Sunday, February 14, 2010

Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick & Some Accessories! (Haul)

Hello Again! I hope everybody's weekend is going well. We're actually having a long weekend here. Monday is Family Day YAY! Also, Happy Valentine's Day! =) Hope y'all are having fun with your S.O.

So for my haul....

Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick : This is a gorgeous blue-based bubble gum pink lipstick. Since it is part of the Viva Glam campaign...all proceeds will go to HIV/AIDS charities = TOTALLY WORTH IT!

It's a lustre finish so it makes the colour definitely buildable with great pigmentation. It's a bit similar to St. Germain (LE) but Gaga is much more wearable for sure. Since this is limited edition, I'm sure it will be sold out get it before it's too late.

Gaga, St. Germain, Angel

Obviously, with pigmented lips like mines I would need a lipliner. Any neutral skintone or dirty pink would would do just fine. For my skintone, the Mac MA suggested Dervish lipliner which is like a rosy mauve pink shade. I will definitely get it next time. At home I used Mac Sublime Culture lipliner which is practically similar to Annabelle's Demure Lipliner. You can even pair it with lipglosses as well.

My Thoughts on the Spring Forecast Collection: I admit I'm a Mac doubt! This collection didn't appeal to me much. It's great for people who just started buying Mac. All the colours are pretty but has dupable colours from my existing collection. So I just had to pass on those. The blush ombres just seem so overpriced so I didn't bother with those either. I may change my mind about this collection if I find it at a Mac warehouse sale or The nailpolishes caught my eye and I found them unique and I just had to get two of them.

Malibu Peach (LE): A vibrant coral peach colour with a cream no shimmer! This colour is just too pretty to pass so I knew this would sell out fast. I actually went to the Mac store first but they said both of these glosses was sold out and I then went to a Mac counter instead and got them both. YAY! So back to Malibu Peach.... It's not neon or too bright's just a perfect summer coral colour! I'm sorry my nails are too short right now for any swatching pics but I'll definitely do an update post in the future.

Abalone Shell (LE): A gorgeous neutral nude colour with a cream no shimmer! This is perfect for the office. It's very opaque so two coats should be fine.


Here are some accessories I got from Aldo (on Queen St.).

$15 Cdn
These are actually made in India. =p

$15 Cdn

Pearly Earrings
$10 Cdn
(3 Pairs)

Pearly Necklace
$25 Cdn
(3 necklaces together)


The Little Burgundy shoe store is having an AWESOME discount right now on selected shoes. Extra 30-50% off. Another good thing...if the store doesn't have your size you can actually order them from the store and get it shippedd to you.

I got these cute suede grey wedges/shoes called Frasca by Blowfish regular $80 but with the discount...I got it for only $38.49Cdn. The pics aren't so great but it looks really cute when you actually wear them. BTW....these are SUPER comfortable!

Then I bought these cute pink summer wedges for $13 cdn or was it $17? I cant remember....from Payless Shoe Store.

So the Winter Olympics just started in Vancouver so I'm pretty excited. I saw the ceremony Friday night at the Cinemaplex Scotiabank Theatres and it was AMAZING! You should have seen the crowd and the support!

Go Team Canada Go! =)


charlene-ann said...

those shoes are SUPER cute i love them <3

Dhalia said...

Love the nude nail polish...nude is so in.

C. said...

do you have the link to the pink wedges? im looking at the US site and i dont see them and i want them...=(

Zerin said...

Hey C!
To be honest with you I bought them about 2 weeks ago. It's the ones with the red tags if you look below on their shelves they have many shoes on clearance. Do check them out at the store from time to can get cute shoes for cheap.

Richa said...

was wondering what the gaga viva glam looked like . Haven't had a chance to stop at MAC yet. I like it though have to go get it for myself.

ting RN said...

i love the shoes and accessories!! :) the gaga l/s looks good on u!

MEVISH said...

gaga lipstick looks stunning cant wait to get my hands on that!

JB said...


I know you have used studio sculpt in the past and now have MUFE HD. Which formula do you like better? I'm trying to pick one to buy, thanks!!!

Honey said...

love the viva glam in gaga.
i have to have it!!!!
also love the accessories too :)

Zerin said...

Thanks gurliez! You gotta get GAGA!

JB - I feel that studio sculpt is better for people with dryer skin. I guess if I had to choose I would go with the MUFE HD since it doesn't contain SPF and works well for photos. But remember, I don't use MUFE HD on a regular bases...I would rather use the cheaper Mac foundations. They work just fine.

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