Monday, March 8, 2010

Mac Warehouse Sale Haul - March 2010

Good Monday Morning Everyone!

I hope everyone's weekend went well. Mines was pretty crazy since on Saturday morning...I had to travel all the way to the Markham Fairgrounds for the Mac Warehouse Sale. I was able to get last minute invitation tickets from a very sweet person. I was really happy to get them this time. Thnx hun! I missed the last one back in December. This was my third time going. =D It was pretty crazy since I had to wait over one hour in the entrance line-up. I got there around 11:30am and left the sale at 2pm. I didn't go over board with my spendings since many products were repeats. That's what bothered me most and I was expecting newer products.

In the First Hall Room....

$7.00 Each
Love and Friendship Nailpolish, Mink Brow Set, Select Cover-up Concealer

In the Second Hall Room...
$9.00 Each
Golden Lemon, Antique Gold Glitter, Teal Pigment, Perky Paintpot,
Lemon Chiffon Shadestick

In the Third Last Hall Room...

$3 Each
They didn't have much selection by the time I went on Saturday afternoon.
All the full lashes and moisturizers were gone. =(

The Best Deal Ever- Buy 1 ($10) Get 1 Free!
Sliced Pink Lipgelee, A Rose Romance Lipstick, Made with Love Lipstick, Rapturous Mattene

I know you guys would expect me to have more lippies because of the deal but to be honest, I had many of the same product/colours already. I'm glad I picked up Lavender Whip lipstick from the last sale in was all sold out when I was there on Saturday.

A Rose Romance lipstick is reminding me of Lady Gaga. Also, Rapturous Mattene lipstick is such a pretty's very Desi/WOC friendly. The sale did not have much matte/satin finishes at all. I'm glad I picked this one up. Also, many of the slimshines were being sold because they were being discontinued.

I didn't get any face/cheek products since nothing was new to me. Those were $12 each.

The Charity Bag for $5.00 at around 2pm on Saturday.
Limit 4 per ticket/person.

It contains:
On the Mission Blush (LE - Style Warriors), Full Body Lipstick, Grand Entrance Eyeshadow, Black Russian Pearlglide Eyeliner Pencil

They didn't give us any options for the charity bag so I just had to get the one kind they offered.


Mac Perfect Topping MSF ($33cdn in value)

This was the first time I went to the sale on Saturday. The last two times was on a Sunday and I got such crappy real crappy! I literally got sponges and mini onetime use brushes. lol

So did anyone of guys go to this sale?


Swtest2Lips said...

Great Haul! I really wished they had the warehouse sales here in the States. Love the Perfect topping-so pretty!

Farah said...

So strange that 2 hours after i left they had a totally different charity bag. Doh!! Did you get my twitter msg? I couldnt DM u for some reason

Shadowy Lady said...

nice haul Zerin :) I want to try to make it to the next one, do u know when it is?

In the past I haven't been that excited about these sales coz I have so much makeup that I avoid big sales (mean I will get more than I need, lol)

Anonymous said...

I went to the sale too!
I also picked up a rose romance, it reminds me so much of the Viva Glam Gaga. The sale was great, it was my first time going. I picked up the eggplant coloured Clinique clutch/makeup bag, Devoted Poppy Eyeshadow Palette, high 90s slimshine, Lipstick in Pleasureseeker (such a nice nude colour) and Lipstick in What A Do! Which I'm not sure why I picked up, I dont think it'll look good. I can't wait to go again!
How many charity bags did you pick up? Did you wanna do a swap?

Anonymous said...

Hi Zerin,

Just recently discovered your blog :)

I went to the sale too.. Saturday morning and was out by 12:00 I think and had a different charity bag.
But this was my first sale and there was some major damage done.. especially on the eyeshadow front (16 eyeshadows + the charity bag one) :)


Sisa said...

Congrats to this great haul! I love Mink Brow Set and I think you'll like it, too. Perky Paint Pot looks so gorgeous! It's a pity that it's d/c =(

Dhalia said...

Gezzz...Nice Haul Zerin. I need to come visit you in Canada to get into one of these sales. :-)

I did do my first BIG MAC haul but all at retail cost. I'm crying looking at your prices. Will post in a check my site out later on. :-)


Halifax said...

It's so awesome reading everybody's haul. Lucky girl :-)

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

So jealous!!! LOL. You got some great stuff for sooo cheap!!! I love everything you got. I have A Rose Romance and that is what I've been wearing lately. Love it on tan skin. Can't wait to see some looks with your new goodies.

redQueen said...

I have a different charity bag.. if anyone wants to swap, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Gosh how come there are no mac sales or warehouse sales in the uk? so jealous =(

raspcherry said...

Awesome haul as always babes, your soo lucky, we dont get sales this in england :(

Fiza said...

I wish we had this in Montreal as well :(
anyways great :)

Marce said...

Wish they had these here too! Great haul, I love the lippies you got. And ever since the pigments have been reduced in size, I've been wishing to go to a sale or CCO to get the full sized ones!

JustMe said...

In Germany we will never have this sales, here everything is the double price and they will NEVER change the prices. I would become crazy if I had a chance for such a Sale :o(

redQueen said...

the reason we have the sales here in Toronto is because MAC is made (and created) here in Toronto. Hence the sales..

Zerin said...

Swtest2Lips - Yeh I guess they probably have it in toronto since they make Mac here as well...but it would be nice to share this discount with everyone. ..

Farah - Yeh there was at least 3 charity bag types that day. I wish we had more options though.=( I replied on twitter.

Shadowy Lady - You should definitely go to a Mac least's probably in June!
lol...I have a make-up overload too...but sales are fun!

Niki - Nice Haul!You got some great things too. I actually arranged swaps for my extra charity bags already. Thnx for asking though. I got the charity bag with on the mission blush. I wanna go back again as well! lol

Lana - Thnx for checking my blog out.=D I did alotta damage the first time I went to the sale...I took control this time around. lol

Sisa - I'm really glad I got those two things. So many people recommended it and I finally got my hands on these babies.

Dhalia - totally shud come down for these sales. I checked out your's MASSIVE with such great products. Don't be sad...many of the products that were sold there...I paid full price for them as well. It's all good hun! lol

Halifax - Hauls are fun! I love seeing your nailpolish hauls too. lol

MZ.CYN.DEZ - I was real cheap! Especially the lipsticks but it hurts when you see the samethings you paid for regular price there. lol

redQueen - Thnx hun! I actually arranged swaps with others on forum. Sorry.

raspcherry - Yeh...the prices are AMAZING!

Fiza - It's actually worth it for you to drive to Toronto...this sale is you should come visit toronto and go to this sale as well. =D

Marce - The lippie prices are just AMAZING!

JustMe - I does suck. =(Wish everyone had a chance to go to these sales.

redQueen - Totally agree with you there!

resham said...

No luck sales in US...boooooo!!!!

redQueen said...

Can you give me the forum link?

wilsonkatie said...

hey there,
I went to the june warehouse sale today and I picked up:
Eyeshadow in Haunting
Impeccable brow pencil in Taupe
Lustreglass in Lustrewhite
Lipglass in Pret-a-Papier
If you still had extras of your charity bag and wanted to do a swap for this one could you please let me know if you are interested :)
email: wilsonkatie at live dot ca

Anonymous said...

hey who did you buy your ticket from? cause im interested to buy one for september but i dont know any sellers since its my first time buying it.

amanda said...

hey! i was just wondering, so that there are no surprises, did you see any mothers with kids/strollers there? i have a baby and just didnt want to show up and have them tell me i can't get in or anything like that. thanks!!

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