Sunday, January 10, 2010

Been Haulin'

Once again...this is a haul post! (A very long one!) I wanted to explore some other brands at Sephora during their sale. I don't really have many eyeshadow palettes other than the Mac this was a great opportunity.

The Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II is my first non Mac eyeshadow palette (yes...I know! lol) and my first actual Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette that I now own. I took advantage of the sale and finally got it!

The palette includes 16 highly pigmented and silky smooth eyeshadows and these come in matte, shimmery and very glittery colours. It also comes with two 24/7 eyeliner pencils in Zero (black) and Bourbon (brown) and a very cute Urban Decay Primer Potion. It's a great way to try out the pencils and udpp for those who have never tried them out before and these would be great to take on travel because of it's miniature size. The packaging looks fun and cute but takes up alot of space. The colours are all pretty and I can't wait to mix and match to try out some eyeshadow looks!


The Balm's Shady Lady Eyeshadow Palette

I love the cute animal print packaging and the mirror that's included inside. It has nine gorgeous shades that would work great for neutral, subtle and dramatic looks. The texture of the eyeshadows are sooo pigmented and glide on smoothly like butter (no joke). The pan sizes are quite generous and are similar to a Mac eyeshadow pan. This palette was around $45 and so I would say it was really worth it for nine shadows. I heard The Balm will be releasing another spring eyeshadow I can't wait to check out that one.

I heard that the brown eyeshadow called "Caught in the Act" is a dupe and similar to NARS "Galapagos" which is a shimmery brown with gold specks. I still did not get to compare them yet.


I know Matte nailpolishes are getting pretty old now but I really wanted to try out the Zoya Matte BADLY! I didn't know where to find them in Cdn stores so I decided to buy them from Ebay from the Seller: sparkling*nails

Verushka, Posh, Savita

This was my favourite one. I've been wanting a deep emerald green colour and this is it. It's matte and you can easily make it shiny with a top gloss coat too. Totally optional!!!

I also got the ChinaGlaze nailpolish Matte makes any nailpolish into a matte finish when applied on top. This Ebay seller even sent a bonus mini OPI red's just so cute!

The bottle is pretty small though....that totally grinded my gears *Family Guy Moment*....the pic above is a comparison to a normal ChinaGlaze nailpolish bottle.

Yes....there's always some Mac haulin' too!

These are from the Mac's Warm & Cozy limited edition collection.

By Candlelight MSF: This is a shimmery light pink gold and can be similar to other MSFs as well. It's nothing like the texture of Refined MSF since I find that to be more powdery. It's not super chunky like New Vegas MSF either. It gives you a nice shimmer which should work well for all skintones. I'm a I just had to get this one. I might get the other MSF called Comfort later on...maybe at a warehouse sale? lol

Swatch Comparisons

By Candlelight, Porcelain Pink, Refined, Soft and Gentle

Light That Fire, 2N
2N, Underage

2N - Warm Pink Nude Colour
If you have pigmented's better to wear these type of colours with a lipliner. I've been wanting this for a while and I'm glad I got the chance to get it.

Light That Fire!, Pink Grapefruit

Light That Fire! - A shimmery coral colour
It seems a bit similar to Pink Grapefruit however it is lighter in shade. This was an impulse buy....if you have pink can easily skip this! They look the same when applied on my pigmented lips.

Mac Diva Lipstick (Permanent) - A deep burgundy red matte colour

I wasn't planning on buying this at all but decided to try it on in the store. My friend was there and she was telling me how good it looks on my skintone and how I should totally get it. I caved in and got it! Just can't get enough of lipsticks!

It looks gorgeous on women of colour. I don't have too many reds lipsticks in my collection so this would be my third red lipstick....(Ruby Woo, Lady Danger and now Diva). I realized that I am into reds that are bold and Diva would definitely be a bold red lippie!


Now...I will leave you guys off with some pictures of my guinea pig girls!

Betty and Veronica!

Veronica ( A teddybear guinea pig)

I'm letting them have some fun floor time outside of their cage.

Betty (the blonde one) and Veronica

They love eating carrots and lettuce!

They can't get enough of their hidey homes! favourite's just too CUTE! My lil girls showing off their tushies!


MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

Great haul. Thanks for posting up swatches. Love everything you got!! And your lil girls are too cute!!! lol.

JB said...

fun haul! I got 2N too, lovin' it!

resham said...

I am so buying the shady lady palette....its lovely!!

Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

how much did you end up paying for the urban decay palette?

Kylie "Kiitzyy" said...

i really want the urban decay palette but its sold out everywhere :( ur so lucky to have gotten ur hands on it... and on sale too!

ur guinea pigs are sooo cute! love the last pic!

GiGi said...

I love when you haul, always amazing stuff! I love the Balm palette, I have been using a lot. Great for travel too.

MissAmira said...

your hauls are awesome...ive been wanting the books of shadows for like ever lol... and ur guinea pig girls are soooo cute!!!


I tagged you for an award on my blog =)

cindycs said...

i bought the urban decay palette some time ago and i still haven't used it because i always use my mac shadows first, i know its really bad. but how muchdid u get the ud palette for on sale? i'm just wondering i hope i didn't miss a sale on it. i haven't been to sephora so hopefully i didn't miss any great sales.

Halifax said...

I heard Trade Secrets has Zoya. Do you have a store near you?

JustMe said...

omg they are so cute!

KiLLaCaM said...

i'm DYING for the alice in wonderland UD palette! Those shadows look sooo tempting! great haul...oh and Diva definately looks great on you!

Arezu said...

LOL AWWWWWWWW, the last picture totally made my day!

Nice haul, I really like the Diva lipstick. Can't wait to see some looks with your new stuff (:

Dhalia said... the last pic.

Anonymous said...

Just for future references, if you have a Trades Secret near you, they have Zoya there~
But cost isn't too lovely, as they raised it a dollar or two in the last year :T
So its about 9.99 right now.
They usually have all the regular line colours, and then extra displays for the new LE collections~

Zerin said...

Mz.Cyn.Dez - Thanks hun! I love playing with my lil girls! =D

JB - I still didn't get to wear 2N lipgloss out....hopefully this weekend. YAY!

Resham - You should definitely get it...probably around a Sephora Sale! =D

Obsessed.Makup.Addict - I can't exactly remember but it was 10% off and then in it's 13% tax in Toronto (totally sux) probably around $60ish....

Kylie "Kiitzyy" - Thanks hun! Many say that this palette has similar shades to the Ammo palette...Also, you should check out the new Alice in Wonderland e/s Palette too...

GiGi - Thanks hun! I love your hauls too...I can't wait to do some looks with this palette.

MissAmira - Thanks! I will definitely do that tag. =)

cindycs - I know I always turn to Mac shadows but I'll try my best this time. lol I got it 10% off and then again 13% tax...probably around $55-60ish Cdn. =(

Halifax - Thanks for the info. I guess they should have it but I can't remember if they had the matte nailpolishes there too and I think it would cost more than Ebay for I just ordered off of ebay it was around $6cdn for each nailpolish.

JustMe - Thanks hun!!!

KiLLaCaM - Thanks hun! I heard the Alice e/s palette has similar shades to the Ammo palette. You should definitely compare before getting the Alice one.=)

Arezu - Thanks hun! I know my piggies are adorable! lol

Dhalia - Thanks hun!! =D

rasilla - Thanks for the info. I just didn't bother to look if they still had the matte nailpolishes there I just ordered from ebay and it felt a bit cheaper online too comparing to the $10+ for each nailpolish at Tradesecrets.

Chibu74 said...

Thanks for the swatches....both the pallettes are gorg...i also bought MSF By Candlelight after seeing it on ur blog, and i am loving it....thanks again

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