Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review: Carved Rose Dollskin Cheek Blush by Tarina Tarantino

I was glad Sephora launched Tarina Tarantino's Make-Up line...I was then very tempted to try out their blushes. I can't help it....I have a thing for blushes. Also, I admit that I mainly bought the blush for it's packaging. lol

I've been buying many corals lately and so I wanted to shift the colour direction. Although, I don't think there will ever be a limit to having pink blushes in my I'm just not a fan of frosty pink blushes like Mac's Love Rock. That blush looked very frosty/ashy on my skintone and weird looking in pictures and so I had to swap that one away.

So the colour choices did not seem that unique but just for the sake of packaging and an URGE for another pink blush I picked Carved Rose Dollskin Cheek Blush. It's a gorgeous matte cool tone pink colour (no shimmer), I've been wearing it almost everyday for the past week and I love that it lasts a very long time and it gives me a fresh look. I didn't have to do much touchups either. It's very smoooth and pigmented but not overpowering and so you don't really need to apply that much.


Comparison Swatches

Carved Rose Blush on me with Mac Refined MSF

-Very pigmented
-Smooth and easy to blend
-Lasts a very long time
-Cute packaging with a mirror inside

-Generally, there aren't many blush colours to choose from
-Overpriced and can look a bit toy-ish
-The small studs on packaging may have tendency to fall off

Overal Rating: 3.5/5

Final Thoughts: I wouldn't purchase this again since I would probably never hit pan. I won't bother buying another blush from this line either since it lacks colour selection. Also, if you have Nars Desire or Mata can easily pass on Carved Rose blush. Honestly, the colour isn't that unique and the only thing special about this blush is the the packaging. Overall, I still have not seen any product that looked impressive from the entire collection. The lipsticks/lipglosses are not pigmented as how I hoped them to be and they seemed to have more sheer like finishes. The collection is overpriced to begin with and so obviously, I wouldn't think the lippies would be worth it either.

Was there anything you liked from the Tarina Tarantino Collection?
Have you tried anything yet?


resham said...

The packaging cute...colors are not unique...and the lippies very sheer...I liked their dark brown e/s...looked pretty, wth less sparkle n shimmer....I would like to wear it as liner...but I have no money to buy any more!!

So Very Fabulous said...

This looks lovely on you! The packaging is cute too, though I do have NARS Desire so I probably won't be getting this. You did make me want NARS Mata Hari even more than I originally did though hehe.

Shadowy Lady said...

Thanks for the review and swatches. I love the colour but it does look exactly like Nars Desire. I will have to skip it but I will check out her line next time I'm at Sephora :)

Anonymous said...

I so love it when u say "u can't help it"

Lipstick on the cup said...

The packaging is so pretty :)

Dhalia said...

The packaging is cute but i could tell those studs are bound to fall out eventually.

Princess Shabie said...

nice review!!! i love comparison posts! i tagged you in "THREE'S OF ME".. you can check out the post in the link from my blog below:

I love blogs.. especially blogs by desi girls!! keep up the great work!

Ash said...

Thanks for the review!But I can pass I guess, happy with tippy and love rock. I am keepin love rock for the MSF side of it, coz it is unique..cant wait for the your illamasqua haul and review,after that I will pick some stuff from that line!

Anamika Sureka said...

Just stumble upon your blog...great review:)



Abby Q. said...

Pretty color! I will have to check this out when I go to Sephora next...

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