Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random Pet Biz: Surprise Pregnancy = Baby Guinea Pig

Hey Everyone! I should have posted about this much earlier but I just never got the chance. Big News! My guinea pig, Betty gave birth to a healthy baby guinea pig last Sunday January 24, 2010 at around 2:30pm. =D It was a big healthy baby. I can't tell the gender of the baby yet but it seems to look like a boy. ;p I still did not name the baby yet. Do you guys have any ideas?

6 Days Old
The flash from the camera makes the baby look like it has real freaky red eyes.
It's not scary in person at all.

I bought Betty in December from the pet store but I had no idea that she was pregnant. She was quite small and active at the beginning and later started to just sit and slug around. Her belly was looking lumpy and I thought maybe it was weight gain. lol I even asked people and they all said it was a just fat. I actually touched her belly and felt something hard but I was still confused as I didn't much about pregnant animals. lol Since Betty is pretty young herself, she can only give birth to 1-2 litters. Normal adult guinea pigs can give birth up to 5-8 litters. I'm glad Betty just gave birth to one. It would be risky and too much to handle if there were more babies. If the baby is a boy, (I'm 80% sure it is)..I would have to separate it from the girls after about 3 weeks as I do not want them to get pregnant again and it would be too risky for the new mother as well.

About 1 hour old
Betty gave birth to a real big baby. Guinea pig babies are born with fur, teeth and nails. They just look like miniature guinea pigs or adult hamsters.

About 4 hours old

About 12 hours old

Pregnant Betty:

Check out the LUMP!

Pictures I took through out the week....

Lunch Time!

I took this pic last night. This is such a cute pic!
Sorry if the red eyes freak you guys out. lol Again, it's not that bad in person.


glitteryeyesxx said...

Is it so crazy of me for loving the one with the red eyes? Lol! :p

Rai said...

Awww, how cute! I have no clues on a name though. lol

Lipstick Rules said...

OOh How cute!! I want one!! Don't tell my kids. LOL.

JustMe said...

OMG so cute!Take care of them.

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

Awww so cute!!!! They look like a happy fam!!!

Make-up Addict said...

Aww how cute!!

The same thing happened to my friend a few years ago! Lol xx

Make-up Addict said...

Aww how cute!!

The same thing happened to my friend a few years ago! Lol xx

Consuela said...

OMG I really love your blogposts on the guinea pigs. They look adorable. Having pets is so wonderfull. I wouldn't know what to call him. My bunnies were named by my little nephew and one was named by the former owner. Knowing mysef if I had to name it I 'd probably give him a funny name like "surprise" (since he was a suprise) LOL.

Shadowy Lady said...

How adorable :)

DANA said...

OMG cuteness overload!! reminds me of my guinea pigs when i used to have a lot of them before i moved to australia... =( makes me really miss having guinea pigs... lol
that little boy looks like vanilla ice cream with swirls of toffee hahaha.. so, maybe Toffee?? or ... Butter.. hehe... so cute.

GoldBeauty88 said...

That is so cute! he is so tiny! Have you thought of snow ball ? would suit him perfect :)

*Holley* said...

Oh my goodness, I don't think I've ever seen a baby guinea pig! So big for being so young! SOOO cute!!! haha!

Sisa said...

Congratulations, you are grandmother now... loool this is so cute, I cannot find any words for =D
But it may happen very often that someone's buying pregnant guinea pigs, hamsters or even cats and doesn't know about it. My cats are all male, no surprises then =D

ricquetta said...

OMG haha! I would not know she was pregnant either! Shes so cute and the baby is sooo adorable. I would name him Bo or Nino or Milo or Iggy haha if its a girl (just for that 20%) i would name her Lily or Elli :D

honeys said...

aww, they are all so adorable =D
i wanna guinea pig too..
hey, since ur sure its a boy, why don't u call it Archie..? =)
haha, Betty, Veronica n Archie =)

Honey said...

awww so cute!
i love the last tiny and adorable. :D

karin said...

OMG so cute..!!!!
What do you think about teddy for a name..??
Or Caramel

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