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Collective Sephora Haul with My Thoughts {November 2009}

This will be my last collective haul post for now (I

These products are purchases I made from Sephora in the past and yesterday during their 20% off discount sale. I received an e-mail coupon with a bar code and I had to print it out and show it at the Sephora store to get the discount. This discount ends November 15. If you are an active Beauty Insiders Member, you would've received this e-mail as well.

This is going to be a LONG POST!

Let's Begin...

I hopped on the bandwagon (a bit late) and got myself the matte black nailpolish....What's a Tire Jack? (matte) Sephora by OPI Nailpolish. It's been a common trend for a while now and I really like it. I actually want to get the clear nailpolish that you apply on top to make any nailpolish surface into a matte finish. I can't remember the product name right now....hmmm I would love to do some nail swatches but my nails are pretty short and weird looking right hopefully once I grow them out...I'll post some nail swatches. =)


Make Up For Ever Full Cover #10 Concealer : This is a staple in my basic foundation ritual. I love the pigmentation of this concealer and I don't think I have found another brand that beats it. Only drawback is that they don't have enough colour shades in this product and I have to end up mixing it. I cannot use this alone and I would mix Mac Select CoverUp liquid concealer NW 35 along with it. It works great for me. =) It's expensive but WORTH every penny. =D


The Balm's HOT MAMA! Blush

The Balm's HOT MAMA! Blush: I've been wanting this blush for a while now. I took advantage of the 20% discount so I can explore some new brands. =) It's a gorgeous light peachy pink colour with a gold sheen. The texture is very smooth and pigmented. This can be used as a blush, highlight, or eyeshadow. People say its similar to Nars Orgasm blush but to me, it seems much lighter. Since it is light...many use this as a highlighter rather than a blush to get those glowy cheeks. The packaging is cute with a mirror inside and a magnetic closure but I'm not a big fan of cardboard so I hope it doesn't wear out that easily. Also, many people prefer this over Nars Orgasm blush since it has so much more product inside.

Benefit's Coralista Blush
Benefit's Coralista Blush: Again, I wanted to explore some other brands. I decided on this blush and it's another gorgeous light pink-coral blush. It reminds me of Mac's Dainty Mineralize Blush which I don't have. It has a nice smell to it and comes with a mini brush. I don't really like the brush and I'd prefer just using my own blush brush. This product seems overpriced since it comes in a construction box form, however I do find it to be a sturdy box and I know some may not agree on this at all. I actually find the packaging cute with the animal print but again, I'm not too fond of construction paper packaging.

The Swatch Comparisons

Coralista, Hot Mama, Orgasm


DiorShow Plum Mascara

I actually got this for $13 and it was at the bargain counter at Sephora. It's a nice plum shade but when I opened it at home, it seemed clumpy and dry so I regret buying this product. If I can find the receipt, I'll definitely go and return this junk! =(


NARS!....NARS!....and more NARS!

I bought a ton of Nars products this time around and it's quite hard to resist their magic...I'm becoming a NARS ADDICT!

Deep Throat Blush, Mata Hari Blush, Taj Mahal Blush

Deep Throat Blush: I've become such a fan of peachy-pinks that I got myself another one to join my Nars blush collection family. =) This seems more pigmented than Nars Orgasm and it doesn't contain the gold specks that Orgasm has. Many prefer this blush over Orgasm but I love them equally. I am a blush whore for sure! =D

Mata Hari Blush: This is a gorgeous light rose petal pink matte blush. It's very pigmented so you gotta use a light hand and it goes on smoothly. It doesn't give you that chalky look either. This might be similar to Mac's Dollymix blush. I believe this would look gorgeous on all skintones. =D

Taj Mahal:
I have been wanting this for a LONG time now and I finally got this scary, bright, and intense orange blush! This is SUPER PIGMENTED and you can easily use this as an eyeshadow too. It goes on very smoothly and I love the shimmer of it. It looks pretty orange in the pan but when you apply it, you get this pretty peachy apricot colour. It's very intense so you gotta use a light hand and be alert of the level of application. It's very popular amongst the darker skintones. =D

Taj Mahal, Deep Throat, Mata Hari

The Swatch Comparisons

Deep Throat, Orgasm, Mata Hari, Desire


Nars Mediteranee Eyeshadow Duo Vs. Nars Taj Mahal Blush

The eyeshadow duo seems a bit darker then the can use any of these products in both eyeshadow/cheek application.


Nars Galapagos Eyeshadow (Single)

Nars Galapagos Eyeshadow: An intense deep true chocolate brown eyeshadow with gold glitter. It's very pigmented and goes on smoothly. You don't see too much of the gold glitter once you apply it but keep in mind, although it is minimal, there will be some fallout during application. You can use this shade for lining, on the crease, all over the lid, or outer V. It's a pretty popular shade too.

Nars Night Porter Eyeshadow (Single)

Nars Night Porter Eyeshadow: A GORGEOUS dark emerald green with green shimmer eyeshadow. I've been wanting this forever! I always thought it was the same as Mac's Humid eyeshadow but it's no where near. This will be great for dark smokey eyes and it'll look hot on top of a black base. ;)

The Swatch Comparisons

Nars Night Porter Eyeshadow Vs. Mac Humid Eyeshadow

Nars Strada Eyeshadow (Single)

Nars Strada Eyeshadow: A gorgeous lavender shade with gold shimmer/glitter. Many have complained that it ends up looking like a greyish lavender colour and it doesn't show the same colour that you swatched on your hands....but to get the true colour on the lid, it works best with an eye primer and a white or lavender base. I can't wait to do FOTDs on this beauty!


Galapagos, Strada, Night Porter


Nars Eurydice Eyeshadow Duo

Nars Eurydice Eyeshadow Duo:
This came out this year 2009 in the Nars Holiday collection. It's an eyeshadow duo and it contains two shades. A shimmery grey charcoal colour which is incredibly GORGEOUS! The purple shade stood out to me the most and it was what really caught my eye. It is an intense deep shimmery purple with a blue iridescent sheen. My swatch pictures do not give it justice at all. Please go to Sephora now and swatch this gorgeous purple'll see the magic instantly!

Nars Eurydice Eyeshadow Duo




Multiples are multipurpose and can be used in many ways. These glide on smoothly and lasts a long time. It works great as a blush base or you can just wear it alone.

I already have South Beach and Orgasm multiple.

Riviera Multiple: This is a baby doll pink colour and it does not contain glitter unlike the Orgasm multiple.

Portofino Multiple: This is a coral pink colour with a bit of frost and it seems to have a smoother consistency than Riviera. It basically "melts" on my skin and goes on very nicely and blends in quite well.

Riviera Multiple, Portofino Multiple


Last but not least....

Nars Pop Life
Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

Pop Life Velvet Matte Lip Pencil: This came out just now in the Nars Holiday 2009 collection. This is a gorgeous red-coral colour and it literally GLIDES on so smoothly on my lips leaving a matte finish. No goes on velvet like! I can't wait to wear it out! =D Now, I'm really tempted to buy more Nars lip pencils...why didn't I discover these babies earlier??? I guess I should buy the lip pencil giftsets which are a much better deal then buying these individually. Hopefully, Holt Renfrew/Sephora will release them this year or I would have to buy the set online.

Nars Pop Life Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

Please excuse my dry lips...I should have moisturized before hand. Oh well! lol


Did you guys buy anything yet from the Sephora Sale or have any plans?

I would love to know about your purchases or wishlist.



Gee xo said...

i have been eying that taj mahal blush for a while too! it's such a gorgeous color and i think it would look great as an eyeshadow. i'd love it if you did a look with it to show how it is as blush/eyeshadow. great haul!

lala said...

Amazing haul! taj mahal is def. going to be on my list!!!

Mona said...

Eurydice does look better on you!
:( I can't get the purple to show up like that, it always turn burgundy sniff

Le Midget said...

Aww I checked my mail and I couldn't find this coupon code :( poo I really want some of the multiples!

DANA said...

WOW! What a haul!! Amazing swatches!!

dana @

resham said...

nice haul. Looking forward for FOTD...:)

Shadowy Lady said...

You got a lot of stuff, enjoy it all :) I've had Deep throat for over a year now and it's my favourite blush :)

eternalmi said...

I agree the MUFE full cover concealer is great! I'm almost out of mine D=

ricquetta said...

OHHH I am so excited you grabbed those items! I already had deep throat and mata hari and I love um, and I also have the nail polish! You got galapagos which sooooo purdy and you got the eurydice do which I also purchased for the ff sale! The purple is mindbowing~ Do you mind doing a look with that colour btw. :D Strada is what i wanted trax to be O__o and i love it. The gold shimmers are sooo pretty. I ony own night something..the black with gold shimmers but night porter looks beautiful!

ricquetta said...

p.s **You don't have to approve this comment to be viewed**

I have a new youtube channel :D Its call VivaLaMakeupTV Missed you tons Zerin (: Keep doing you lovely haul posts. You swatches are ahmazing to me and I use you a lot to buy things :D Guess what! I am getting gladiola for 10 bucks! You raved about it soo much that i had to get to hunt down lavender whip!

celie said...

Amazing Haul !!

Yesterday, I receive my NARS blushes !
I bought Taj Mahal that I LOVE !
and Exhibit A that I recommend you : it's a matt red very pigmented like Taj Mahal ! On dark skin, that's amazing :)

Love your NARS eyeshadows : I need to buy Night Porter, the color is so georgeous !!

Can't wait to see your FOTD ;)

JB said...

Wow, that a huge haul, you got some great stuff! Could you incorporate Taj Mahal into a future FOTD pretty please? I know so many who are a fan of it and I'm considering taking the plunge too. Enjoy your goodies!

Sisa said...

Wow this haul is stunning. The best items to me are Hot Mama Blush 8what a name, lol), NARS Deep Throat, NARS Night Porter and Strada! Wow, gorgeous!

Chiara said...

I am becoming addicted to Nars as well! I picked up a few products this weekend. Nice haul!

~Glossifyed said...

I was at Sephora the day they were selling Diorshow in Plum for $13 bucks. I WAS SO CLOSE to getting it becuase it seemed like a good deal but I figured it might be dry. I'm glad I didn't but I hope you can get your money back, that's misleading of them :(
Love the Haul! :)

~Glossifyed said...

I was around the days they were selling it for $13 bucks. I hate how misleading that was cuz I was sooooo close to getting it as well but bought buxom instead. Hope you can return it, but great haul otherwise ! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice! I got the habanera duo and cactus it!

Honey said...

what a fantastic haul...i covet :)u r turning me into a blush addict now hehe.
mata hari, Galapagos, Eurydice are amazing...n on my list now.
thanx for the swatches :)

p.s.-do u think mata hari can be duped with any mac blush?

Shez said...

amazing haul!!!

pls plz plz plz make vids, i am desperate to see a new tutorial from u, plz

yummy411 said...

ahh so glad you did a post! love your haul. i always say that deep throat is the women of color's orgasm! i need deep throat errr blush! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey chicka how come u don't do tutorials anymore? Cmon now flash us some of ya new toys:)

Shifa said...

wow the nars stuff is gorgeous!
love taj mahal and mata hari =)

Christy said...

Wow, what a haul! I love Eurydice, it's so pretty :) I almost got Night Porter and Deep Throat too ;)

Lipstick Rules said...

fantastic haul! Love all your NARS goodies especially -- love Pop Life myself and want to get Eurydice.

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