Monday, June 8, 2009

Along Came the Estee Lauder/Mac Warehouse Sale (Haul)

Hey Everyone! It's been AGES since I've posted on the blog or been active on Youtube. I've been busy with school and then I got sick. =( Now, I'm feeling much better and I even made it to the Mac Warehouse Sale yesterday in Toronto (Markham). YAY! My AWESOME friend Minnie hooked me up with complimentary tickets to the sale. I was so thrilled to hear that she had extra tickets for me. I really appreciated it and it was my first time going so the experience was amazing! Thnx Minnie! You're the best!!! <3

On the topic of Sales:

Mac will be having the Sumo Big Savings 25% off Sale for 3 days June 16-18
I'm assuming it will be online only.

So stay alert for any future Mac email notifications.

Here's my Mac Warehouse Sale Haul.

I went on a Sunday so many items were sold out but it's all good...I still got many great products. The best day to go is on a Friday. The maximum spending was $600.00 this time and there are limits to the number of products you buy as well. Obviously, I didn't come no where to that. My haul total was about $200.00

The lashes and mini Fix+ bottles were only $3.00
Lash #41 - Chill Collection
Tiger, Tiger, Hue, Gladiola, Prestigious, Posh, Monodramatic

These lip products were $10 each. Buy 3 get 1 free.
Of course, I just had to stock up on Gladiola lipstick. It my HG hot pink lippie!

Other Worldly Blush, Stark Naked Blush, Two To Glow Mineralize Eyeshadow
These compacts were $12 each. Buy 3 get 1 free.

They even had MSFs there but many were sold out. =(

Other Worldly Blush
: My Other Love! I had to buy backups of these babies too.

Stark Naked Blush: I can't believe I missed this beautiful blush during the release. Also, the gorgeous Ricquetta was raving about this blush so much...I just had to give in. Thnx for the rec hun!

Cash Flow Paintpot, Vintage Gold Pigment, Reflects Bronze Glitter, Bronzescape Solar Bits, Sea Me Shadestick

These eye products were $9 each.

I didn't bother getting any eyeshadows this time since I tried to get items that had more retail value like the pigments/paintpots. If I ever end up going again, I'll definitely be buying more pigments next time.

There are charity bags that are only $5.00 and these proceeds go to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundations. It's always good to give!

This one contains: Charged Water, Magnetic Fields Eyeshadow, Think Tan Slimshine, #249 Brush

Blot Film Sheet, Flip Eyeshadow, Marquise 'D Lipstick, Mousse Slimshine

Mac Wipes, Deep Shade Eyeshadow, All's Fair Lipstick, Intimidate Slimshine

These are all the lipsticks I got from the charity bags. =D

As for Style Warriors...I only did a One Item Haul!

I initially had plans on purchasing three prducts from Style Warriors Collection.
Brave New Bronze lipstick, Purple Rite lipstick and Bright Future eyeshadow. The other items I already had but in different packaging. I had the bronzers and Eversun blush and some similar eyeshadow colours. Now, I'm trying hard not to buy such similar shades.

Brave New Bronze lipstick was similar to nude peachy pink lipsticks that I already have so I passed on that. (Kinda Sexy, Cherish) BUT...who knos I might grab it during the upcoming Mac I love NUDE LIPPIES!

Bright Future Eyeshadow is a bright, vibrant yellow shade but as I was swatching it, the colour payoff wasn't so impressive. I thought it would a glide on smooth type texture since it is a veluxe pearl. I might just buy the Bright Sunshine pan eyeshadow from the Mac pro store later on.

The solar bits from this collection are quite pretty. Especially, Impassioned! I may consider it during the sale.

Now....*drum roll*
The Star of Style Warriors Collection is...
Purple Rite Lipstick
(Yes, according to me it is..... My One Item Haul)

It's a gorgeous lavender frost shade. It's a shade I don't have and it's quite unique. I'm not a big fan of frost lipsticks but this was an exception.

I have fallen in love with lavender shades lately and I'm totally DIGGIN' them.

The love started from Up the Amp, Lavender Whip, Fashion Mews and now...Purple Rite lipstick.


Kittynail said...

Great haul! I'm jealous, haha :D

javy said...

girl you got some AWESOME goodies, tiger tiger is one of my fave lippies!!

ashpardesi said...

omg are really back with a bang! got some real gems there..i just heard abt that FF sale here..and 2 days back i ordered online for e/s in clarity ,graphology,missy slimshine( all the 3 are getting d/c,so i had to get them)eversun blush,springsheen blush(OMG GORGEOUS,tried it in the store,the golden sheen on the cheeks complements our skintone so well) and stylewarrior l/g(totally wearable,it is like a opaque dark brown dazzleglass,so much sparkle) i dont think i will get much for the FF

lipstickrules123 said...

great haul! Jealous ;-)

Crissy K said...

Yay!! I'm super happy you are back. I love your posts. Awesome haul! Those warehouse sales are a dream come true.

Sanderlees said...

omg.. i'm so jealous about the #41 lashes! they didn't pull those out when i was there.. as well as the third option charity bag with the #239 brush!! ahhhh...
normally they have a brush in every bag.. but this sale was an exception so i was a little disappointed...

great haul tho!! I picked up gladiola too on recommendation from the friend i went to the sale with and i LOOOOOOOOVE it

Shadowy Lady said...

wow Zerin that's an amazing haul :) enjoy your goodies and looking forward to your amazing FOTD's

em said...

awesome haul!! I can't believe I never got stark naked. I wish they had sales like that here!

Sisa said...

Hey Zerin, glad to read you again :-)
This haul is amazing, I like every single item... and I'm asking myself how could I be so stupid and pass Lavender Wheip and Gladiola :-(

Anonymous said...

im so so jelous
You got so much stuff,.. but all at an amazing price !
Love that stark naked blush

The Mighty J said...

Ohhhh paint me green with envy - awesome haul!

kawaii619 said...

I'm glad you're feeling better hun! I was wondering where you have been haha. Anyways, GREAT haul! I wish had money to spend and a warehouse sale where I live!

Arezu said...

Wow, AMAZING haul, and those prices are GREAT.
I am so extremely jealous.

Janet said...

OMG I need to move to either the USA or Canada I guess, they never have sales like that here in Holland.. :( Can you make a Swatch in pruple right? I saw it yesterday and it looked to dark for my nw40 skin.. Instead of that I bought the Sunsational L/s and the refined golden bronzer

MzFashionCloset...Confessions of A Shopaholic said...

Definitely keeping my eyes open for that MAC online sale. Can't wait!!!

Kim said...

great haul! I really hope to be able to score some invitations to these infamous MAC warehouse sales for the next round. It's the only good cosmetics deals that we Canadians get! :)

Anonymous said...

whoa!! Nice haul - you've got some beauties in there. Intimidate is such a beautiful colour

redQueen said...
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