Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mac True Babe Lipgloss & My First Bobbi Brown Haul from the Cabana Corals Collection

Mac recently launched a fairly new but small collection called "Riveting" about two days ago.

I initially just wanted the taupey brown nailpolish (matte finish) called Wham, Bam, Glam but after seeing the swatches on Temptalia....I wasn't interested anymore. I don't have too many hot pink lipglosses and so I decided to go for True Babe Lipgloss.

True Babe: I find the name of this lipgloss really cute! lol It's actually a lipgloss version of the lipstick Show Orchid. It's a bright and blue based hot pink with strong fuchsia tones. It contains no shimmer and has a doe-foot sponge tip applicator. It's pretty opaque and of course, the gloss would be sticky but I don't mind the stickiness at all. I feel that they stick and last longer on my lips. I already have a similar lipgloss called NYX Dolly Pink Megashine lipgloss but I find it to be quite runny on my lips and so they obviously do not last long either. I think it might be similar to Mac's Pink Poodle lipgloss which is from their permanent line. I don't have it and so I don't really know the exact comparison on them...but I think Pink Poodle has some shimmer in it while True Babe doesn't.

Mac True Babe, NYX Dolly Mix, Mac Style Minx

Mac True Babe Lipgloss

You can wear this alone or on top of any lipstick/liner.

NYX Dolly Pink Megashine Lipgloss

After seeing promo pictures of Bobbi Brown's Coral Cabana Collection....I just knew I had to get 1-2 items. I never really bought any Bobbi Brown products before and since I do DIG corals lately...I decided to splurge! YAY!

Bobbi Brown Nectar Shimmerbrick
My first very shimmerbrick ever!

This is a pretty peachy-pink highlight colour. If you use it can easily use it as a blush. It really depends on your skintone but works beautifully as a highight on darker skintones. I love how it warms up my cheeks with a peachy pink glow. I would say that it's similar to Nars Orgasm blush but slightly lighter. It goes on very well without being too shimmery/glittery. These are similar to Mac MSFs in texture but not at all chunky like some particular MSFs . I still do not know if there are any Mac MSFs that are similar to this shade. My only complain are the price of these shimmerbricks....these are just TOO expensive but I wanted one badly for a long time so I gave in. :p If you have Orgasm can easily pass on this. It's just that Orgasm has chunkier gold flecks while Nectar doesn't.

The five shimmering stripes of colours are just so pretty and can be used individually as an eyeshadow as well.

Nectar, Orgasm, Deep Throat

I also bought my very first Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Cabo Coral. It's multiuse so you can apply it on the lips and cheeks.

It's a gorgeous shade that's peachy with a hint of pink- coral colour. This is like Nars Orgasm but without the shimmer/glitter. It's very pigmented as well. The texture is very smooth so you can apply it easily on your cheeks without leaving a sticky finish. The other pot rouge was called Calypso Coral and it's a brighter more pinkier coral colour. It looked really nice on my cheeks but it was just too bright and orangey and somewhat neon on my lips. The MA tried to sell me that one too saying it would suit the summer season. lol I can just use Mac's Optimistic Orange cremeblend blush for the same type of intense summer orangey lips but I know it wouldn't be as neon as Calypso Coral was on me. I chose Cabo Coral instead since it looked better on my lips and it went nicely on my cheeks as well and I can easily intensify the colour by adding more on. I find this to be the more toned down peachier version of Calypso Coral.

The size comparisons to Mac's Lip Conditioners.

Cabo Coral, Optimistic Orange, Ravishing, Vegas Volt, Shy Girl, Missy Slimshine

Bobbi Brown Cabo Coral Pot Rouge on Lips!

Updated: I would say that it is a pigmented version of Missy Slimshine/Mac Sock Hop Lipgloss.


Ash said...

wow, got both items that I was plannin on gettin.I was stalking your blog for this review! Lol finally:) the shimmer brick is very sheer,I love nars orgasm and I am now sure to pass on this.but cabo coral rouge is def must-have for me, it is lighter than optimistic orange,perfect for day time wear, while OO is gd for night time:)Thanks for review!

D's Beauty Corner said...

Oh no, you are creating way too many lemmings for me with those swatches. I love coral lippies and that one looks amazing!

Does Ravishing pull a lot of orange on the lips or more coral/peach?

Christina Tal-Qurru said...

I tried on that Mac gloss today and LOVED it! Now seeing it on you, I am regretting not picking it up! Its so pretty!

Swtest2Lips said...

Love the swatches! Thank you

Roxy said...

I love that bobbi brown rouge color! how much were they?

Dhalia said...

Zerin...I always check your blog out before I hit up the MAC always have the best reviews hun.


MEVISH said...

i must try out some Bobbi Brown products! I had a look at some of their eye shadows think I might buy one...I cant wait to get mac true babe the colour is soo gorjus :)

Nina said...

I think I must get Cabo Coral! It looks so pretty on your lips!

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

Great haul. I'm loving that MAC lipgloss.

resham said...

i have one shimmer brick in gold and its one of the best highlighter I have!!!

So Very Fabulous said...

True Babe is gorgeous, I'm definitely going to be picking this one up!

Sofee said...

ohhhh I gotta go to MAC!!

Sisa said...

Nice Haul, I love corals and peaches, too. I never mentione dbuying Bobbi Brown products but maybe I should try?
P.S.: Love your new design/template... I should create a banner, too, but I am always too lazy...

Honey said...

hey i use the bobbi brown shimmer brick in rose.i have had it for ages now n its gr8 for highlighting..but now lookin at ur swatches i think i wanna check out nectar too.
i use blushes n eyeshadows from bobbi brown as well...
they do loads of colours that suit our skin tone :)

Honey said...

i usually get on ur site thru my blackberry n didnt see ur new blog look...but today i logged in thru the laptop n it looks nice :)

BabyGirlRina said...

I picked up true babe also! i love that color! That Bobbi Brown pallete is super cute!

Arlin said...

Im loving the MAC-True Babe lipgloss... I just recently bought the Show Orchid lipstick which I adore so I would not mind having the lipgloss either.


AnNeTtEe said...

awesome haul!!! I love the NYX dolly lipgloss & the Bobbi Brown shimmerbrick!! oohh... this is all ur fault.. j/p!! I love your blog!!! hope to see u around!

Anhycakes said...

I am drooling over your haul!

Abby Q. said...

True Babe l/g = amazing! I just picked it up yesterday. It looks like what I imagine OCC lip tars to look like sorta :) Very unique for MAC. And your Bobbi Brown haul is great too!

Musicalhouses said...

Great haul! I love how the lippies look on you. I've never personally been a fan of the pot rouges on my lips though, I find them kind of drying :X

Zerin said...

Ash - No problemo! Did you end up buying any?

D's Beauty Corner - I find ravishing puts more orange/red on the lips. Not many people like it though. It really depends.

Christina Tal-Qurru - It's definitely a must have if you like bright pink lipglosses with no shimmer. =D

Swtest2Lips - Thnx!!

Roxy - Pot rouges were around $28 Cdn

Dhalia - Thnx hun! Can't wait for your giveaway prize. ;)

Mevish - You will LOVE true babe!

Nina - Thnx! It is unique and you should go get it. =D

MZ.CYN.DEZ - Definitely check true babe out when you're at Mac! =D

resham - I'm loving Nectar's amazing! It will be my only shimmerbrick purchase though. I was lemming for this from the start.

So Very Fabulous - True Babe is AMAZING! Love that there's no shimmer.

Sofee - You gotta go to Mac!

Sisa - Thnx hun! The black background was making the writing hard to read at times so I made it simple but it does a lil too dull. lol

Honey - You should definitely check out Nectar if you just want one BBshimmerbrick. That should be your purchase. =)BB is so expensive though and I doubt I'll buy anything more until later when I have a good job.

BabyGirlRina - Nice Haul hun!

Arlin - That's a really pretty combo.

AnNeTtEe -Thnx! lol I love pinks too!

Anhycakes - check True Babe out! =D

Abby Q. - Thnx hun! I love True Babe as well. Can't wait for the liberty collection. =D

Musicalhouses - Thnx! Pot rouges are pretty good on me since I have pigmented lips and I don't mind the dryness either if any.

Anonymous said...

Well done girl!! Believe me BB products def need to be in your collection. I love the shimmer bricks they are so versatile and are not too sparkly- if you know what I mean. I'm so gonna get True Babe- it looks great on you and as I have the same skin tone as you I think it might just work with me too- and thats one cool name!!
Hope you are well babes, take care
Seema xx

Anonymous said...

Well done girl!! Believe me BB products def need to be in your collection. I love the shimmer bricks they are so versatile and are not too sparkly- if you know what I mean. I'm so gonna get True Babe- it looks great on you and as I have the same skin tone as you I think it might just work with me too- and thats one cool name!!
Hope you are well babes, take care
Seema xx

Anonymous said...

Amazing coral shade, simply luvly

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