Monday, January 25, 2010

Review: Mac Optimistic Orange Cremeblush

Where do I begin with creme blushes? Well, I was never a big fan of them. Especially the Mac creme blushes had really let me down. I own Mac's Ladyblush creme blush and rarely use it. I hated that they felt so heavy and sticky. So I preferred Nars multiples since they were creamy but still lightweight. I also heard that Illamasqua creme blushes are great too. (Too bad Sephoras in Canada do not carry this line yet)

Mac Optimistic Orange Cremeblend Blush

I recently purchased Mac Optimistic Orange Cremeblend Blush from Mac's Lillyland collection and it amazed me. I loved all the colours from this limited edition collection. The texture isn't heavy at all and has this gel like formula to it. The formula seems soft and easily blendable and very buildable. It's easy to use your fingers or a brush for the application and leaves you off with a dewy fresh look. I have combination skin and I never really had any problems with looking too oily but since this new formula is gel like, it should be fine for people with oily skin.

So Sweet, So Easy
Optimistic Orange

From the four beautiful colours, I chose Optimistic Orange. I prefer coral shades on my cheeks rather than pink. Please do not let the bright orange colour scare you off! It's actually a beautiful coral colour. It should work well with all skintones but looks gorgeous on medium to dark skintones. When applied on medium to dark skintones, you're able to see a hint of pink in the blush. I preferred using the 188 Mac stippling brush to apply and I buffed it with the same brush. It is really up to you and which brush you're comfortable with. You can easily use fingers to apply as well. Then it's optional to dust a highlight msf on top.

Mac Cheeky Bronze MSF would go lovely with this blush!

I'm glad Mac came out with this new formula and I hope they eventually make this a permanent product with more colour selection. I might also go back for Joie-De-Vivre cremeblend blush. Now that's another gorgeous coral-pink shade.... JUST SO AMAZING!

Product Rating: 5/5


Sisa said...

Cool, I wanted to skip them because the colours in the pan scared me, but now I may go for Joie de Vivre or Optimistic Orange!

Celly said...

see and i totally overseen this when i was just at the store and i WANT an orange blush. its really pretty. i might go back and check it out in the weekend. thanks for the swatch!

VexintheCity said...

Gorgeous! I'm looking forward to picking this up.

Lipstick Rules said...

I bought this one as well! And Joie-du-Vivre is beautiful too -- has coral in it and worth a look. I need a 188 brush though as I haven't mastered the art of putting cream blushes on with my fingers.

I have one Illamasqua cream blush (Dixie) and it is divine. I hope the brand comes to Canada soon too!


Shadowy Lady said...

Thanks for the review Zerin. I'm now considering these. How do you think the orange one will look on light medium skin (mine)? I don't really have any coral blushes so I'm interested

Dominique -aka- 美華ちゃん said...

You're awesome for this review. Thank you!

Zerin said...

Sisa - You should definitely check these babies out! I'd probably recommend Joie de Vivre for you or you can be bold and get the orange one. lol =p

Celly - This blush would look GORGEOUS on you! Go for it!

Vex - For sure! It'll look FAB on you!

Lipstick Rules /Michelle - You chose the 2 best colours! =D As for fingers, you can start applying it lightly with your ring finger to blend and build. I hope Illamasque eventually comes to Canada.

Shadowy Lady - You're welcome. I guess it's best to try these at the store. I would probably recommend Joie de Vivre instead since it's coral and pink. Again, do try out the orange one too. I'm sure it would look fab on you too.

Dominique -aka - You're welcome! Hope you get this one soon! =D

*Holley* said...

That is a really beautiful color! It looks great on your cheeks! I had been planning on picking up So Sweet, So Easy but I think now I will have to grab this one as well!

GoldBeauty88 said...

The orange looks so pretty! Def getting one of those from that collection :)

Arezu said...

Normally that is a colour that would throw me off, but it looks beautiful on your skin.

Sanderlees said...

optimistic orange and joie de vivre are my favourites! (yeah.. even tho there were only 4 to choose from haha)

ps: i'm DYING to see your collection! Get to it! =P

Anonymous said...

Hey Diva...would u please swatch the Kat Von D Romantico eyeliner..just wondering how gold it would look vs. khaki. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

And u thought orange was a black women isn't it:D

Zerin said...

Holley: You should definitely get it!

GoldBeauty88: Orange is fab! It looks awesome on brown skin.

Arezu: I know it's scary in the pan lol but try an orange blush oneday! =p

Sanderlees: Awesome choices! I don't have a huge collection like but I'll post whatever I have soon.

Shannon: I'll post the Romantico eyeliner swatch very soon. YAY! Orange looks AWESOME!!! =p

Anonymous said...

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Lily Seymour said...

Just checking out photos of some products i'm interested in buying and saw your lovely review on this blush, thanks!

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