Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mac Make-up Art Cosmetics Haul '09

Mac Make-up Art Cosmetics Fall collection is HUGE!
I got myself two products from this collection. The Mac Pro Store (downtown Toronto) released this collection early like always. I think the actual official release date is August 20, 2009.
Check out Temptalia's website for more details of this collection.

This fall collection has three eyeshadow quads out. I chose Photo Realism eyeshadow quad since it stood out the most and it had two veluxe pearls and I just can't get enough of that finish. It just glides on with a silky finish. I love all the four colours as well and none of the colours were repromoted. I also liked Skintone eyeshadow quad since it has such pretty neutral colours. I really liked Notoriety eyeshaodow in it which was like a peachy pink shade. JUST GORGEOUS! I might get it next time...not sure. The third quad is called Private Viewing. It has some pretty pink/purples in it but it had two matte colours and I'm just not a big fan of matte shadows unless it's for darkening the crease. So I passed on it. I didn't bother with any of the new lipglosses or lipsticks. They were just "meh" looking to me. I guess I already have colours similar to it. The new eyeliners looked cool too but I can easily use mixing medium to make vibrant liner colours. This collection also had many new/repromoted glitters and pigments. Nothing was really that unique to actually buy the pigment jar, instead I would just get sample pigments/glitters from this line.

Photo Realism Eyeshadow Quad

Swatch Comparisons
*I forgot to include Humid eyeshadow*

Juxt, Aquavert, Mood Ring, Print, Clue, Photo Realism, Fresh Approach, Image Maker, Grey Range, Deep Blue-Green pigment, Henna

Grey Range eyeshadow and Deep Blue Green pigment seems pretty alike.

The new fall collection also has some single eyeshadows released. Some are new/ repromoted.

I chose Off the Page Eyeshadow (frost) since it was the most unique of them all. I couldn't find anything too similar in the perm collection to compare it with . However, it seems pretty similar to Fab and Flashy (LE) eyeshadow but more pigmented/vibrant. Fab and Flashy is very sheer when swatched and you would have to pack it on to show colour. Generally, I didn't like the texture of the new single eyeshadows but I loved Off the Page and wanted to add another orange eyeshadow to my collection.


My Orangey Eyeshadow Collection!
Swatch Comparisons
Off the Page, Firespot, Nars Mediteranee, Megarich pigment, Juiced

People said that Off the Page was similar to's so NOT TRUE!

Firespot is more reddish orange and it's much more intense. Another GORGEOUS UNIQUE SHADE! Why can't Mac make these colours perm? =(

Hmmm...I can just picture an eyeshadow combo right now...Off the Page (lid) + Plumdressing/Hepcat (crease) + Sketch (outer-v) + any pretty highlight = JUST GORGEOUS!

I guess if you just want ONE item from this collection...I would recommend
OFF THE PAGE eyeshadow!
I guess that's the end...hope this helps y'all out! ;)


maika said...

off the page is gorgeoooouss !

audgepodge said...

Great post! I really love how you compare the colors to others - I hate getting a duplicate color. The quad you bought has really pretty colors, I'm going to have to check that out.

vanillasmush said...

photo realism quad looks great! Love how the colors look so wearable on a daily basis!

GoldBeauty88 said...

Photo Realism Eyeshadow Quad
and off the page are on my list! :D

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

I had vowed I wouldn't get anything from this collection but I don't think I will last. These are beautiful!!

Shadowy Lady said...

Thanks for the review lady :) Photo Realism is all I'm getting as well. I agree with you comment about making bright coloured liners with mm, that's what I always do too :)

Sisa said...

This is beautiful! I'm really craving for this Photo Realism Quad, lol. I fell in love with it weeks ago when I saw it on Temptalias site. But I need patience till September 4, when it's released in Germany.

Arezu said...

Niceeee, Off The Page wouldn't be a colour I would usually pick out, but it's a pretty colour.

And I agree, I LOVE veluxe pearls eyeshadows, they are smooth like buttahhhhhhh!

Antoinette said...

im a youtube subscriber who found out last night that you had a blog! i've been wondering where you've been the past few months. are you not making videos anymore?

got myself all caught up by going over your entire blog last night and today! loved all your posts and i agree with audgepodge.. i love when you swatch the colors with like colors. I feel like i can make an informed decision and perhaps save myself some money if i've already got something similar!

MzFashionCloset said...

Wow, more makeup. I have is quote I say when my hubby comments on my shopping..."Everything is Never Enough"...and I think of you whenever you post your new hauls...enjoy your new items. :-)

Iridiai said...

love this mac shadows!

un beso,

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