Monday, September 7, 2009

Vote for Me -> Annabelle's Ultimate Make-Up Junkie!


Hey Guys!
I've been chosen one of 20 semi-finalists for the Annabelle Ultimate Makeup Junkie contest! The top 5 semi-finalists with the most votes get to win this awesome prize that has over $1000 worth of Annabelle makeup products. I am so excited for this and I want to win!

Please vote EVERYDAY for the next 7 Days!

Are you interested in entering the contest? There's still time to submit your entry for the next round.
For full contest details, please visit

This entry was actually from a past FOTD posted on my blog.
Click here for more details!


Shadowy Lady said...

I voted for your Zerin :) Good luck

An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog! said...

Hey Z! I voted for you as well. Hope you win, you really deserve it!!! Good luck:):)

ricquetta said...

I voted for you babe :) You seem to be on a strong lead lol, pretty sure you'll win!

MzFashionCloset said...

I voted....good luck!!

Arezu said...

I kept seeing ads for this contest in the SDM's flyer. Good luck! I'll try to remember to vote daily (:

Sumaya said...


keep up with the great blog! i voted for you and will keep voting for you daily.

#1 fan

XINAR0X said...

Thanks ladies! You guys are the best!

Sisa said...

I like to help you winning this contest ;-)

resham said...

good luck grl....i voted....n will keep voting!!!

celie said...


I'm so exciting for you :)
I voted for you and will keep voting for you everyday!!!

priya said...

voted for u dear!!hope u win

Kim said...

Hi Zerin!

I voted for you from work.. twice using 2 computers.. heehee real sneaky.. not like you need the help but I will remember to do it everyday but you will owe all of you blog readers heaps of FOTDs if you win!

Honey said...

i am voting for u now...i hope u win!!
good luck :)

Shez said...

iv iv been voting for you non-stop - you will win , il make sure of it!!! lol :)

Brandi said...

Oooohhhh girl, looks like you're gonna winnnnn!!!!!!! I've voted for you a few times already. Good luck!

Sisa said...

You will win so damn easily, lol... I'm so excited for you!

nalumoni said...

Heyy, looks like you won! Congrats! :) Voted for you a few times.
(Btw, I am new here, just started following you over the summer. Like your style!)

VeRoNiQuE said...

Hi Zerin! :) Congratulations!
I'm sure you'll enjoy the prize as much as i'll do!! :D

And... You've got a really nice Blog!! :)

VĂ©ronique from Chicoutimi
5th Winner! :)

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