Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Deux FOTDs...

I bought Mac Patina eyeshadow a while back and just never got to use it and finally, yesterday I wore it in a look. :D

What I Used:

St.Ives Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer (this is good and cheap...only $3 cdn or so)
Monistat Chafing Gel (Face Primer)
Mac Studio Sculpt NC 42
Mac Medium Dark MSF Natural Powder
Mac Select Coverup Concealer - NW 35 & MUFE #10 Full Cover Concealer
Mac Espresso Eyeshadow (Eyebrows)

Freshlook Colour Blends in Grey
Urban Decay Primer Potion (Eye Primer)
Mac Cashflow Paintpot (Eye Base)
Mac Patina Eyeshadow (On Lid)
Mac Satin Taupe Eyeshadow (Crease)
Mac Showstopper Eyeshadow (Darken Crease)
Mac Carbon Eyeshadow (Just a little bit, Outer-V)
Mac Feline Eyeliner (Rim the eyes and very thin top liner smudging effect)
Model 21 #132 Lashes (Asian Lashes)

Mac Refined Golden Bronzer
Nars Luster Blush
Mac New Vegas MSF

Mac Dervish Lipliner
Mac Tiger Tiger Lipstick (LE)
Mac Light that Fire! Lipgloss (only used on top in the second picture)

Here I used the new Gaga lipstick to see how it looks like. I realized it's much brighter than just a nude pink.

Mac Gaga Lipstick (LE)

Here I was playing with some colours. I'm trying to get back into the I feel so rusty!

What I Used:

St.Ives Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer (this is good and cheap...only $3 cdn or so)
Monistat Chafing Gel (Face Primer)
Mac Studio Sculpt NC 42
Mac Medium Dark MSF Natural Powder
Mac Select Coverup Concealer - NW 35 & MUFE #10 Full Cover Concealer
Mac Espresso Eyeshadow (Eyebrows)

Urban Decay Primer Potion (Eye Primer)
Mac Sea Me Shadestick (Eye Base)
Mac Steamy Eyeshadow (Inner Corner)
Mac Parrot/Talent Pool Eyeshadow (On Lid)
Mac Contrast Eyeshadow (Darken Crease)
Mac One off & Firespot Eyeshadow (Slightly Above Crease)
Wet N Wild Gel Black Eyeliner (I couldn't find my fluidline in I bought this a month ago and this was the first time using's pretty good (around $5ish) but I wonder how fast it will go dry since it's in a plastic container)
Model 21 #132 Lashes (Asian Brand)

Mac Dervish Lipliner
Mac Bare Slimshine


I won't really consider this an fotd...I never got to take good pics and I look shiny as hell and the pics turned out quite orange too. =S

EYES: TheBalm's Shady Lady Palette (Three shades: Highlight, Mid Golden Brown, Dark Brown)
CHEEKS: Mac Refined Golden Bronzer, Mac Peaches Blush, Mac Cheeky Bronze MSF
LIPS: Annabelle Demure Lipliner, Mac Twig Lipstick, Mac Diva Lipstick (Dabbed on top)


That's all for now folks!
Thanks for looking!


♥Engjulli♥ said...

Wow! Gorgeous :)
Please make a tutorial for the first look :) please please please! It's just too beautiful :)

jilliandanica said...

beautiful! you make me want the Lady Gaga Viva Glam, it looks so good on you!

Zerin said...

Aww...thnx hun! I was thinking about it too. I don't know what kinda lips would be best with this look though. Nude pinks or peachy/coral nudes?

charlene-ann said...

awwww you're beautiful! love both the looks! totally awesome =)

JustMe said...

U are so beautiful, I love ur eyes!<3

BabyGirlRina said...

I love your blog. im also south asian and it's very hard to find other south asian bloggers out there. plase visit my blog also :) since yours is one of my favorites. btw Viva La Gaga looks great on you! I bought it also and im still trying to figure out how to make it work for me. :)

Erin said...

I love the 2nd look the color combo is amazing

also what's your ethnicity i see your south asian lol but from where exactly

Shadowy Lady said...

girl you look hot! I love that colourful one

Lipstick Rules said...

U R absolutely stunning!! I love all the looks and have made note of your lipstick combinations (I have Dervish and never think to use it!)

ashpardesi said...

gorgeous looks zerin!the teal one really stands out for me:) I like l.gaga on you,better than st germain.Now I am thinkin of gettin am loving tiger tiger l/s on u,sooo pretty!light that fire l.g made it more peachy nude,very pretty combo.

Blusherine said...

Patina looks amazing with Satin Taupe and Carbon!

MEVISH said...

Stunning!!! I love the second picture of you and the last picture is sooo GORJUSSSSS OMG!! you look so much ike bipasha basu with better hair than hers lol :D

Honey said...

mac bare slimshine looks wow on u.
i think i m going to try the first look in this post.
also in the 2nd and 3rd picture in this post u look like a doll ..almost not real :)

Sisa said...

These FOTDs are so cute... love your brown eyes much more than the contacts. Brown eyes rock, yay! lol

ricquetta said...

Okay, this is soo purdy! Zerin, you need to get Rebel lipstick!! And also, i got GLADIOLA!!! Finally, and omg your right I am sooo in love right now. You need to puct Electric Fushia (Spring Forecast) Lipglass over top it!! You must :)

MaryBelle said...

Loving the first lipcolor on you. Those eyes girl they rock!!1

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

Gorgeous as always!! I need to resurrect Patina it looked great on you. But the look I absolutely love is the parrot/teal look (I just lurrvve colour). Really looked good, strong bright colours look great on our skintones I think.

Take care :)

resham said...

all looks are pretty...I like the patina one the best...have always been a neutral person!!

Zerin said...

charlene-ann - aww....thanks!

JustMe - Thanks!!!

BabyGirlRina - Thanks! You're absolutely right. We don't see alotta desi bloggers around but I do see an increase in them now. Just wear a lipliner along with gaga and it should be fine. =) I'll check out your blog too.

Erin - Thanks hun! I'm actually Bengali from Bangladesh. Hope that clears things

Shadowy Lady - Thanks hun! I loved your fotd frm yesterday. =D

Lipstick Rules -'re so sweet. Thanks! You should use Dervish's a pretty pink!

ashpardesi - Thanks hun! Colours do look the best on brown skin. =)Gaga is pretty and I guess I do prefer it over st germain for sure now.

Blusherine - Thanks! I love patina now!

MEVISH - Thanks hun! I loved your recent HOT! lol Bipasha? she's a hottie and I love her too. So I guess I should take that as a Also, I love her hair and I wish my hair was thick like hers but it's not...its thin! =(

Honey - Awww thnx...I see you as a pretty doll

Bare slimshine is amazing and it sux that Mac is discontinuing all the slimshines...

Sisa - Thanks hun! Yeh I know what you mean but I'm a bit addicted to grey contacts and it makes my small eyes

ricquetta - I actually bought rebel lipstick a few months ago and I just forgot to post it on. lol I havn't really worn it yet either. I guess it's a bit similar to Nars Damned lip pencil or the lip colour I'm wearing in the last pic. And...FINALLY! You got gladiola...I'm so happy for you! lol I'm glad you like it. I'm sure most dark dazzleglasses like Date Night would look gorgeous on it too. So I had to skip the spring forecast lipglosses for now. However, if I do end up going to a Mac warehouse sale...I'll definitely pick somethings up. =p

MaryBelle - Aww thnx hun!!!

vivalalipstick - Hello Again Seema. YAY! Colours looks FAB on our skintone...doesn't it? It just makes our looks so much more vibrant.

resham - Thnx! Yes, you and your I hope you try out patina eyeshadow this time around.

Anonymous said...

See...i don't call ya a Diva for nothin! You're gorgeous! And the brown eyes..cutie: )

Rizwana said...

I think u look better with the Brown eyes =D
(is that ur natural eyecolour)

Rizwana said...

I think u look better with the Brown eyes =D
(is that ur natural eyecolour)

ting RN said...

you create such beautiful looks. your eyes are so gorgeous! -tingy

Diana said...

are your contacts the 3 in 1 Freshlook color blends??

Srish said...

wow! yOu seriously do amazing your eyes...m following :)


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