Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mac True Babe Lipgloss & My First Bobbi Brown Haul from the Cabana Corals Collection

Mac recently launched a fairly new but small collection called "Riveting" about two days ago.

I initially just wanted the taupey brown nailpolish (matte finish) called Wham, Bam, Glam but after seeing the swatches on Temptalia....I wasn't interested anymore. I don't have too many hot pink lipglosses and so I decided to go for True Babe Lipgloss.

True Babe: I find the name of this lipgloss really cute! lol It's actually a lipgloss version of the lipstick Show Orchid. It's a bright and blue based hot pink with strong fuchsia tones. It contains no shimmer and has a doe-foot sponge tip applicator. It's pretty opaque and of course, the gloss would be sticky but I don't mind the stickiness at all. I feel that they stick and last longer on my lips. I already have a similar lipgloss called NYX Dolly Pink Megashine lipgloss but I find it to be quite runny on my lips and so they obviously do not last long either. I think it might be similar to Mac's Pink Poodle lipgloss which is from their permanent line. I don't have it and so I don't really know the exact comparison on them...but I think Pink Poodle has some shimmer in it while True Babe doesn't.

Mac True Babe, NYX Dolly Mix, Mac Style Minx

Mac True Babe Lipgloss

You can wear this alone or on top of any lipstick/liner.

NYX Dolly Pink Megashine Lipgloss

After seeing promo pictures of Bobbi Brown's Coral Cabana Collection....I just knew I had to get 1-2 items. I never really bought any Bobbi Brown products before and since I do DIG corals lately...I decided to splurge! YAY!

Bobbi Brown Nectar Shimmerbrick
My first very shimmerbrick ever!

This is a pretty peachy-pink highlight colour. If you use it can easily use it as a blush. It really depends on your skintone but works beautifully as a highight on darker skintones. I love how it warms up my cheeks with a peachy pink glow. I would say that it's similar to Nars Orgasm blush but slightly lighter. It goes on very well without being too shimmery/glittery. These are similar to Mac MSFs in texture but not at all chunky like some particular MSFs . I still do not know if there are any Mac MSFs that are similar to this shade. My only complain are the price of these shimmerbricks....these are just TOO expensive but I wanted one badly for a long time so I gave in. :p If you have Orgasm can easily pass on this. It's just that Orgasm has chunkier gold flecks while Nectar doesn't.

The five shimmering stripes of colours are just so pretty and can be used individually as an eyeshadow as well.

Nectar, Orgasm, Deep Throat

I also bought my very first Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Cabo Coral. It's multiuse so you can apply it on the lips and cheeks.

It's a gorgeous shade that's peachy with a hint of pink- coral colour. This is like Nars Orgasm but without the shimmer/glitter. It's very pigmented as well. The texture is very smooth so you can apply it easily on your cheeks without leaving a sticky finish. The other pot rouge was called Calypso Coral and it's a brighter more pinkier coral colour. It looked really nice on my cheeks but it was just too bright and orangey and somewhat neon on my lips. The MA tried to sell me that one too saying it would suit the summer season. lol I can just use Mac's Optimistic Orange cremeblend blush for the same type of intense summer orangey lips but I know it wouldn't be as neon as Calypso Coral was on me. I chose Cabo Coral instead since it looked better on my lips and it went nicely on my cheeks as well and I can easily intensify the colour by adding more on. I find this to be the more toned down peachier version of Calypso Coral.

The size comparisons to Mac's Lip Conditioners.

Cabo Coral, Optimistic Orange, Ravishing, Vegas Volt, Shy Girl, Missy Slimshine

Bobbi Brown Cabo Coral Pot Rouge on Lips!

Updated: I would say that it is a pigmented version of Missy Slimshine/Mac Sock Hop Lipgloss.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Deux FOTDs...

I bought Mac Patina eyeshadow a while back and just never got to use it and finally, yesterday I wore it in a look. :D

What I Used:

St.Ives Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer (this is good and cheap...only $3 cdn or so)
Monistat Chafing Gel (Face Primer)
Mac Studio Sculpt NC 42
Mac Medium Dark MSF Natural Powder
Mac Select Coverup Concealer - NW 35 & MUFE #10 Full Cover Concealer
Mac Espresso Eyeshadow (Eyebrows)

Freshlook Colour Blends in Grey
Urban Decay Primer Potion (Eye Primer)
Mac Cashflow Paintpot (Eye Base)
Mac Patina Eyeshadow (On Lid)
Mac Satin Taupe Eyeshadow (Crease)
Mac Showstopper Eyeshadow (Darken Crease)
Mac Carbon Eyeshadow (Just a little bit, Outer-V)
Mac Feline Eyeliner (Rim the eyes and very thin top liner smudging effect)
Model 21 #132 Lashes (Asian Lashes)

Mac Refined Golden Bronzer
Nars Luster Blush
Mac New Vegas MSF

Mac Dervish Lipliner
Mac Tiger Tiger Lipstick (LE)
Mac Light that Fire! Lipgloss (only used on top in the second picture)

Here I used the new Gaga lipstick to see how it looks like. I realized it's much brighter than just a nude pink.

Mac Gaga Lipstick (LE)

Here I was playing with some colours. I'm trying to get back into the I feel so rusty!

What I Used:

St.Ives Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer (this is good and cheap...only $3 cdn or so)
Monistat Chafing Gel (Face Primer)
Mac Studio Sculpt NC 42
Mac Medium Dark MSF Natural Powder
Mac Select Coverup Concealer - NW 35 & MUFE #10 Full Cover Concealer
Mac Espresso Eyeshadow (Eyebrows)

Urban Decay Primer Potion (Eye Primer)
Mac Sea Me Shadestick (Eye Base)
Mac Steamy Eyeshadow (Inner Corner)
Mac Parrot/Talent Pool Eyeshadow (On Lid)
Mac Contrast Eyeshadow (Darken Crease)
Mac One off & Firespot Eyeshadow (Slightly Above Crease)
Wet N Wild Gel Black Eyeliner (I couldn't find my fluidline in I bought this a month ago and this was the first time using's pretty good (around $5ish) but I wonder how fast it will go dry since it's in a plastic container)
Model 21 #132 Lashes (Asian Brand)

Mac Dervish Lipliner
Mac Bare Slimshine


I won't really consider this an fotd...I never got to take good pics and I look shiny as hell and the pics turned out quite orange too. =S

EYES: TheBalm's Shady Lady Palette (Three shades: Highlight, Mid Golden Brown, Dark Brown)
CHEEKS: Mac Refined Golden Bronzer, Mac Peaches Blush, Mac Cheeky Bronze MSF
LIPS: Annabelle Demure Lipliner, Mac Twig Lipstick, Mac Diva Lipstick (Dabbed on top)


That's all for now folks!
Thanks for looking!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick & Some Accessories! (Haul)

Hello Again! I hope everybody's weekend is going well. We're actually having a long weekend here. Monday is Family Day YAY! Also, Happy Valentine's Day! =) Hope y'all are having fun with your S.O.

So for my haul....

Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick : This is a gorgeous blue-based bubble gum pink lipstick. Since it is part of the Viva Glam campaign...all proceeds will go to HIV/AIDS charities = TOTALLY WORTH IT!

It's a lustre finish so it makes the colour definitely buildable with great pigmentation. It's a bit similar to St. Germain (LE) but Gaga is much more wearable for sure. Since this is limited edition, I'm sure it will be sold out get it before it's too late.

Gaga, St. Germain, Angel

Obviously, with pigmented lips like mines I would need a lipliner. Any neutral skintone or dirty pink would would do just fine. For my skintone, the Mac MA suggested Dervish lipliner which is like a rosy mauve pink shade. I will definitely get it next time. At home I used Mac Sublime Culture lipliner which is practically similar to Annabelle's Demure Lipliner. You can even pair it with lipglosses as well.

My Thoughts on the Spring Forecast Collection: I admit I'm a Mac doubt! This collection didn't appeal to me much. It's great for people who just started buying Mac. All the colours are pretty but has dupable colours from my existing collection. So I just had to pass on those. The blush ombres just seem so overpriced so I didn't bother with those either. I may change my mind about this collection if I find it at a Mac warehouse sale or The nailpolishes caught my eye and I found them unique and I just had to get two of them.

Malibu Peach (LE): A vibrant coral peach colour with a cream no shimmer! This colour is just too pretty to pass so I knew this would sell out fast. I actually went to the Mac store first but they said both of these glosses was sold out and I then went to a Mac counter instead and got them both. YAY! So back to Malibu Peach.... It's not neon or too bright's just a perfect summer coral colour! I'm sorry my nails are too short right now for any swatching pics but I'll definitely do an update post in the future.

Abalone Shell (LE): A gorgeous neutral nude colour with a cream no shimmer! This is perfect for the office. It's very opaque so two coats should be fine.


Here are some accessories I got from Aldo (on Queen St.).

$15 Cdn
These are actually made in India. =p

$15 Cdn

Pearly Earrings
$10 Cdn
(3 Pairs)

Pearly Necklace
$25 Cdn
(3 necklaces together)


The Little Burgundy shoe store is having an AWESOME discount right now on selected shoes. Extra 30-50% off. Another good thing...if the store doesn't have your size you can actually order them from the store and get it shippedd to you.

I got these cute suede grey wedges/shoes called Frasca by Blowfish regular $80 but with the discount...I got it for only $38.49Cdn. The pics aren't so great but it looks really cute when you actually wear them. BTW....these are SUPER comfortable!

Then I bought these cute pink summer wedges for $13 cdn or was it $17? I cant remember....from Payless Shoe Store.

So the Winter Olympics just started in Vancouver so I'm pretty excited. I saw the ceremony Friday night at the Cinemaplex Scotiabank Theatres and it was AMAZING! You should have seen the crowd and the support!

Go Team Canada Go! =)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

January 2010 Favourites!


I guess it's never too late to start these types of posts. I've been meaning to do monthly favourites forever now and since the new year just started I decided to actually do it and stick with it this time. =)

1. Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume:
I'm loving this perfume. I actually have the 50ml and a small 15ml one. I carry the small one in my big purse since I just can't get enough of it. You can use this daily with just a spritz or two. I'm not the best in describing fragrances but I find it very sexy and sultry and perfect for the day or night too. It's a mix of woodsy, spices and a bit of floral/fruityness without being overpowering. I actually find it very sensual and it's truly Euphoric!

2. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation # 153: I don't regularly use this foundation and use it occasionally hence the price tag on is an expensive one. Back in December, I stayed over at a friends home and I actually left my regular foundation Mac Select Spf liquid foundation there and I recently met up with her last week and I finally got it back. lol In the meantime, I've been using the MUFE HD foundation and it's truly working for me. I'm actually liking my pictures more than usual when I wear this I guess it really works for HD camera purposes. =p I know many people say #153 is very yellow but I don't really mind goes fine with my skintone. If you apply powder on top you can get some balance. Many people also mix it with MUFE HD # 155 to neutralizes it. I was going to buy # 155 as well but didn't feel like spending more money on foundation at that time. I already have to finish my old ones first and so I resisted. =)

3. There's actually three lipsticks that I've been wearing almost everyday for the past 1-2 months now.

They all may seem the "same" but honestly, there are differences for sure. I love all three equally.

Mac Pink Plaid Lipstick:
This is a nude pink but with a barbie blue based pink touch to it with a matte finish. I can't get enough fo mattes! From my perspective, it's not too pale and not too dark either. This is the sister of Please Me lipstick but it seems to be more mauve-pink. Please Me is more lighter than Pink Plaid. I think if you don't use a lipliner it can seem a bit too chalky/pastel but not many brown girls will wear it everyday and would call it a "no-no" for Desi (south asian) skintones. Honestly, I love it's bold and beautiful! =D I would say NC 42/43 skintone and lighter can easily pull off this lipstick alone. And can always tone it down with a lipgloss. NO WORRIES! Also, remember to moisturize before you apply matte lippies.

Mac Faux Lipstick:
This is more of a *soft* mauve/rose muted pink nude colour with a satin finish. It's more toned down than Pink Plaid for sure. You can wear this easily with smokey eyes or just everyday. It has great colour payoff and its more creamier than matte finishes for sure. It's similar to Brave New Bronze but more pinky brown/mauve.

Mac Brave Lipstick:
This is the darker sister of Faux. It's a darker pinky-brown colour and you can wear it almost with everything. This is more of a wearable everyday colour. I can apply this lipstick without looking at a mirror lol....whereas I would definitely need a mirror for Faux. It should suit all skintones and all ages as well and a total must have for Desi (south asian) skintones!

Pink Plaid, Faux, Brave
I hope you guys actually see a difference...each of them appear differently on my lips.

4. Mac Optimistic Orange Cremeblend Blush:
I have a review on this and you can see why I love it so much and used it so many times in the past few weeks. A gorgeous peach coral blush!

5. Mac 188 Stippling Brush:
This brush is truly made for cream blushes. AMAZING! It distributes the pigmented colour evenly with just the right amount and buffs it out so well.

6. Mac Moisturizing Lip Conditioner (tube):
This lip conditioner is quite moisturizing and it's nice that it's in a tube and not in a pot so you don't have to put your fingers in. I apply it almost everyday now mostly before I go to sleep and my lips are softer by the morning. It's great for the winter season and I always alternate between this and Rosebud's Strawberry lip balm.

7. Mac Lust Lipgloss:
This is probably the 100th time I'm mentioning this lipgloss on my blog but I can't help it. It's my everyday nude pink brown colour. I love it so much and I'm almost done this one so I know I'll be getting my fourth one soon. I love the stickyness of Mac since it gives me that reassurance and the feeling that it's actually staying on longer.

8. Mac Cheeky Bronze MSF: This is officially my favourite MSF highlight. It's a GORGEOUS light coral/peachy bronze colour. It really compliments my skintone very well. It has shimmer but I wouldn't call it a glitter bomb's safe for work environments too. I know this one is a limited edition product and so if I ever loose it or if it breaks....I'D CRY! lol IT'S THAT SPECIAL AND UNIQUE!


Now I'll leave you guys off with one of my favourite tv show theme song...the actual version of the full song.

I love listening to this!

The Engine Room - Perfect Lie (DiSante's Extended G&D Mix)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yesterday....(Haul & FOTD)

Here's my super duper fast girly look that I rushed. This is what I normally do when I'm in a rush and yes, I love to wear lashes instead of applying mascara and after putting on lashes 100x I'm fairly quick at it now.=D lol I didn't bother with eyeliner or any mascara for the bottom lash lines. I also struggled big time with my eyeliner since I couldn't find fluidline then and I had to use this dry loreal hip cream gross! =(

Excuse my dry hair! =( I don't condition enough. I also took these pictures without flash.

What I Used:
St.Ives Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer
Monistat Chafing Gel (Face Primer)
MakeUp ForEver HD Foundation 153 (Loving this foundation although it's a tad too yellow but I can work with it!)
So I forgot the powder today!
Mac Select Coverup Concealer - NW 35 & MUFE #10 Full Cover Concealer
Mac Espresso Eyeshadow (Eyebrows)
Freshlook ColorBlend Contacts in Grey
LOreal Hip Cream Eyeliner - Black (Dries so quickly!)
Ardell Demi Wispies

Mac Refined Golden Bronzer (Contour)
Mac Optimistic Orange Cremeblend Blush (Love it!)
Mac Cheeky Bronze MSF (My favourite MSF now!)

Mac Sublime Culture Lipliner
Mac Brave Lipstick (I've been using this quite alot!)

Let's begin with the haul....

Recently the BEBE Sports store was rebranded and now it's called PH8. I bought this bag a month ago and it was discounted by 40% and I got it around $60ish Cdn. I love big gym type bags since I can carry so many things in it. It's great for school. I can throw in my netbook and notes...etc.

It's a golden khaki shade and I love the silky shine of it.

I love the colour inside and it has many pockets too!


I purchased this mini gym duffel bag from Lululemon on final sale for $44.00 Cdn.

I got these pretty bangles and light beige hat from H&M.

$9.95 Cdn

$7.95 Cdn


These hair products were purchased from the salon at Eaton Centre called Nino D'Arena.

Bed Head Tigi Dumb Blonde Reconstructor : $22.85, 50% off = $11.42
Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo : $16.95, 20% off = $13.56

I needed Mac Wipes badly since I was ALL OUT!
I also wanted to try out Mac's liquid liner.


I normally don't post clothing hauls but I think I'll start posting these from time to time.

I bought 3 things from Garage Clothing.

*Basic Super Skinny Jeans $29.90 Cdn (So Comfortable!)
*Black Tights $11.90 Cdn
*V Neck Sweater $9.00 Cdn

I also used my SPC discount card to get additional 10% off. =) YAY!

A friend of mines went to Vietnam and she got me a pack of Model 21 lashes. I actually like this brand since the lash band is soft and easy to apply. It's dirt cheap at Vietnam. =) You can buy the same ones from Ebay for cheap as well and most sellers include free shipping. The local asian stores sells these for more I guess we're better off with Ebay shopping. =D


I got this in the mail today!
Mac's Spring Forecast Collection

It's a massive new collection coming out this week. I've already seen the products on Temptalia and feel so-so towards it and not too crazy for it. I'm actually liking the peachy-coral nailpolish from this collection.

Also, a reminder to check out Sally Beauty Supply Store's February discounts. (CDN)
That's all for now. =)

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