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My Colour Craft Haul with Some Thoughts

So finally the Colour Craft collection arrived and I was able to buy it from Toronto's Mac Pro Store early. It officially comes out July 9, 2009. It consists of mineralized products from eyeshadows, mineralized skinfinishes, blushes, lipsticks, brushes and special type packaging marble lipglosses. Although, I am very excited about this collection...those special vibes did not spark for everything in the collection. lol I'll explain later why this collection has it's ups and downs.

For all product listings and descriptions:

My favourite haul item is Mac's Natural Flare Mineralized Eyeshadow.

It's just SO GORGEOUS!
Copper / Yellow orange / Dirty brown / Rich gold

Comparison Swatches

I fell in love with this eyeshadow instantly and I could not find a dupe at home for the yellow orangey copper shade at all. That's the colour that attracted me the most.
I just knew I had to have it. It was CALLING ME! hehe!

Another favourite was Eccentric eyeshadow since it had very pretty purple shades.


I loved all the MSFs that were released with this collection. Although, some may find them too frosty but it doesn't bother me too much.

I picked up the ones that I liked the most.
Porcelain Pink MSF: This is my first ever pink highlight. I know this is quite sheer and a very light pink but I was in search of something like this and I finally found it.

Smooth Merge: I was instantly attracted by the middle deep rose red stripe. It is said to be similar to Blonde and Petticoat MSF. I don't have any so I couldn't compare these. The MA even mentioned that this was smoother and less chunkier than Triple Fusion which is similar to Redhead MSF.

Swatch Comparisons

Soft and Gentle, Porcelain Pink, Smooth Merge

Cheeky Bronze: This is the MUST HAVE MSF of the collection. I don't have anything too similar to this shade. You can even use it as a blush for people with fairer skintones. I love the texture and it's not a glitter bomb at all.

Swatch Comparisons

Other Worldly Blush, Cheeky Bronze, Nuance Blush, Laura Geller Golden Apricot, Warmed, Refined


I passed on all the lipsticks in this collection but I loved the lipgloss shades.

Eclectic Edge, Funky Fusion, Miss Marble
Eclectic Edge: This shade is a gorgeous lilac/lavender. An instant love as well!
It seems like the lipgloss version of Up The Amp lipstick and it's a great addition to my lavender lippie collection.

Funky Fusion: A Gorgeous Pink Coral Shade

Miss Marble: Muted pink shade
I love this colour and I can easily see this as my everyday pink lipgloss. It can be worn by all skintones as well.

Lovechild, Miss Marble, Full on Lust, NYX Pinky Natural

These lipgloses all look very pretty and are not too sheer at all. The packaging is gorgeous but the drawback are the doe foot applicator. I'm actually very upset because of this.

It really grinds my gears!!!
(Family Guy Moment)
Due to the packaging of this lipgloss, the doe foot applicator comes out with very little product and people just end up calling it "sheer". I guess the opening of the gloss is too small for the applicator. You'll have to keep trying to get more product out. I had to stick in the wand at least 3-4 times to get the right amount on my lips. I don't even have big lips lol and I had to dig in and keep layering.

Only Solution: It's best to use a lip brush for these lipglosses becase of this kind of packaging.
Trust me....I used a lipbrush and it made a BIG DIFFERENCE in the lipgloss quantity and pigmentation.

I still find it such a drag to keep applying gloss on with this doe foot applicator. SheeeSh! Who knos...I may return one.


This collection also released a new brush called the 131 blush brush. It looks similar to the 188 brush but shaped differently and specifically made to apply blushes. I didn't really find it too unique and it was quite I passed on it. Mac was also repromoting the 109 and 226 brush which I already have. I really love the 109 brush and I use it especially for liquid foundation application.


All the new Mac mineralized blushes were very pretty and did have a lot of shimmer which is typical for a mineralized product.

Please excuse the blurryness of this swatch pic.
I forgot to include Cheek and Cheerful Blush.

I wanted to get Improvise Blush but....

This was a light peachy coral colour. This would act as a blush for people with very pale skin but for most people it would just be a peachy golden highlight for the cheeks. '
So I just had to pass.

The other blushes were similar to my collection in terms of shades or they were too sheer and light for me and would just end up looking like a

I chose two gorgeous blushes...
Daft Pink: Blue Based Pink

Fad-Dabulous: Dark copper shade with gold veining

I loved both blushes!

I had high hopes for the Mac Mineralized Blushes but when I got home and compared my past Mac mineralize blushes with the new ones....I was in great SHOCK!

Daft Pink and Love Rock (mixed) are quite similar. Daft Pink is just a tad bit lighter. I totally recommend passing on Daft Pink blush if you already have Love Rock. I know I'll be returning this blush for sure. There's no point in keeping such duplicate shades.

Fad-Dabulous, Gleedul, Hot Planet, Merrily

I will also be returning Fad-Dabulous blush since it's SOOO similar to Hot Planet Blush (mixed). It's not even like 2-3shades off. These are practically identical. This is a gorgeous shade though and I really love it but it doesn't make sense in keeping them both when they are SO ALIKE! So if you have Hot Planet blush, don't bother getting Fad-Dabulous blush.

I love both of these blush shades and I was kinda bummed out by seeing such duplicate shades but I'm glad Mac has awesome return policies. Hehe! They will always satisfy their customers.

To be honest,my favourite Mac mineralize blushes were from the Sonic Chic collection. It did not contain so much glitter as the recent ones and went on smoother and it had more unique shades that were not sheer at all. I hope Mac comes back with Sonic Chic kinda blushes again.

I guess enough with the


Continue with the HAUL....
Via Veneto Dazzleglass (Limited Edition): all I can say! This is just a gorgeous light lavender with pink, purple reflects and this will be an awesome addition to my lavender lippie collection. It makes amazing lip combos. It's just so MAGICAL! I love it.

Funtabulous Dazzleglass: I've been eyeing this lipgloss for a while now. I finally got it! YAY!

That's all FOLKS! ;)


SometimesTheyComeBack said...

Thanks for the swatches!
My list just got bigger! Haha

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

Ok, I was going to pass on the collection since I just blew my makeup budget this month but WOW, I love what you picked out.
I think I would want the same things....Sigh, we'll see if I cave in.

Yinka (aka VexInTheCity) said...

Fab review. It's out in the UK on the 13th and I can't friggin' wait!!

Marjo on makeup frenzy said...

Thanks for the comparisons, I was going to buy Fad-Dabulous tomorrow, now I wont, since I have all the Grand Duo blushes :P.

Sanderlees said...

oommgg i can't believe the pro store already has it out!! i am soooo going on monday!!
you got everything that I wanted (but i'm adding the rest of the msf's to the haul =P) I can't wait!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Great haul, thanks for all the swatches - I'm hanging for Colour Craft to be released in Australia

Sisa said...

It's such a shame I missed Porcelain Pink. I came back from holiday today and it's already sold out :-((
Now I'm considering to get Smooth Merge. Or nothing...

Chiara said...

Thanks for the review and all the swatches! I can't wait until the collection is released.

*~SL said...

Hi you got great make-up styles and you look little bit like Aishwarya Rai :)

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