do you buy these in Canada? My Shoppers and Rexall in Ottawa do not sell Wet 'n Wild.

Dyna said...

OMG these lippies are to die for. I just can't get my hands on them online though as I don't live in the US. I got 2 off a blog sale and are on the way :) But thank you so much for swatching :) That think pink one looks gorgeous :D Even that rosebud one, verrryy pretty shades :)
I'm following :)


Anonymous said...

I'm liking Mocha-licious and Spotlight Red! I must pick them up.

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