Monday, July 20, 2009

Make-Up Brush Collection (Updated)

Top - Bottom
Mac Eye Brushes: (full size) 210, 209, 227, 226, 224, 222, 239, 239, 217, 217, 249

Top - Bottom

Mac Face Brushes: (full size) 192, 190, 109, 165, 188, 187, 169, 150, 182

Top - Bottom

Mac Eye Brushes Special Edition: 212, 252, 275, 209, 217

Top - Bottom
Mac Face Brushes Special Edition: 168, 190, 187, (Concealer brush is missing)

Top - Bottom
Posh Brushes, Lise Watier foundation brush, Nars Blush Brush #6

Posh Eye Brushes

Top - Bottom

Winsor & Newton #3 Brush (Micheals), Quo Foundation Brush, Quo Blush Brush

Quo Eye Brushes

Face Secrets Brushes from Sallys

CoastalScents Eye Brushes

CoastalScents Face Brushes

It's quite crowded...isn't it?



Gemma said...

Which posh ones are your absolute must-haves? I want to get some but can't decide which one to start with.

XINAR0X said...

Hey Gemma,

I would suggest Posh angle blush (white hair) brush. It works just like Mac's 168 brush. I use it for contouring rather than blush. I also love Posh's powder brush and works great for powder application.

For the Posh eye brushes, I recommend brow brush, dome eyed brush (highlight), smudge definer brush (I use it to pack on colour).

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Dang!thats alot of brushes!awesome collection my friend!=)

LOVEpink said...

thats a lot of brushes! i only have 2 posh brushes i lovee the powder brush! its so fluffy! heh and theyre great prices...espcially when they have the $3 off! lol but im trying to save to add more to my mac brushes :) heh i havent tried any quo ones yet though!

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

Great brush collection!!! You got a lot of them and I like that you have different brands.

resham said...


Celly said...

Hella brushes! Lucky gal.

Shadowy Lady said...

great collection girlie. I already have the 209 and use to apply eyeliner. Do I need the 210 as well?

khmari123 said...

OMG! That's alot of brushes. Do you just use some of them to make your table look pretty?

Pang said...

Awesome collection! :D

Jenny said...

i love the mac stuff :)

Farah said...

I also have a lot of brushes but have never even heard of Posh hmm.. must check it out. Btw love the brush holders Sephora styles ;)

Roxy said...

ahh i love your brushes! =]

Le Midget said...

Can I have some of your mac ones? lol

Courtney said...

I have my brushes in a similar set up.
ps. congrats on the semi-final win!

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