Monday, July 20, 2009

Annabelle Kohl Eyeliners & Lipliner Swatches

Annabelle (Canadian drugstore brand) has some of my favourite eyeliner/lipliners. They go on creamy with great pigmentation and they cost quite reasonable too. Here are some of the eyeliners and lipliners I have.....(no...I never got these for free like some people did...I
actually bought these)

Kohl Eyeliner PencilsThese eyeliners can easily be used as eyeshadow bases on top of a good eye primer.

The Swatches:

Royal Marine, Lapis, Fiesta, Indigo, Lotus, Black, Coffe, Curacao

Lipliner Pencils
The Swatches:
Mars, Cherry, Sparkle, Hot Honey, Demure, Blush, Natural Rose, Spice, Desert Dune, Dew Rosee

I love all the colours that I have. Although I don't have any of their hot pinks (I prefer NYX hot pink lipliners) and I dont know if they make any either.
I like pairing Mars lipliner when I use Mac Lady Danger lipstick.
Also, I love using Cherry lipliner with any of my red lipsticks.
My most used lipliner is Demure and I use it almost with all lipsticks. It's a great neutral colour.

I also love colouring in my entire lips with a lipliner and applying a sheer gloss on top. Make sure your lips are moisturized so it doesn't feel overdrying.

NYX has good lipliners as well but it's too bad, they are not available everywhere in Canada except in selected Rexall Pharmacy shops.


Arezu said...

Ooh, Demure looks like a nice colour that'll go with everything.
I'm going to pick that one up (:

Anonymous said...

I love demure, spice looks nice too :)

Anonymous said...

Love Rexall. I only use Annabelle eyeliner in Black. I have to go pick up another one. That stuff never smudges, even in rain. At least not for me. I'm thinking of buying Revlon Matte. The luxurious kohl eyeliner in black truffle. Rexall has it on sale this week for $2 off regular price :) ANNDDDDD they have Annabelle eyeliners for 20% till the 24th.

celie said...

I love Mars, Hot Honey and Demure !
When I will have some money, I will buy these lipliners lol !
Annabelle lipliners are better than NYX ? or similar ?

Thanks for swatches :)

Halifax said...

Oh awesome. I was wondering about Annabelle liners, as they were on sale at Shoppers a few times. Thanks for the swatches

Sisa said...

I'm jealous! Annabelle seems to be a very attractive brand to me, but Canada is quite far away, lol.
I got a lipliner which comes close to Demure (it's called "Terra" by Alverde, a German drugstore brand for natural-based cosmetics)and I use it frequently. But I never saw anything like Mars in our drugstores.

kmontes30 said...

If you want hard to find NYX items you can purchase at as they do ship to Canada but with international shipping fees which are not that bad IMO. :) These are awesome helpful swatches. You are a doll. Thanks.

Shadowy Lady said...

thanks for the swatches :) I have a couple of their eyeliners but never tried their lipliners. I think I'll pick up a few next time I'm in Rexall

The Mighty J said...

Oh thanks for the swatches girl!

Farah said...

Hey girl thanks for the swatches. Have you tried Annabelles smudgeproof liners? I find the texture equally if not better than the normal ones and they are blendable (until they dry then they stay put) I LOVE the navy color.

vanillasmush said...

Hey love, I remember the first time I saw you using a lipliner called Demure by Annabelle and I had to find out about the brand. I never saw it in the US when I was there. Ooooh guess what, I bought MAC Cheeky Bronze, my bf is going to send it to me. Also, MAC Costa Chic, I tried it in the store here but they were sold out...its really pretty. Okay long comment haha..XOXOX

Arshia said...

pretty swatches!
i tagged u! So if you have time, DO IT DO IT DO IT!

Arshia said...

pretty swatches!
i tagged u! so DO IT DO IT DO IT!

Roxy said...

curacao and lotus are soo pretty! i wish we had anabelle here too!

SephoraMAC said...

Thanks so much for these swatches. I love annabelle cosmetics and I always wondered if the eyeliners and lipliners were good or not.
Very Helpful post!! :):)

Anonymous said...

Wow! they are so pigmented! I wish we can have these here in our drug stores like Walgreens or Rite Aid!
Thanks for sharing!

An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog! said...

I have and LOVE demure..I am eyeing Spice and Blush next..I wish these were sold in USA..Demure is completely HG material!

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