Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Pet Biz: Baby Guinea Pigs [Betty & Veronica]

(I named them after the Archie comics)

This is random but I just wanted to post about my pets. I've always been an animal lover and had pets my entire life. lol My first pet was a fish (I know typical)....then I got budgies, a cat, rabbits and more year I got myself some adorable guinea pigs. I've always wanted them. There are many types of guinea pigs. I preferred the one that do not shed so much and those are the smooth hair and teddy bear pigs. I got a male smooth hair guinea pig back in September but I gave him away to my little cousin. He was adorable and I named him Barney. I wanted to get female guinea pigs this time and so I got myself two since they tend to be very social and love to be around their own. Also, I got the same sex pigs since I don't want any babies. One smooth haired and the other is a teddy bear pig. They are about two and a half months old and I got them from PJ's Pets.

I actually had built a C & C (cubes & coroplast) cage which is the most cost efficient way to save money on cages. It's the best type of cage you can make and provide plenty of space for them to exercise in. I got the idea from the internet and Youtube also has great tutorials on how to build it. My cage's total price did not cost more than $45. I'll post a pic of mines in the next pet update post. Here's an example: This one pretty much looks the same as mines.

You can get even more creative and make a second floor for them...



Both of them snuggling in a fleece hat.

This is Barney. He's as cute as a button! I adore him.

Do you guys have pets??? or guinea pigs? lol


resham said...

These are soo adorable...My mom never allowed me to have she disliked them...My only pet was a tortoise....tint tiny one...I called that one Tiku....

Shadowy Lady said...

OMG these babies are soooo cute!

Rai said...

Aw, how cute! I have never had a pet.

Sisa said...

OMG they are so cute. My first pets were budgies when I was about 8 years old. Much later I got a cat, who died at only 3... that broke my heart :-( But I still have 3 other cats, Charlie. Bumba and Rufus, all male. I love them... I love them so much

ricquetta said...

Aww betty and veronica! So cute! I have had tons of pets as well. I loooooove animals. Like you i had the typical fish, then I had two hamsters dot and puff (dwarf hamsters) but for the most part of life I had a cat named kallou who I love so much! Now i had another cat named tinkerbelle who very weird and crazy but she mostly stays with my mom. Love your guineas, they are the cutest little ball of fluff ever

Shayla said...

Oooo, they're so sweet and cute! Thanks for sharing!

I have a kitty for my pet...she's a little black cat (about 6 months old), and her name is Nera. You can see plenty of pics of her on my blog under the "Daily Nera" tag.

Now I want a guinea pig, but I don't think Nera would go for that, lol!

Consuela said...

Yes, I just adopted ababy rabbit from the shelter. His name is: klein miepje. He's a real little rascal. He is about seven months now and I 'm on the lookout for a female bunny. He's really naughty and he chews on everything incuding his cage. I love him though he's priceless. Thanks for sharing, the guinea pigs look precious!

JustMe said...

Here in Germany pets are pretty normal, almost everybody has a dog, cat rabbit or fishes. I had a dog, 2 cats, a guinea pig, but they all die after becoming very old. So I decided to never buy a pet again, because its really painful when they die.

Honey said...

so cute... :)
love the names.

Zerin said...

Thanks guys! =D I'm loving the lil ones right now although, they are very scared of me...hopefully they will get used to takes time and you gotta spend alotta time with them.

CĂ©lie said...

They are so cut! Veronica seems to be adorable :)

I had a tortle (Mimie) and a cat (Tequila) !

That's funny because the french word for guinea pigs will be "turkey pigs" lol

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

AWWW there soo cute though there probably adutlts by now. i used to have hamsters growing up and then didnt have a small pet other than a dog for years. i just got my very own first guinea pig this year ^^ his name is (Gin). another cage option if u dont mind a little extra cleaning is to get a storage bin. i know it seems bad but i found a nice big open one with plenty of room!!! my piggy hops around in it and has a lot of space. i had this kind of set up but he just dosent want to learn to use the bathroom in one space >_<! so i ended up spending more for sanitary purposes. the bin is much easier. lol

Long live the Guineas XD

Anonymous said...

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