Sunday, March 28, 2010

Local Info: Marca Hair College Specials!

I'm still in school and so I don't like spending so much money on hair and I end up going to hair schools since it's cheaper than salons of course. I'm a person who has a lot of patience and I'm not too picky either. If you're like me...then getting your hair done at hairschools should be no problem. I normally go to Marca College: Hair & Esthetics . The hair students working there are not total noobs at all...infact teachers are always around helping out and guiding them.... I've been there over five times now and I have always left happy. Again, you need to have a lot of patience....for example, it will take at least two hours to get highlights....they're students so they tend to go at a slower pace.

The hair special for March/April:

prices starting at...

I normally go for partial highlights (crown highlights) which is $40.00 for my hair length. 

 There are more hair services as well (hairdos, hair extensions...etc)...just call and ask!

prices starting at...
Please call them for more details. 

I went for the hair special last week which includes full head highlights, haircut and blow-dry. I think the colour was like a medium blonde/copper/brown highlights...not exactly sure how to describe it lol but I remember they used 10vol developer and 6.3 level highlights. 

They started working on my hair from 2pm and finished everything at 4:45pm. 

The pics below are taken with no flash.

It's first come first it's best to go early but they're open til 9pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

There are three locations:

1 | Danforth Campus 2902 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4C 1M1
Tel: 416-698-2558 Fax: 416-698-0403

2 | Dufferin Campus 900 Dufferin Street,The Dufferin Mall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6H 4B1
Tel: 416-531-3131 Fax: 416-531-9613

3 | Dixie Campus 4141 Dixie Road, Rockwood Mall, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 2V5
Tel: 905-629-7211 Fax: 905-629-7212

I usually go to the Dufferin location. I know many of you are not in Toronto but you can always look up some local hair schools and check out their prices. Remember you need PATIENCE and TIME for these school services. So if you really do go and get annoyed....please remember that I warned you! lol

Friday, March 26, 2010

I am in LOVE with OPI's Lucky Lucky Lavender Nailpolish!

This nailpolish was recommended by my friend and I'm really glad she suggested it. This is my favourite nailpolish right now! I bought it last week from Trade Secrets for $10 Cdn and I just can't stop looking at the colour. It's a gorgeous pink-lavender shade. I rarely buy OPI nailpolishes from Trade Secrets but this was an exception and might even be a start. This looks SO MUCH PRETTIER on the nails (2x coats) in person than the bottle's actual colour. The bottle's colour ends up looking lighter and not that impressive.Also, I found the application to be very smooth and not streaky at all. Another similar shade from the Hong Kong Collection  is called Panda-monium Pink but that one is pink-pastel and much lighter in shade.  I did not like it too much.

 The colour is in the same family as Mac Love and Friendship (LE) nailpolish but it's lighter with more lavender tones.

Sorry guys...I don't have nail pics yet....I have to grow out my nails long first!

This is the best picture I found!
 Source: TheShadesofU
It looks so gorgeous on her! 



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Review: Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Cream Blush

I am simply AMAZED by this new product! Make-Up For Ever does it AGAIN!

I have always been fond of their eyeshadows, foundations, concealers (especially) and now I am loving their new cream blush line. I am so impressed with the variety of colours! I chose #5 Nip Slip which is like a warm neutral pink. I did not want anything too intense and this is a shade I can wear everyday and can easily build on the intensity if needed. I like the colour selection so much, it was hard choosing one....Now, I want to get some more!

These are heavily pigmented and they just glide on so smoothly. The texture is almost gel like. These really last on my cheeks for so long and actually stays put. It applies as a cream but has a powdery finish to it.
This blush is so richly pigmented that a little product can go a long way! The little with pump packaging is cute but there is a drawback. At just one pump, you will get a lot of product and it would be wrong to waste extra product like that. So it's best to press gently so you can get less product out each time. Then again...It really depends on your skintone on the amount you need for your blush application.

Now the technique for applying this is simply either using a stippling brush or with your just dot the cream on your cheeks, smile and rub in a circular motion until it blends in.
Just remember to apply the blush and build the intensity of it at the same time during the application. You shouldn't apply just once and wait until it dries because since it dries to a powdery can get patchy if you reapply some more cream blush on top. It's not a nice sight!

-Very pigmented and will last a long time on skin (I have combination skin)
-Texture is easily blendable
-Excellent colour choices (soft to bold)
-Cream turns into a powdery soft finish

-Packaging isn't the best....too much product comes out in one pump
-Would recommend this blush to be in a tube at least.

Product Size Comparisons

What a cute blush!

I got some more sample blushes! Remember to use it up quickly or else it will dry up.

# 3 Truth or Dare & # 12 First Kiss

Product Swatches

Here... I reapplied #5 again but you can see that #3 & #12 are drying up into a powdery finish.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

I would probably give it a perfect but the pump bothers me.

Last Thoughts: I know this product is seen as being expensive $29 Cdn....but I will have to agree that it's actually worth it. A true investment. This blush is just AMAZING! I think it's the most unique and the best cream blush ever made. I just love the pigmentation. I highly recommend this to everyone. At least, get a sample from Sephora to try out this blush out.
I would suggest colours like #5 Nip Slip, #6 Quickie...etc

Has anyone tried this new product out? How are you guys liking it?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review: Carved Rose Dollskin Cheek Blush by Tarina Tarantino

I was glad Sephora launched Tarina Tarantino's Make-Up line...I was then very tempted to try out their blushes. I can't help it....I have a thing for blushes. Also, I admit that I mainly bought the blush for it's packaging. lol

I've been buying many corals lately and so I wanted to shift the colour direction. Although, I don't think there will ever be a limit to having pink blushes in my I'm just not a fan of frosty pink blushes like Mac's Love Rock. That blush looked very frosty/ashy on my skintone and weird looking in pictures and so I had to swap that one away.

So the colour choices did not seem that unique but just for the sake of packaging and an URGE for another pink blush I picked Carved Rose Dollskin Cheek Blush. It's a gorgeous matte cool tone pink colour (no shimmer), I've been wearing it almost everyday for the past week and I love that it lasts a very long time and it gives me a fresh look. I didn't have to do much touchups either. It's very smoooth and pigmented but not overpowering and so you don't really need to apply that much.


Comparison Swatches

Carved Rose Blush on me with Mac Refined MSF

-Very pigmented
-Smooth and easy to blend
-Lasts a very long time
-Cute packaging with a mirror inside

-Generally, there aren't many blush colours to choose from
-Overpriced and can look a bit toy-ish
-The small studs on packaging may have tendency to fall off

Overal Rating: 3.5/5

Final Thoughts: I wouldn't purchase this again since I would probably never hit pan. I won't bother buying another blush from this line either since it lacks colour selection. Also, if you have Nars Desire or Mata can easily pass on Carved Rose blush. Honestly, the colour isn't that unique and the only thing special about this blush is the the packaging. Overall, I still have not seen any product that looked impressive from the entire collection. The lipsticks/lipglosses are not pigmented as how I hoped them to be and they seemed to have more sheer like finishes. The collection is overpriced to begin with and so obviously, I wouldn't think the lippies would be worth it either.

Was there anything you liked from the Tarina Tarantino Collection?
Have you tried anything yet?

The Body Shop (Haul)

I rarely shop at The Body Shop since I find their products to be expensive at regular price. Sparkled Beauty (A Canadian Blogger -Do check her out! I love her weekly sale updates) posted about The Body Shop Green Bag Promo. It was held on Saturday March 13. So when you buy a green bag for $5 in stores ($2 goes to "Stop Sex Trafficking" campaign)... you get 50% off anything that you can fit in the bag except for any giftsets. This even includes their make-up line. I liked a few things from their line but controlled The brushes looked pretty good too. I might look into their make-up line during their next sale.

I already bought many body products from Bath & Body Works last time so I passed on that section except that I got another Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter. I can't get enough of this body butter! I love it!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter
Sale Price: $10.00 (50% Off)
Regular Price: $20.00

The Body Shop Vs. Bath & Body Works

Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
Sale Price: $8.00 (50% off)
Regular Price: $16.00

Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Sale Price: $8.00 (50% off)
Regular Price: $16.00

Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream
Sale Price: $9.00 (50% off)
Regular Price: $18.00

The SA told me to use the mattifying cream around the places I'm oily (T-Zone/Nose) and apply the Vitamin E Moisture Cream wherever needed.

Face Loofah Pads: I'd use this especially around my nose so I can remove white/blackheads.
Sale Price: $3.00 (50% off)
Regular Price: $6.00

Tea Tree Oil: Apply over blemishes/pimples
Sale Price: $4.50 (50% off)
Regular Price: $9.00

Vitamin E Eye Cream
Sale Price: $8.50 (50% off)
Regular Price: $17.00

I also asked for two face scrub samples. =D

Did you guys get anything from this sale?

Sephora Sweet Deal: BARE LipFusion Lipgloss $11 Cdn

LipFusion Lip Plump Color Shine
Fusion Beauty

This is only $11 Cdn at Sephora right now. You can find it near the counter. I always wanted to try these lipglosses out since it's over $30+ regular price. I don't see myself spending that much on a lipgloss unless it's REALLY GOOD (like my Chanel that's amazing!).

This colour is a sheer tan peachy/pink shade so this should suit all skintones. It's obviously not as pigmented as I would like it to be. I've never really seen a very pigmented lip plumping lipgloss. I'd probably just apply it over a lipstick to get the plumping effect. I have small lips and I tried it on today. I felt a stinging sensation and I don't think it lasted that long but I did notice a plumping

I didn't really like the doe foot applicator much. You don't really get much product on the wand and I had to dip it in like five times to apply it on fully. It's best to use a lip brush wand instead.

Well...I guess it's not that bad and $11 was reasonable to try out this product.

I got myself Birds & Berries!

I was trying to avoid getting this eyeshadow but the swatches of these lured me in even more. It's just so pretty and I really do have a thing for veluxe pearl eyeshadows. They apply so nicely.

Mac Birds & Berries Eyeshadow

I also promised myself I would NEVER depot this eyeshadow. I just love the cute flower on it!

It's a gorgeous dark teal colour with some brown in it. It's similar to Strike A Pose (LE) eyeshadow which I don't have.

Deep Blue Green Pigment, Grey Range (LE), Birds & Berries (LE), Parrot (LE)

Then I was tempted to get Summer Rose Beauty Powder from the same collection...Give Me Liberty of London...but I really need to budget now. I still want somethings from the next collection. Anyways...Click here to see my other purchases from this collection.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

February 2010 Favourites!


1. Wet N Wild Black Cream Liner: I've been using this for about a month now. I'd say it's pretty good and goes on really well. It lasts all day long. I just don't know how long it will stay creamy in the pot since it's in plastic packaging tends to dry up faster as oppose to glass packaging. I think this is around $5-6 Cdn at Walmart.

2. Cuticle Cutter/Trimmer: This is a great tool that's used for your nails when you're giving yourself a manicure. Cuticles are pieces of skin that grow over the edge of the nail as a layer of protection but should be pushed back and trimmed away from the nail. Some people say it's bad to do...some are fine with's really up to you! You can easily get this at Walmart for cheap.

3.Ecotools Foundation Brush: This is an amazing brush and it's great for foundation/concealer application. It's really cute and super soft. Ecotools has many great brushes and I'm really impressed with all the ones I bought so far. You can try to get the brush sets at Winners for cheap rather than buying them individually from Walmart. It's still at a reasonable price when you're buying from Walmart. This foundation brush is around $5ish Cdn. There's also a new concealer brush out as well.

4. Posh Eyebrow Brush: This is another brush I love. It's great for doing eyebrows. I got this on sale from Rexall Pharmacy store. It should not cost more than $5 regular price.

5. Mac Cashflow Paintpot: A gorgeous khaki gold colour. I can wear this alone or under eyeshadow as a base. I really love this colour and I want Mac to come out with an eyeshadow that's exactly like this. They say Patina eyeshadow is the closest match but I don't really like the texture of that eyeshadow. So I hope in the future Mac releases an exact Cashflow pp eyeshadow colour preferably in veluxe pearl finish. =D

6. Mac Smile Dazzleglass: It's a very pretty coral-pink shade with gold shimmer. I love applying it over almost all my nude pinks. It's like all other typical dazzleglass formula....thick and a bit sticky. Many people tend to just pair it with a lipliner like Spice.

7. Annabelle Demure Lipliner: This is my HG lipliner. I raved about it a gazillion times. I almost use it everyday. It's a neutral pink shade. I guess it's similar to Mac's Sublime Culture lipliner.

8. Mac Tiger, Tiger Lipstick (LE): This is a gorgeous warm peachy nude (yellow tone) colour that is perfect for almost everyone. It's super creamy because of the amplified finish. It's too bad that it's Limited Edition but I'm glad I got it from the Mac Warehouse sale. It actually suits my skintone really well...much better than Cherish. I noticed that Cherish lipstick looked kinda boring on my skintone unless I used some lipgloss on top.

9. Mac Bare Slimshine: This is LOVED by everyone. A gorgeous light neutral pink with subtle gold pearl. I don't know anyone who doesn't like this shade. It's so sad that it's being discontinued. =( I hope they have lipsticks that are similar to this shade.

These are four nailpolishes that I've been wearing very frequently:

- Orly: Country Khaki Club -
- Sephora by OPI: Metro Chic -
- Sephora by OPI: And Then He Said... -
- Sephora by OPI: Call Your Mother -

So what are you guys loving lately?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Review: Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color Lipsticks!

I was at Walmart yesterday when these awesome lipsticks were discovered....

Wet N Wild Mega Last (Matte) Lip Color Lipsticks

I first bought two of them just to try them out. I came home and was AMAZED by the pigmentation and quality of these. Then I went back today for a few more. These were for $3.44 Cdn and I'm sure if there's a can get them even cheaper. I know I'm a Mac user and did try out many drugstore brand lipsticks as well...but these are REALLY GOOD! It reminds me of Mac's satin/matte finish lipsticks (No Kidding!). These probably are similar to Revlon Matte lipsticks as well. When compared to NYX lipsticks....I found NYX to be more creamier in texture. I still prefer these though...good for pigmented lips! I can even compare them to Mac...honestly, I have seen many youtubers compare ridiculous drugstore products to Mac and I just don't see how they could even make such's like comparing apples to oranges? Come on!

Product Swatches:

914C, 911D, 904B, 907C, 901B

914C Mocha-licious: I bought this for my mom since she loves brown matte colours. I'll get more for her if she likes these. They have many dark colours to choose from.

911D Stoplight Red: This (blue base) red is so hot! I love it! I'm actually wearing this lipstick as I'm posting this blog. I wore it for five hours already and also drank water and it's still on good.

904B Rose-Bud: A gorgeous warm pink shade. It's really pretty and very pigmented.

907C Mauve Outta Here: This is a gorgeous blue base barbie pink colour. It's something I would definitely wear more often. It's totally my kinda colour!

901B Think Pink: It's a very light nude pink colour...kinda looks peachy here.'s too light on me and looks chalky. I shouldn't have bought this colour. lol I guess I can tone it down with some lipliner and gloss.


-Satin/matte finish (amazing texture)
-Very Pigmented
-Not over-drying
-Long Lasting
-Very true to colour
-Perfect for people with pigmented lips
-Many colours to choose from (nude to bold to dark)


-Packaging needs to be improved (too plastic/cheap looking...wish it was more attractive)
-Inside seems too loose
-Would like some more selection in the lighter/medium colours
-No testers were at Walmart and so I had to pick colours without swatching....wish I didn't get the light pink

Overall Rating: 4/5

I also grabbed these nailpolishes for $2.44 at that time too.

Last Thoughts: I have no idea when these came out and I'm happy I found these lipsticks. They need some lovin'! These are great to try out and I would definitely recommend these to everyone. I do own a few NYX lipsticks but I would prefer these over them. NYX felt more creamy while this had more matte-ness to it. I just don't like the packaging of these and wish they were in better conditions. Packaging plays a big role but I guess you gotta see the price of these too. These are worth it!

Has anyone tried these before?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mac Warehouse Sale Haul - March 2010

Good Monday Morning Everyone!

I hope everyone's weekend went well. Mines was pretty crazy since on Saturday morning...I had to travel all the way to the Markham Fairgrounds for the Mac Warehouse Sale. I was able to get last minute invitation tickets from a very sweet person. I was really happy to get them this time. Thnx hun! I missed the last one back in December. This was my third time going. =D It was pretty crazy since I had to wait over one hour in the entrance line-up. I got there around 11:30am and left the sale at 2pm. I didn't go over board with my spendings since many products were repeats. That's what bothered me most and I was expecting newer products.

In the First Hall Room....

$7.00 Each
Love and Friendship Nailpolish, Mink Brow Set, Select Cover-up Concealer

In the Second Hall Room...
$9.00 Each
Golden Lemon, Antique Gold Glitter, Teal Pigment, Perky Paintpot,
Lemon Chiffon Shadestick

In the Third Last Hall Room...

$3 Each
They didn't have much selection by the time I went on Saturday afternoon.
All the full lashes and moisturizers were gone. =(

The Best Deal Ever- Buy 1 ($10) Get 1 Free!
Sliced Pink Lipgelee, A Rose Romance Lipstick, Made with Love Lipstick, Rapturous Mattene

I know you guys would expect me to have more lippies because of the deal but to be honest, I had many of the same product/colours already. I'm glad I picked up Lavender Whip lipstick from the last sale in was all sold out when I was there on Saturday.

A Rose Romance lipstick is reminding me of Lady Gaga. Also, Rapturous Mattene lipstick is such a pretty's very Desi/WOC friendly. The sale did not have much matte/satin finishes at all. I'm glad I picked this one up. Also, many of the slimshines were being sold because they were being discontinued.

I didn't get any face/cheek products since nothing was new to me. Those were $12 each.

The Charity Bag for $5.00 at around 2pm on Saturday.
Limit 4 per ticket/person.

It contains:
On the Mission Blush (LE - Style Warriors), Full Body Lipstick, Grand Entrance Eyeshadow, Black Russian Pearlglide Eyeliner Pencil

They didn't give us any options for the charity bag so I just had to get the one kind they offered.


Mac Perfect Topping MSF ($33cdn in value)

This was the first time I went to the sale on Saturday. The last two times was on a Sunday and I got such crappy real crappy! I literally got sponges and mini onetime use brushes. lol

So did anyone of guys go to this sale?

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