Monday, June 15, 2009

Woodwinked & Twinks FOTD

What I used:

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
MUFE #6 Primer
MUFE #153 HD Foundation
Mac Select Coverup Concealer - NW 35 & MUFE #10 Full Cover Concealer
Mac Mineralize SkinFinish Natural - Medium Dark
Covergirl Loose Powder - Translucent Medium
Mac Espresso Eyeshadow (Eyebrows)

Two Faced Shadow Insurance (Eye Primer)
Mac Cashflow Paintpot - Eye Base (I included a swatch pic for Consuela below)
Mac Woodwinked Eyeshadow (On Lid)
Mac Twinks Eyeshadow (Crease)
Mac 100 Strokes Eyeshadow (Dupe: Sketch Eyeshadow - Darken Crease/Outer V/Bottom Lashline)
Mac Embark Eyeshadow (Darken some more)
Mac Femme Fi Eyeshadow & Mac Refined MSF (Highlight/Inner Corners)
Mac Blacktrack Fluidline
Urban Decay - Zero Eyeliner Pencil (Black)
Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara
Loreal Telescopic Mascara
NYC Lashes

Mac Refined Golden Bronzer (Contour as well)
Nars Torrid Blush
Mac Skinfinish Duo - Highlight Shimmer Side (To Highlight the Apples of my Cheeks) =D

Mac Poise Mattene Lipstick (A Pinkish Coral Colour: Alternatives - Ravishing Lipstick/Missy Slimshine)
Mac Molte Bene Lip Varnish (LE : Alternatives - Love Nectar Lustreglass or just check out the swatch pic below to find more dupes)


WHOA! Excuse the oily lookingness in the pics....I wasn't really looking that oily lol...I blame the camera flash and MSF and maybe...the MUFE HD foundation?! :D

Today, I was able to blow dry my hair straight-ish after about 2 months of not really doing anything or heat styling to my hair. I'm actually trying to grow my hair longer. My friend recommended Biotin pills. This is a vitamin supplement for hair and nails and it helps them grow stronger and healthier. The process is slow but it does work according to many. I might buy these pills soon and I'll update you guys if I see any progress.
Makeup Alley Biotin Review


As for my thoughts on Mac's Naked Honey Collection....

Welll...I thought it wasn't so great at all. I was really dissapointed at the highlighters in Honey Light and Golden Nectar. When I swatched these highlights...they seemed to be more like powder MSFNs than any illuminating product. It's so sad why Mac called this a

I didn't bother looking at the skincare Honey products since we all know how expensive Mac's skincare line is and I had no plans on getting anything.

The eyeshadows seemed okay but not too unique to buy. I prefer Paradisco eyeshadow over Pollinater. Crème de Miel eyeshadow is a pretty frosty white gold shade similar to Rose Blanc (LE). Buckwheat eyeshadow just seemed like any other similar shade like Mulch or Bronze eyeshaow.

I think the lipglosses are all quite pretty. I really liked Queen Bee and Buzz lipglass.
Hopefully, I get one! :)


kawaii619 said...

VERY PRETTY! I love this combo, and cute earrings hun! =)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous look, I can't believe I've never paired Woodwinked and Twinks together!!

Mevish said...

This is lovely!
You have such a sweet heart warming smile. On the Honey Collection I wasn’t too keen on the collection to begin with hopefully the lip glosses should make up for the disappointment I’m looking forward to the lippys the most!

nunu said...

You look gorgeous!

Sisa said...

Wow, your hair is incredible... so long and voluminous.
I'm trying to grow my hair longer, it's only shoulder length right now :-( I wanna get bra strap length... and grow my natural hair color out and only get some highlights. 11 yrs of coloring and experimenting damaged my hair pretty much :-(

Very pretty FOTD, I love golden-brownish looks.
By the way, I tried to recreate your blue-pink look from months ago... here is the result *g* (the flash made the colors very pale :-( )

Addictd2Fashn said...

wow youre u r beautifulllll!!!so damn jealouss!!! the eyes are subtle..girl u need to come down to NY!!!!

The Mighty J said...

Oh very pretty combo of Woodwinked and Twinks - really digging it girl!

Shortiee31 said...

Stunning... As usual! x

celie said...

You're just gorgeous !!
I love this combo, it's very pretty :)
and thank you very much for your video on youtube ! That help me a lot!!

Arezu said...

This is so beautiful!

LOVEpink said...

pretttyyy evening EOTD!

Celly said...

imma try this out for summer.

An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog! said...

So pretty! You are glowing in the pics, I dont think you oily at all. Nice to see that you are back:-)

XINAR0X said...

Thnx ladies!

Oh buttering me up now Addicted2Fashn lol

Sisa - I know...I want the perfect hair You did a beautiful job Sisa! You should start a blog and post your looks....very pretty and well done. You have such beautiful eyes too.

petersons said...

First of all I want to tell you that you have amazing skills with makeup and you are also gorgeous. I just loved your shilpa shetty inspired look you posted on youtube. What brushes did you use to do your eyeshadows for that one? Thanks for your posts and goodluck.

Chiara said...

I love this look! I have both woodwinked and twinks but never used them together, so this is for sure a combination I will try, thanks for the inspiration!

Sisa said...

Hey zerin, you can visit my blog at


Addictd2Fashn said...

haha i want to say the same comment to EVERY damn picture! make me beautiful womannn !!! LOL

Chilli said...

you inspire me so much! your make up is so pritty

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