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DazzleGlass Creme - Style Black Haul & Thoughts

Mac's DazzleGlass Creme Collection Official Release Date: September 24, 2009
As always....Toronto's Mac Pro store released these babies out a week ahead and I had to go and grab them.

Nine shades came out with this collection.

Soft Dazzle - Mid-tone peach pink with gold pearl
Sublime Shine - Light coral brown with gold pearl
My Favourite Pink - Light blue pink with pearl
Perfectly Unordinary - Bright yellow pink with gold pearl
Luscious Spark - Light orange with gold pearl
Do It Up - Bright blue pink with pearl
Totally Fab - Bright yellow red with pearl
Amorous - Deep brown red with pearl
Creme Allure - Bright yellow plum

(Collection Info from

Once again, I took advantage of Mac's Back to Mac policy. I got myself 4 glosses for free (24 Mac empties) and I had 3 glosses from before.

Soft Dazzle, My Favourite Pink, Amorous, Creme Allure

The Swatches:

Amorous, Creme Allure, My Favourite Pink, Soft Dazzle, Sublime Shine, Luscious Sparks, Do It Up

The Comparison Swatches:

The Lip Swatches:

Amorous : This is a gorgeous deep brown red colour and you can even call it a dark Ruby red shade. It looks so pretty worn alone and over other red lipsticks. You can notice that the lipgloss consistency is not so thick and my lips can be seen through. I blame the camera flash for this. It's looks much better in person. TRUST ME! These pics cannot justify how GORGEOUS this shade is. This is a must have in my books. I don't have this type of similar colour at all in my makeup collection. I would love to wear it to cultural events like for Desi weddings/parties.


My favourite lipstick Ruby Woo with Amorous dazzleglass creme on top! ;)

Creme Allure: It's a GORGEOUS hot pink/magenta shade. I love it! This is another colour I don't have anything similar to.

My Favourite Pink: This is a light pink with gold pearl shade. It's a gorgeous colour but a common shade. It looks similar to Pink Fish TLC or Angel lipstick. I would have to wear lipliner to wear this or apply it on top of a lipstick because of my pigmented lips.

Soft Dazzle: This is a mid-tone peachy pink with gold pearl shade. It is pretty but it's not really meant to be worn alone on pigmented lips. It will look better on top of a lipstick or with a lipliner.


The Clique!

I have 7 of the them. I don't have Totally Fab and Perfectly Unordinary.

We all know that I am a "Dazzleglass Bimbo" and I love collecting these lipglosses. I just had to get them to expand my Mac collection. The formula is a mixture of dazzleglass and cremesheen glosses. It has the pigmentation (medium/sheer) of cremesheen glosses along with the sparkle of dazzleglasses. I love the creamy moisturizing texture of it and the glitter and shine to it. It is not sticky at all and it has a brush tip applicator which makes it quite helpful during application. I expected the glosses to have more pigmentation though. Sadly, some colours are too sheer for my pigmented lips and I would have to use a lipliner along with it or apply it over a lipstick (I don't mind doing this...these glosses are just too pretty).

To be honest, I wish it was sticky so it can last longer and I feel these have low staying power because it's not thick enough. It tends to come off easily. :(

Overall, if you don't like the stickyness of dazzleglasses yet want the creamy cremesheen gloss formula with some sparkle and shine...then this is for you!
You should get at least one. *$21.5o CDN/$18.00 USD*

I love all the new lipglosses. Especially.....

My Top Favourites:

-Do It Up
-Creme Allure
-My Favourite Pink


Mac Style Black Collection Official Release Date: September 24, 2009

This collection is pretty awesome ranging from black mineralize eyeshadows, bases, eyeliners, nail polishes and lipsticks. Just check out the Mac website on the release date for more details.

Gilt by Association: I believe that is the STAR of the Style Black collection. It's a black eyeshadow with reflects type gold glitter. It looks amazing when foiled or applied on a black base. This is a VERY unique eyeshadow shade and I'm really glad I got this. I would love to do a fotd with this.

Young Punk: It's a black with reflects pink/purple glitter. I love how finely milled the glitters are and I'm glad these are not chunky. I love dark purple smokey eyes and this eyeshadow will will look so HOT especially on top of a black base.

Swatch Comparisons:

Gilt by Association, Young Punk, Beauty Marked

Overall, this collection seems pretty good and it's targeted towards people who love Gothic inspired makeup looks or it can be for people like you and me who like dark smokey eyes. There are 4 mineralize eyeshadows (with Gold, Silver, Purple/Pink, Blue reflects glitter). It even has black lipsticks and lipglosses but I am no fan of those. There is a black shadestick called Grease Paintstick in Intense Black and according to people, it's a real good black base and it just won't budge or crease....unlike the NYX Black Bean jumbo pencil (unfortunately, it smudges like crazy!) I may go back for the greasepaint. ;)

Hope this helps y'all out!



ashpardesi said...

omg..those dazzlecreams are gorgeous..amourous, do it up and cream allure are def the ones I will be picking up..'my fav pink' looks very similar to nyx smokey look l/g..thanks for the swatches hun!


Me encanta tu blog y tus entradas sobre barras de labios y glooses. Yo tambiƩn adoro el rosa en los labios. Un besazo wapa

Chiara said...

The amorous one is so gorgeous, just looking at the pictures, it's my favorite. I like soft dazzle too but I have pigmented lips so it might not show up well on me. Thanks for the review!

jennylevi said...

These DazzleGlasses are awesome... I'm glad that in every collection there are two or three different shades.. The one that stand out to me were Amorous, Creme Allure, My Favourite Pink... And the mineralized eye shadows are awesome something different and sexy.. Thanks for sharing and Great Haul.. Vist my page of my dazzleglass collection... Have a great day

Arezu said...

Creme Allure & Ruby Roo with Amourus over it are my favorites!

celie said...

Wow they look gorgeous, such pretty colours !!
My favorites are Creme Allure and Amourus ( so GORGEOUS with Ruby Woo <.3).
Can't wait to buy Gilt by Association (just one more month to wait in France lol). It's very nice with a black base. Ideal for a great smoky!

Thanks for sharing your pics with us and great Haul ;)

Shadowy Lady said...

lol, I went to the Pro store yesterday too (in Montreal) but I was so pumped about Style Black that I forgot about the dazzleglasses, lol! Thanks for the review, I did a partial haul of Style Black but I will complete it on Thursday and I will be picking up Amorous as well (B2M)

KristaCherie said...

Nicceeee another T.DOT girl on here!!! LOL I ordered my Style Black & Dazzleglass Creme collections online and your swatches and thoughts really helped me out!!! Thanks girl! By the way I'm Krista :). Are you going to IMATS in November??

M said...

ahh i can't wait till this collection comes out in the UK!! Gilt by Association would look gorgeous on Asian skin! x

denishiaj said...

OMG! Love the dazzleglass collection! I'm totally sold thanks to you!:) Now I'm gonna have to fight off the urge to go to the MAC counter today...

Sisa said...

Oh I'm so upset we will not get the dazzleglass creams in Germany :-((

*~SL said...

sweet colours

Lipstick Rules said...

My own haul was very similar to yours! Love Amorous dazzle cream.

makeupnewbie said...

Hey Xina I have a question. Have you ever found a dupe for sweet sienna pigment? I have been on the search for the pigment but it's no where to be wondering if there is a dupe at all..
I would totally appreciate your help. Thanks :)

Bavani said... my country at nite market aso can gt mac product.hw toknow which one is original and fake 1???

Cristina said...

wow girl i loooove ur blog and ure sooo prety!! i follow you!

Anonymous said...

great blog xD
following you, follow back?

dianeuk01 said...

Hi Zerin,

Thanks so much for doing these swatches on your lips, I just loved Creme Allure on you and as I have similar colouring just went out and bought it (just came out in the UK), and am I glad, love love love it!, my fav lip product for such a long time. Do it up looks great on you and I liked it on the back of my hand so may pick that one up too. Thanks again, much appreciated.

If you have time I would love it if you could do a top ten or fav e/s, blush, lip products etc on YT especially if it's geared to us women of colour.

Ta very much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the swatches and review! I don't think I'll be picking up any shadows from Style Black, unless they WOW me personally (they haven't been released here yet!). Now the Dazzleglass Cremes are another story, I'll be sure to get one - I can't resist!

dianeuk01 said...


I couldn't resist I did pick up Do it up the other day and love it too. Your times and efforts are very much appreciated. Thanks again.

Shortiee31 said...

Thank-you very much for the swatches! :D I think I am going to consider picking up Luscious Sparks and Do It Up! :) xx

Angela said...

nice haul
i really like the style black collection too.

Im a new follower and love your blog.

Andee Layne said...

love the amorous color! i must have it! Great blog! Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog . Follow mine as I will yours xo

Anonymous said...

I love your tutorials and your blog and I know you have a lot of followers. So many ppl are asking why you don't make videos, can you please let us know if you will ever make videos again? Everyone is asking and I never see you respond. Thanks

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