Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (Set #2)

It's been a while! I hope everyone had a safe and a Happy New Year! =D Nars had a holiday sale back in December and since it was online/US residents dear friend from the US helped me order Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil & Sharpener Set #2.

The Nars website describes it as...

"This famous trio of long-lasting non-drying creamy lipstick in the convenience of a pencil will deliver a velvet matte finish for seamless color. Plus a signature NARS sharpener so you'll never be dull."

I absolutely love the formulas of these lip pencils. They just glide on so smoothly without being over drying and they do stay on for a long time. I already have Pop Life and Roman Holiday and so I really wanted to get set #2. Each lip pencil is around $25 and you can get the set for around $50 (includes 3). This set was hard for me to find at the stores this year so I took advantage of the sale online.

Damned, Marina, Sex Machine

Damned, Marina, Sex Machine, Roman Holiday, Pop Life

Damned - Deep Magenta Berry Colour

Marina - Brick Brown Colour

Sex Machine - Rosy Pink Colour
(This colour is super popular and I can see why it's actually my FAVOURITE from the set)


resham said...

sx machine is doubt..i wish thye have this for sale even now??

Shadowy Lady said...

I have Damned and Sex Machine and I love them both. Especially Damned! It's my current fave lip colour

Honey said...

sex machine and damned are gorgeous.
sex machine looks gr8 on u :)

zerin did u get my email saying that i recieved the giveaway goodies?i did a post about it on my blog too.

ricquetta said...

I knew you would love sex machine. This is the same exact set I got :) But my sister wanted the other two. Damned actually looks stunning on you...seems magenta fushia ish. I loooooove sex machine though haha sooo purdy. Another one you need is Bettina and bell de jour! :D

jilliandanica said...

sex machine looks so pretty!

Zerin said...

Hey ladiez! I am loving Damned and Sex Machine too!!!!

Resham - You should definitely think about getting it in their next sale. I love these lip pencils!

Shadowy Lady - After seeing your made me want it even more.

Honey - Thanks! I did get your email and just saw your blog post. Thanks for the shoutout and the thoughtful post. Hope you're already enjoying your goodies.

Ricquetta - Thanks! I heard about Sex Machine from your past videos and I was lemming for it badly. lol Damned looks pretty pink and light in this pic but it's much darker in person...I guess it was the flash. Now I do want the other 2 colours you mentioned!=D

Sharon said...

Whoa!!!I was on e Nars website&thinking bout getting these...thanx for review7swatches...u r most helpful&u loob gorj btw

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