Thursday, November 5, 2009

Magic, Mirth and Mischief: The Three Cremesheens

I wasn't too impressed with Mac's holiday collections this year. Some of the palettes were nice but I found them too small and I don't know if they hold the same eyeshadow quantity as the previous holiday palettes. The mineralize eyeshaows were all gorgeous but seemed dupable. I might go again to check them out and see which one I really want and I might B2M for it. =)

The three cremesheen glosses released this holiday are Partial to Pink, Ever So Rich and Boy Bait. These are all repromotes. I went to Mac and got myself Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass. The one that was missing from my stash. These are sold as singles and are the same price as dazzleglasses.

It's annoying how they didn't release pigmented colours since I love cremesheen glosses. I find them to be so creamy and they just apply so well. These do not contain any glitter/shimmer. All three repromotes are too sheer for pigmented lips and I would rather apply them on top of lipsticks. It also seems like Ever So Rich is made to be worn on top of my favourite LAVENDER WHIP lipstick!! ;)

These are the rest of my Cremesheen Glass Collection from before. All are limited edition.

The Swatches:

Creme Anglaise, Partial To Pink, Ever So Rich, Boy Bait, Melt In Your Mouth, Petite Indulgence

My Favourites are Petite Indulgence and Melt in Your Mouth.
I can easily wear Petite Indulgence, Melt in Your Mouth and Creme Anglais alone without any lipstick under.

Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning, i voted for you ;)
My favorite drugstore product is the mineralized powder by Prestige called 'Pure Shimmer'.
It's so pretty and gives the most gorgeous glowy sheen to my cheeks, i absolutely love it!
Hayley :)

Rai said...

I really want Boy Bait! I'm still debating over this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Diva, can u please do lip swatches of MAC's Brave, Faux and Melt In Ur Mouth pretty pretty please?

Sisa said...

Oh yes, they definately don't work on pigmented lips. I hoped that Ever So Rich would show off on my lips but you see NOTHING, not even a shimmer of colour... just like a transparent gloss =( So I can only wear it above lipsticks like Lavender Whip or VIva Glam VI SE.

Shifa said...

wooow these look gorgeous! gota check em out =)

MzFashionCloset said...

Did you purchase these in a set or singles??


Zerin said...

Shannon - I think I have some swatches of those in my old posts but I'll do another post with them all for you. ;)

MzFashionCloset - These are sold as singles. It's the same price as dazzleglasses.

*aly said...

I totally get what you mean when you say you can wear Petite Indulgences, Melt in Your Mouth and Creme Anglais without lipstick under. Unfortunately, I didn't get Melt in Your Mouth and I've recently purchase Boy Bait and was almost getting Partial to Pink but I find it too sheer for my lips, they turn kinda brown beige, which is weird. Lol.

*aly said...

Hey, I tagged you! Hope you have time to check it out. xx

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I found it..but ur such a sweety for offerin..thanks!

Imilia said...

Hey there! I gotta say anything looks good on u. And the pinky colors look stunning. Im gonna be getting the Lavender whip this weekend. What would u recommend a gloss color with that?
Oh, I have the same skin tone with you but I've got really dark pigmented lips.

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