Friday, November 13, 2009

Bath and Body Works Haul!

There's a sale going on right now at the Bath and Body Works store.
Buy Any 3, Get 3 Free.
This discount is towards the Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Body Products.
There are many kinds to choose from.

I'm suppose to have 6 products (in the pic) but I gave one to a friend.

I absolutely love their products. Especially Japanese Cherry' smells MAGICAL!!! lol I kno.... I'm really bad at describing the scents so please spare me here. =p But I am a fan of floral/sweet/fruity products. =)

The Products I Got:
(Prices are in CDN Dollars)

Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist - $12 Regular
Midnight Pomegranate Fragrance Mist - $12 Regular

Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Scrub - $17 Regular

Japenese Cherry Blossom Body Cream - $12.50 Regular

Cherry Blossom Body Butter - $15.50 Regular

Remember, I paid for 3 and I got 3 free! =) So I only paid half the regular price of each! =D

Don't you just love the packaging of Japanese Cherry Blossom???


Check these out at your closest Bath and Body Works Store!
Tip: Take advantage of this discount and you don't really have to buy all can always share the purchases with your friends to get half price. 3 for you and 3 for me? =D

The Bath and Body Works Website

Oh yeh...I also went to Aveda and got my third Volumizing Tonic...I've been using this for four years now and I can't get enough of it. It's a glass spray bottle and it kinda reminds me of a medicine I apply this to my roots as my hair is wet/damp and then I'd blow dry if I choose to. A great product but it is expensive.


rayqueenbee said...

I love Bath & Body works products. I love all their old fragrances esp. Honeysuckle. Have you smelt the new one 'Twilight'!

Halifax said...

This is a fun promotion, but buying 6 is a lot for me, lol. Just wonder whether the new Twilight Woods scent is included in this sale, if you happened to see it in store. Thanks

Zerin said...

rayqueenbee - OooO the new Twilight smelled AWESOME!

Halifax - I think it was part of the promo...I can't really remember right now but you should can always call your local store and find out. =)

Zerin said...

Also, you don't have to buy 6 all for can always share with your friends. =)

Halifax said...

I'm asking a friend to check out the promo in store, as unfortunately I don't have BBW around here. You're right, I can split some with friends or buy them as Xmas gifts :-)

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