Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Review: Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Cream Blush

I am simply AMAZED by this new product! Make-Up For Ever does it AGAIN!

I have always been fond of their eyeshadows, foundations, concealers (especially) and now I am loving their new cream blush line. I am so impressed with the variety of colours! I chose #5 Nip Slip which is like a warm neutral pink. I did not want anything too intense and this is a shade I can wear everyday and can easily build on the intensity if needed. I like the colour selection so much, it was hard choosing one....Now, I want to get some more!

These are heavily pigmented and they just glide on so smoothly. The texture is almost gel like. These really last on my cheeks for so long and actually stays put. It applies as a cream but has a powdery finish to it.
This blush is so richly pigmented that a little product can go a long way! The little with pump packaging is cute but there is a drawback. At just one pump, you will get a lot of product and it would be wrong to waste extra product like that. So it's best to press gently so you can get less product out each time. Then again...It really depends on your skintone on the amount you need for your blush application.

Now the technique for applying this is simply either using a stippling brush or with your fingers....so just dot the cream on your cheeks, smile and rub in a circular motion until it blends in.
Just remember to apply the blush and build the intensity of it at the same time during the application. You shouldn't apply just once and wait until it dries because since it dries to a powdery finish....it can get patchy if you reapply some more cream blush on top. It's not a nice sight!

-Very pigmented and will last a long time on skin (I have combination skin)
-Texture is easily blendable
-Excellent colour choices (soft to bold)
-Cream turns into a powdery soft finish

-Packaging isn't the best....too much product comes out in one pump
-Would recommend this blush to be in a tube at least.

Product Size Comparisons

What a cute blush!

I got some more sample blushes! Remember to use it up quickly or else it will dry up.

# 3 Truth or Dare & # 12 First Kiss

Product Swatches

Here... I reapplied #5 again but you can see that #3 & #12 are drying up into a powdery finish.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

I would probably give it a perfect but the pump bothers me.

Last Thoughts: I know this product is seen as being expensive $29 Cdn....but I will have to agree that it's actually worth it. A true investment. This blush is just AMAZING! I think it's the most unique and the best cream blush ever made. I just love the pigmentation. I highly recommend this to everyone. At least, get a sample from Sephora to try out this blush out.
I would suggest colours like #5 Nip Slip, #6 Quickie...etc

Has anyone tried this new product out? How are you guys liking it?


Anonymous said...

Ohh, such pretty colours! Can't stop giggling at the name "Nip Slip". Teehee.

FOTD soon with this blush please?

Mary said...

makes me wanna get some too!..yes FOTD would be nice!

VexintheCity said...

I was asking about these on my blog today, so thank you. I want to try one. I'm not keen on the pump and agree they should have come in tubes.

Please do a FOTD so I canb see what thy look like blended in.

resham said...

The colors are lovely..I wish they cum up wth set of 5 mini tubes in a kit for holidays...

Ash said...

Thanks for the review! the colour you chose reminds me of MACs cremeblends- optimistic orange(bright apricot) , florida (truth or dare) and a darker version so sweet,so easy( nip slip)..I am really liking nipslip and since so sweet so easy didnt show on me, i might get this one instead!

Dhalia said...

I tried going to Sephora yesterday to get Quickie (a salmon pink color) but they didnt have them in store yet. :-(

I wanted it for a photo shoot This weekend and online ordering wouldnt make it in time...diff not paying crazing shipping either for ASAP delivery. May wait it out until they reach the store...so I can nab some samples too.

This was a great swatch Zerin..thanks.

Abby Q. said...

Nip Slip is gorgeous! I am sorely tempted to grab one of these! :)

Zerin said...

Posey - haha...I thought about that too! =p Yup...I'll definitely do a fotd.

Mary - You def should! Yup sure will.

VexintheCity - I am loving them! I'll definitely do one soon.

resham - That would be amazing! I would love lil mini kit of these. I hope MUFE is listening to us...lol

Ash - OMG so true! lol I didn't even think of them. These last a long time though and I'm glad I didn't buy all the cremeblend blushes. I might get another HD blush though. Nip Slip would be fine on your skintone.

Dhalia - I think I'll get quickie hd blush a well. It is a nice colour.

Abby Q. - You SHOULD! It's amazing for real!

Amira Beauty Blog said...

i've heard so many things about these! can u post an FOTD of you wearing it im curious what it looks like on

Anonymous said...

Hey Zerine,

MUFE's HD range is just fantastic isn't. This blusher looks great but I bet I won't get it here in the Middle East until it's old news elsewhere :( Anyway, the colour you choice looks lovely- do show us some pics of you wearing it.

Take care
Seema xx

raspcherry said...

Great post as always babes, I really really wanna try some of the MUFE HD products for ages but once again its a 4 hr drive to the store ! You have chosen really pretty colours, I think truth or dare is alot like the ltd ed MAC creme-blend blush in florida :) x

Anonymous said...

Wow they look gorgeous!! Nip Slip tehehe

Sisa said...

Wow I need this! Totally amazing. Unfortunately MUFE is hard to get here in Germany =(

...An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog... said...

love the swatches!! I ordered #5, #6 and #12..cant wait for them to arrive...

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