Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Love for Lavender....

Eclectic Edge, Via Veneto Dazzleglass, Funtabulous Dazzleglass, Ever So Rich Cremesheen Glass, Purple Rite, Up The Amp, Lavender Whip, Fashion Mews

My Lavender/Lilac/Purple -ish Collection. (So Far)
;) I love it to bits!

The Swatches!
Many of these lavender/purple shades are limited.
Up The Amp lipstick and Funtabulous dazzleglass are in the perm line.
They currently have Purple Rite lipstick, Eclectic Edge lipgloss and Via Veneto dazzleglass in stores/counters but are there for a limited time only. So hurry and get them if you're interested!

Via Veneto Dazzleglass looks AMAZING on just about any lipstick. It is part of the Euristocrats II collection and so it's limited. :( It has purple/lblue reflect glitter in it with a lilac sheen. I would definitely try to get a backup of this since it's limited.
It's a must have and it's just TOO GORGEOUS!

Via Veneto dazzleglass are applied on top of the lipsticks in the first row.
Funtabulous Dazzleglass are applied on the top of the lipsticks in the bottom row.

This lipcombo is SO MAGICAL!Lavender Whip lipstick with Via Veneto Dazzleglass!


Shadowy Lady said...

great swatches Zerin. I love lavender too. And Up the Amp is my favourite lipstick from MAC. I need to get Via Veneto

Anonymous said...

Via Veneto is gorgeous! You're right, it makes such a great layering gloss!

AlwaysAdira said...

What pink lippies do you recommend for NC 30-35?

XINAR0X said...

Thanks ladies. You guys should get Via Veneto...It's THE BOMB!

AlwaysAdira: It depends on the intensity you like and want to wear. You can try on NUDE pinks or Hot Pink types.
From the perm line: Faux (nude pink), Pink Plaid (nude pink), Angel (nude pink), Pink Nouveau (blue based pink, try Magenta lipliners with these kinds), Girl About Town (Magenta type-hotpink), Impassioned.
Pink Lemonade lipgloss

Limited Edition Recs: Gladiola, Hollywood Nights, Saint Germain

Hope this helps you.

XINAR0X said...

NYX has some nice pink lippies as well. You should definitely check that brand out.

Tina Marie said...

I love your Lavender lip collection. I used to not like the color of it on lips until it got really popular. Now I wanna try some!

Marjo on makeup frenzy said...

I'm so jealous of you now :P I looove lavender lipsticks but doesn't look good on me :( From your pictures, Via Veneto stole my heart <3

Yinka (aka VexInTheCity) said...

Great post!

I managed to get my hands on Lavender Whip this week (yay!).It's gorgeous - much better than the Barry M dupe I bought which is too frosty for me! I'm def buying Eclectic Edge and Via Veneto when they're out here in the UK!

Thanks for sharing.

Sisa said...

Wow I have to go for Via Veneto. Euristocrats II isn't out yet in Europe. It's still not sure when it comes out... some say in July, some say in August ans others say it will not be released in Europe, only in North America. That would be a shame =(


I love lavender whip! i'm actually wearing it right now.

i'm kinda' into purple lipcolors right now so i might buy the ecletic edge lipglass when the color craft gets here! :)


I love lavender whip! i'm actually wearing it right now.

i'm kinda' into purple lipcolors right now so i might buy the ecletic edge lipglass when the color craft gets here! :)

Chiara said...

Great swatches! I was eyeing Via Veneto and you convinced me to buy it. I have fashion mews too and it looks awesome with it.

Anonymous said...

I love the color! beautiful!
I have deleted my youtube account with "amin4family" name! Now I have a new account, "colorsglitters", just wanted to let you know since I send you e-mail from that account!

I am going to try "proclaim glossing shampoo and conditioner " my hairs were so damage because of dying them every month, i just cut them all to the length of my ears, now I will grow my hairs but intend to use Henna(mehndi)since it is gentle and will not damage my hairs! Have to dye hairs because of grays!

XINAR0X said...

Via Veneto Dazzleglass is DA BOMB ladiez!

Thanks for letting me know although, I havn't checked the youtube inbox for a long time now. lol You should try out the conditioner first since you have coloured hair. Leave it in for a while and then wash it out. It's also great to use olive oil as a natural hair conditioner.

DSK said...

lavender whip is just the must have <3!

ashpardesi said...

AWESOME purple collection zerin!the color suits you,so flaunt it girl..have you seen or tried obsessive compulsive lip tars?they have a colour called 'katricia' which is a purple/violet super duper pigmented lip tar.I have got 'grand ma' liptar,Lol!it is gorgeous coral pink colour,my shld chk them out!

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