Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Body Shop (Haul)

I rarely shop at The Body Shop since I find their products to be expensive at regular price. Sparkled Beauty (A Canadian Blogger -Do check her out! I love her weekly sale updates) posted about The Body Shop Green Bag Promo. It was held on Saturday March 13. So when you buy a green bag for $5 in stores ($2 goes to "Stop Sex Trafficking" campaign)... you get 50% off anything that you can fit in the bag except for any giftsets. This even includes their make-up line. I liked a few things from their line but controlled The brushes looked pretty good too. I might look into their make-up line during their next sale.

I already bought many body products from Bath & Body Works last time so I passed on that section except that I got another Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter. I can't get enough of this body butter! I love it!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter
Sale Price: $10.00 (50% Off)
Regular Price: $20.00

The Body Shop Vs. Bath & Body Works

Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
Sale Price: $8.00 (50% off)
Regular Price: $16.00

Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Sale Price: $8.00 (50% off)
Regular Price: $16.00

Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream
Sale Price: $9.00 (50% off)
Regular Price: $18.00

The SA told me to use the mattifying cream around the places I'm oily (T-Zone/Nose) and apply the Vitamin E Moisture Cream wherever needed.

Face Loofah Pads: I'd use this especially around my nose so I can remove white/blackheads.
Sale Price: $3.00 (50% off)
Regular Price: $6.00

Tea Tree Oil: Apply over blemishes/pimples
Sale Price: $4.50 (50% off)
Regular Price: $9.00

Vitamin E Eye Cream
Sale Price: $8.50 (50% off)
Regular Price: $17.00

I also asked for two face scrub samples. =D

Did you guys get anything from this sale?


Anonymous said...

Great haul, I like the items you choose. I didn't know about the sale, though. :(

paige said...

Hi there, I'm newly following you and thought I'd say hi.

Youre blog is gorgeous. I love body shop. They never have such good sales on it like that where I am though!

xox paige

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

Great hual. Let me know how that Tea Tree Oil works for blemishes.

Myprincesss said...

may it go well
beautıful... ;)

Honey said...

nice haul :)i like the body shop i get most of my body products from there (mainly body butters/ lotions,scrubs and shower gels.)
i m hooked onto their moringa and morroccon rose ranges.
i love the smell of japanese cherry blossom too!

Arezu said...

Ooh, I wish I knew about this earlier, I would of picked up some stuff I've been eyeing for a while.

Halifax said...

Yay, you took advantage of the sale. Great choice too. Thanks for the shout out :-)

Zerin said...

Olivia - Aww...that's ok. I'm sure there will be another sale like this.

paige - Hello Paige! Thanks for following and showing support! =D
They should have these sales everywhere. =(

MZ.CYN.DEZ - Thnx! I'll let you know. I have tiny pimples here and there. I applied it today and felt a tingly feeling on the pimple. I hope it's working.

Myprincesss - Thnx! I hope so too.

Honey - I'll look into the rose one after im done with Japanese blossom. The regular prices are so pricey so I guess I'll only buy these when they go on sale.

Arezu - Aww...don't worry there will be another sale for sure. They actually had this other sale 3 for $30.

Halifax - No problem! Thnx for your posts!

Abby Q. said...

Aww too bad I didn't hear about this! They always have decent sales though. But the products you got look absolutely indulgent- I am jealous! :)

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