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Mac's Give Me Liberty of London Collection (Haul)

Hey Y'all! I wasn't too much excited about this collection as I was for the Art Supplies Collection which is coming out next month...but after seeing, the lippie swatches...I went MAD for them! The Mac Pro store (Toronto Downtown) gets collections a week ahead and I bought the lippies right away since they're LE and with special packaging. This will be released next week at all Mac store/counters.

Please click here for more details of the collection.

This will be a heavy post with MANY pictures.

Such cute boxed packaging!

The insides are pretty too!

These lipsticks remind me of decorated Easter Eggs.

The packaging is nice but I prefer the NON-BIRDY side. lol
I'm sure you guys agree on this too.

Ever Hip, Petals & Peacocks, Blooming Lovely

Comparison Swatches

Ever Hip, Petals & Peacocks, Blooming Lovely
Gladiola, Lavender Whip, Ravishing

Please excuse the quality of the following lip swatches. I did them in a hurry last night.

Ever Hip Lipstick

Ever Hip: This is a creamy light coral. It's not as creamy as an amplified finish though. It can be compared to Ravishing lipstick (perm) but it's much lighter. Also, it's similar to Blow-Dry (LE) lipstick but more pigmented. It's a great addition to my coral collection. Love it!

Petals & Peacocks Lipstick

Petals & Peacocks: This is a magenta pink colour with purple undertones. It's very creamy since it's an amplified finish. It's comparable to Gladiola (matte-LE) lipstick which I adore. I even have a backup for it. If you missed out on Gladiola, do get this gorgeous lipstick! I can't get enough of hot pinks! =D

Blooming Lovely Lipstick

Blooming Lovely: This is described as a creamy greyed lilac mauve colour. It is creamy because of the amplified finish. It seems like a more wearable version of Lavender Whip lipstick but both feel like bold colours to me. Lavender Whip has more pink in it. I used a plum lipliner for my lips above to make it wearable. This is a unique buy if you did miss out on Lavender Whip.

Blooming Lovely Lipstick and English Accents Lipgloss applied on top.

English Accents, Perennial High Style

English Accents Lipgloss

English Accents: This is a creamy midtone pink with blue undertones. I find this to be a gorgeous unique colour and I don't really have anything like this in my collection. Love it!

Perennial High Style Lipgloss

Perennial High Style: This is a creamy bright pink coral colour. I thought it would be similar to Sock Hop (LE) lipgloss but it's nothing like it at all. It's much lighter for sure though. A great coral addition to my collection. =D So GORGEOUS!

Comparison Swatches

Starlet Kiss, English Accents, Perennial High Style Pastel Emotion, Sock Hop

Extra Thoughts on this Collection:

Overall, this collection is gorgeous and has some great lippies! I love them all. Everything is in special packaging. It even has Peachstock lipstick (satin) which is permanent (pro) but in special packaging. To be honest, some of the lippies are pretty similar to previous collections so you can easily pass on them. However, if you love these types of should definitely go for them! Gladiola lipstick is very similar to Petals & Peacocks so you can easily pass on that. The other two lipstick comparisons have more differences. I really liked the beauty powder blushes and the blushes too. Summer Rose beauty powder blush seemed gorgeous and I'm wondering what are some Mac blush dupes for this shade. I also loved the nailpolish in Blue's this dark green blue with pearl (cream) shade. Check out Temptalia's website for more product info/details.


Now I will FILL YOU GUYS UP with some comparison product pictures.

Ever Hip (LE) Vs. Ravishing

Blooming Lovely (LE) Vs. Lavender Whip (LE)

Petals & Peacocks (LE) Vs. Gladiola (LE)

Perennial High Style (LE) Vs. Sock Hop (LE)


Cremesheen Lipglosses are now permanent at Mac. I used (6 empties) Back2Mac to get this lipgloss for free!

Click here for more details!

Just Superb: This is a neutral pink colour. It's gorgeous and I can't get enough of pinks.

Just Superb, Boy Bait (Repromote), Partial to Pink(Repromote)

Just Superb, Boy Bait, Partial to Pink

These are now all permanent and there are tons of shades to choose from. I liked Double Dare too. It's great for red lovers. It gives you that juicy look. Loud and Lovely was pretty too but I already have True Babe which seems pretty similar. I wanted to get Richer,'s a nice peachy shade but I already got Perennial High Style in place of it. I might b2m for it later on since these are permanent. There is no need to hurry. =D

Thanks for checking out my long post!
I hope you guys enjoyed it.


Lipstick Rules said...

Wow! great review. I am loving those lipsticks!!

BombbDotCom said...

the lipsticks & lipsglasses are beyond beautiful!!!
i cant wait to pick them up the packaging is so nice = ]
great haul!

Princesa Livia said...

I want all the lipsticks from this collection!! I'm saving my B2Ms for those :) and THank you for the comparison swatch with Ravishing! I've been pondering the similarities between the two for a while! xx

Kiss N' Makeup Designz said...

Loving the Petals & Peacocks lippie! :D Thanks for this post!


Rai said...

Great haul! I didn't purchase anything from this collection.

I'm waiting for a F&F Sale to get the Cremesheen Glasses. lol

Ash said...

now this review, really helped me to finalize my final! blooming lovely and PandP is out of my list since it is very close to the dupes I own already.ever hip is gorgeous, I am gettin that! and perenial l.g, it complements everhip l.s well..and may be shell pearl B.P..that is it for me from this collection

jilliandanica said...

i really need to check this collection and the cremesheens out. boy bait is my favorite!!!

Valerie said...

Wow! I love your haul. I've been having a hard time making up my mind what I want.. and now I'll just get everything you got!haha! Their all my types of colors! Great post & awesome pics!!

VexintheCity said...

Fab post that's helped me to decide what I want when it hits the UK.


raspcherry said...

Great post as always babes, I was soo excited when I found out mac is gonna do a liberty of london collection, it makes me wanna drive up to libertys of london for a spree! (3-4 hr drive). the colours are so pretty, I agree the casing does look like easter eggs. its funny when you buy a product similar to something you already have your happy coz you love it but then you think you could have gone without the new stuff, well atleast thats me, lol!

Anonymous said...

im loving all the lippies ,gorjus ..great post
xo mw

MEVISH said...

Petals & Peacocks, Blooming Lovely
are such lovely colors! Thanks so much for this Zerin :)

p.s loving your new blog layout it looks marvelous :)

Marce said...

I'm all over the lippies and glosses of this collection! Though some shadows are making me drool...I'll def be getting PHS & Ever Hip, that I know for sure! Thanks for the great swatches!

Sofee said...

OMG I think I love the packaging more than the lippies!!! Great Haul!!

Sanderlees said...

I've always loved how your swatches and product images photograph! they are so clear and really shows the true colours of the products -- i can't seem to ever get it right! (especially with lighting)...
I picked up two items from this collection on tuesday during the "revealing" ... i wasn't interested in this collection at all... and i find that i sort of made myself buy something -- i got Frankly Fresh l/g (my typical nude-ish shade) and the Shell Pearl Beauty Powder - which is actually something i NEVER considered and is REALLY pretty!

PS: You need to make a post showcasing your collection, already! Especially after this weekend!

Blusherine said...

wow, thank you for the early swatches and for the comparison swatches, they are really helpful!

Celly said...

So making a haul on this - I haven't been interested in mac collections in forrrrrrrrever but the 2010 stuff are impressing me. thanks for the swatches.

So Very Fabulous said...

Great haul and thanks for all the pics and swatches! I'm probably heading to the pro store this weekend to pick up some goodies from this collection as well! So glad about the cremesheens being perm too, so I can pick them up any time. :)

ricquetta said...

OHHH Thank god for you and your brilliant swatches. You have no clue how heavily on your blog because you are the closest to my skin tone, and you swatches are always on point. GAHHH, I have gladiola and up the amp but I still want them both. Hmmm...this is so hard. How did you find Blue India Nail Lacquer?

Zerin said...

Lipstick Rules - Thnx! The lipsticks are really pretty.

BombbDotCom - I know eh! Just Gorgeous!

Princesa Livia - No Problem! Ravishing is a pretty shade too and so is Ever Hip.

Kiss N' Makeup Designz - Np hun!

Rai - This will come this week. You can even b2m for cremesheen glasses.

Ash - Ever Hip is gorgeous! It's probably the most unique lippie colour in this collection. The rest seem dupable.

jilliandanica - You really should! They come out this week.=)

Valerie - Thanks! Haha! If you don't have the similar should get all of these lippies! =D

VexintheCity - Thnx! I'm glad this helped.

raspcherry - Thnx! Wow! 3-4 hours is too should order and get the ideas from online. =D
I actually love hot pinks so I don't mind buyin the similar ones.
Although...I can do without

MW - Thnx hun!

MEVISH - Thnx and No problem hun! Glad this helped.

Marce - Np! I didn't look at the eyeshadow I figured I have similar shades and I'm more of lippie fan! lol

Sofee - I like the cute packaging except for the birds lol...

Sanderlees -Aww...thnx hun! My pics aren't that great either but it will do for I want to invest in an D-SLR camera soon. WOW! You only picked up two? lol I guess we just gotta be more picky when choosing products now since we already have so much to begin I didn't buy too much from the sale lol but yeh I'll definitely do a collection post soon.

Blusherine - Noproblem hun! Im glad this helped.

Celly - You should really check these out when theyre out. =D

So Very Fabulous - Noproblemo! I hope you enjoy haulin'

ricquetta - Awww...I'm glad my blog helps you out. That blue india nailpolish is real pretty. You should get it if you don't have anything like it. I would probably suggest not getting Petals lipstick since you already have's very similar and I prefer gladiola more because of the matte-ness. Blooming Lovely is nothing like up the's much lighter. However, Up the Amp suits our skintone better.

Honey said...

petals n peacocks looks hot on u!
god this collection is taking forever to come to
i do like the lipsticks...not so sure about the packaging :p
weird thing is there is no mac counter inside liberty here...but theres a mac store pretty close by...this will make me want to stop at both the places now.

Zerin said...

Honey - Thnx! There's something for everyone in this collection. I hope you get that hot pink lipstick ! =D

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