Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winterlicious in Toronto!

This is for all the Toronto folks!

I hope you guys are aware of the Winterlicious and Summerilcious programs. For those who do not's a culinary restaurant program that is held across Toronto in some of the top restaurants. This year Winterlicious is being held January 29 - February 11, 2010. There are more than 100 of Toronto's top restaurants that offer fixed price pre-set lunch and dinner menus. For example, some restaurants offer a three course lunch anywhere from $15.00 - $25.00 and three course dinner menu from $20.00 - 35.00. There is tax and gratuity on top of that of course and beverages are not included, but usually this meal would cost much more than that. Just make sure you make reservations before hand since they tend to be busy.

This is a great way for expensive restaurants to bring in new customers and it gives people like you and me to try out their food as well.

Click Here For More Info!

Last year, I went to Fifth Elementt Fine Dining and Lounge and it was just amazing! It's in downtown Toronto. I loved their Bengali Grilled Salmon. They don't have it this year but I'm sure there might be something just as similar. I actually enjoyed everything on the menu last time. Its cuisine is a fusion of South Asian and Mediterranean dishes.
Check out their menu this year.

Today, I went to Spice Route and it is also in downtown Toronto (King & Spadina). They were also participating in the Winterlicious program. Check out their Winterlicious menu! Also, I just love their's so divine and yet so classy! Check out their photo gallery.

Just to let you know...they do give you slight smaller portions than what you would get normally.

I went there for Winterlicious lunch ($15) today and I ordered....

Traditional Ginger Chicken and Vegetable Soup
- Delicious! -

Pad Thai Noodles
(tiger shrimp, chicken in a sweet and sour tamarind sauce)
- Even More Delicious! -

Asian Fruit Salad with star anise syrup
- Yummy! -

My friend ordered everything the same as me except the dessert.

Chocolate Brownie
(Mandarin Cream)
- Ok so ....this was too sweet and too chocolaty. I didn't like it at all and my friend couldn't finish it try not to choose this one. Try the other 2 choices. -

Some pictures I took of the inside...

The washroom was pretty cool but weird at the same time. It really was an adventure just to go and use the washroom. lol It has sliding doors and when you slide the door shut, there's a red button you have to press to lock it. Then beside the toilet is a large window where you can look through. It's kinda scary thinking if someone else can see you from the other side...the outside. Oh Gosh! It's just crazy!

The entrance of Spice Routes....
(There's actually fire flaming inside the tall square towers)

Overall, everything was perfect! I was satisfied with the food and their service. I would definitely go again. =)

I hope this post helps y'all out!


I know I did! ;)

Remember it ends February 11, 2010!


MEVISH said...


The food looks deli-CIOUS!! wish I went on holiday to Toronto lol. and the restaurant is so fancy too very classy :D

Halifax said...

Aww that was a great lunch you had. Can't beat the price

Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

that place looks nice, i always say i should go to winterlicious or summerlicious but I never end up going. Do you go often?

Honey said...

nice post...the food looks so yum and the place pretty cool.
i love pad thai too :)

Saimese said...

I missed winterlicious in Toronto this time & in my city! But I'm SO looking forward to trying out a few places in Toronto suring summerlicious. The restaurant looks amazing, btw

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