Sunday, March 28, 2010

Local Info: Marca Hair College Specials!

I'm still in school and so I don't like spending so much money on hair and I end up going to hair schools since it's cheaper than salons of course. I'm a person who has a lot of patience and I'm not too picky either. If you're like me...then getting your hair done at hairschools should be no problem. I normally go to Marca College: Hair & Esthetics . The hair students working there are not total noobs at all...infact teachers are always around helping out and guiding them.... I've been there over five times now and I have always left happy. Again, you need to have a lot of patience....for example, it will take at least two hours to get highlights....they're students so they tend to go at a slower pace.

The hair special for March/April:

prices starting at...

I normally go for partial highlights (crown highlights) which is $40.00 for my hair length. 

 There are more hair services as well (hairdos, hair extensions...etc)...just call and ask!

prices starting at...
Please call them for more details. 

I went for the hair special last week which includes full head highlights, haircut and blow-dry. I think the colour was like a medium blonde/copper/brown highlights...not exactly sure how to describe it lol but I remember they used 10vol developer and 6.3 level highlights. 

They started working on my hair from 2pm and finished everything at 4:45pm. 

The pics below are taken with no flash.

It's first come first it's best to go early but they're open til 9pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

There are three locations:

1 | Danforth Campus 2902 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4C 1M1
Tel: 416-698-2558 Fax: 416-698-0403

2 | Dufferin Campus 900 Dufferin Street,The Dufferin Mall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6H 4B1
Tel: 416-531-3131 Fax: 416-531-9613

3 | Dixie Campus 4141 Dixie Road, Rockwood Mall, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 2V5
Tel: 905-629-7211 Fax: 905-629-7212

I usually go to the Dufferin location. I know many of you are not in Toronto but you can always look up some local hair schools and check out their prices. Remember you need PATIENCE and TIME for these school services. So if you really do go and get annoyed....please remember that I warned you! lol


~Glossifyed said...

Those highlights really suit you! Do you use anything in particular to repair your hair from all the wear n tear?

Zerin said...

Thnx! Well...I try to use Moroccan oil, conditioners for dry/damaged hair and hair masks (olive oil).

charlene-ann said...

ohhh lala, I love it! my hair has gottten soooo long, so I really want to go get a hair cut & colour before summer! thanks for informing me =D

Dhalia said...

Zerin it came out good looking at the pics. I like it.

So Very Fabulous said...

Ohh, thanks for posting this! I live close to Dufferin mall and am in need of a hair cut, I may check it out. :)

Sanderlees said...

the highlights look sooo good!! and wow.. thanks so much for the info.. rockwood mall is super close to me.. no more $50 - $100haircuts :D

Samia said...

You hair looks so nice! I never trusted beauty schools, but then again I went to esthetics school and other people had to trust me working on their face! After reading this, I think I might try getting highlights at a cosmo'll probably better than my at home, out-of-the-box dye job anyway lol. I've just got my blogger account so I'm finally following you...hopefully you can check out the blog I just started at


i like going to beauty schools too! esp for coloring... comes out great and its cheap!

vanillasmush said...

Oh Zerin, your hair looks fabulous! I love it absolutely!

Buy Pure Argan Oil Products said...

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