Saturday, June 27, 2009

Here we go with my Collective Haul & Swatches!

I got a few things from the Mac Sumo Sale, Sephora, Cherry Culture Sale (NYX), CCO (USA) and Ebay. I have some great friends who hooked me up with some products from the US. LOVE YA!

Let's Begin!
Mac 15 Eyeshadow Palette (Empty)
Some pan eyeshadow additions to my collection!
Jest, Bronze, Print, Prussian, Poison Pen

This was from the CCO(USA).... It will be repromoted in Mac's Love That Look Collection in August. I'm glad it's back since it's seen as a "rare product"
Smoke & Diamonds Eyeshadow (Limited Edition)

Swatch Comparisons:
Sweet Sienna and Smoke & Diamonds seem pretty alike to me.

Mac Style Blush: A Gorgeous peachy gold shade! :D

Nars Luster Blush: This is a very pretty peachy bronzy gold shade. It's pretty cool that it doesn't really have any pink undertones. Perfect for the summer. A great addition to my Nars Blush Collection. :) Thanks for the rec's ladies!

Laura Geller: Golden Apricot Blush-n-Brighten

I bought this off Ebay and had it shipped to my friend in the U.S since it was free shipping to the US. =D I won this off Ebay and only paid $12 usd! YAY! Keep in mind this is just the smaller version which is like 5 gram. It's like the size of a Mac mineralize blush. The original size of this is like the size of a MSF. The bigger size is obviously more costly and should be around $29-30. This is a great buy if you don't want to pay too much for it and this will last you forever as well. Of course, it's better to get the smaller version. I don't think Sephora sells the smaller version seprately but they are actually found in Laura Geller giftsets.

This is another gorgeous coral peachy gold colour. I love it to bits and it's great for the summer as well. Even though it's marbelized like Mac MSF and does seem like to be a copycat version but it's NOT glittery like a msf and it has the pigmentation of a normal blush. It also has great staying power as I wore this for hours. It's AWESOME! I guess I should eventually review on this blush too. lol I'm also thinking of getting Laura Geller's Roseberry Blush as well. =)

I know...I have tons of blushes from the same colour family but I can't help it!
I'm a cheeky person and a total Blush WHORE! ;)

Swatch Comparisons: (Click for the larger image)
Golden Apricot, Rome, Nuance, Torrid, Style, Luster

Mac Queen Bee Lipglass (LE), Taupe Lipstick (For my dear Mommy)

Love Nectar, Queen Bee, Smile Dazzleglass

Poise Mattene Lipstick, Kirsch Mattene Lipstick

Poise Vs. 40s Pink

Dolly Pink Mega Shine Gloss, Pink Natural Gloss, Thalia Lipstick

I got this during the Cherry Culture Sale! My dear friend was ordering and so she ordered for me as well. =D This is my first time trying out NYX lip products. I'm very impressed and it's totally worth the price. WOW!

Nyx Thalia Lipstick Vs. Mac Brave Lipstick

NYX Lipsticks are very pigmented and are so creamy in texture! I would definitely order some more during another sale. I think these were around $1-2 usd.

Nyx Pinky Natural Gloss Vs. Mac Petite Indulgence Cremesheen Glass

So it is true....NYX Lipglosses can be duped for Mac Cremesheen Glass. I really love the colour Pink Natural...I wonder if Mac has similar lipgloss shades. It's just too pretty!

NYX Dolly Pink, Mac Magnetique, Mac Style Minx

Nyx Pinky Natural Gloss

Nyx Thalia Lipstick

Mac Queen Bee Lipglass
I know my lips are quite pigmented and I can't really wear this alone but it looks better and gorgeous on top of lipsticks like nude or peachy shades. =D

NYX Dolly Pink Mega Shine Gloss

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Retrospeck with Silver/Grey Look - FOTD


What I used:

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
MUFE #6 Primer
Mac Select Spf Liquid Foundation- NC 42/43
Mac Select Coverup Concealer - NW 35 & MUFE #10 Full Cover Concealer
Mac Mineralize SkinFinish Natural - Medium Dark
Covergirl Loose Powder - Translucent Medium
Mac Espresso Eyeshadow - Eyebrows

Two Faced Shadow Insurance (Eye Primer)
Mac Cashflow Paintpot - Eye Base (LE)
Mac Retrospeck Eyeshadow - 2/3rds of Lid
Mac Silver Ring Eyeshadow - Outer Lid
Mac Print Eyeshadow - Crease
Mac Carbon Eyeshadow - Darken Crease/Outer-V
Mac Solar White Eyeshadow - Highlight (LE)
Mac Blacktrack Fluidline
Urban Decay - Zero Eyeliner Pencil (Black)
Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara
Loreal Telescopic Mascara
Asian Brand Model 21 Lashes (I put them on droopy again)

Mac Blunt Blush (Contour)
Mac Refined Golden Bronzer
Nars Desire Blush
Mac Redhead MSF (LE)

Mac Lavender Whip Lipstick (LE) < The flash from the pics make it appear lighter than what it actually looks pretty normal in person.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Woodwinked & Twinks FOTD


What I used:

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
MUFE #6 Primer
MUFE #153 HD Foundation
Mac Select Coverup Concealer - NW 35 & MUFE #10 Full Cover Concealer
Mac Mineralize SkinFinish Natural - Medium Dark
Covergirl Loose Powder - Translucent Medium
Mac Espresso Eyeshadow (Eyebrows)

Two Faced Shadow Insurance (Eye Primer)
Mac Cashflow Paintpot - Eye Base (I included a swatch pic for Consuela below)
Mac Woodwinked Eyeshadow (On Lid)
Mac Twinks Eyeshadow (Crease)
Mac 100 Strokes Eyeshadow (Dupe: Sketch Eyeshadow - Darken Crease/Outer V/Bottom Lashline)
Mac Embark Eyeshadow (Darken some more)
Mac Femme Fi Eyeshadow & Mac Refined MSF (Highlight/Inner Corners)
Mac Blacktrack Fluidline
Urban Decay - Zero Eyeliner Pencil (Black)
Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara
Loreal Telescopic Mascara
NYC Lashes

Mac Refined Golden Bronzer (Contour as well)
Nars Torrid Blush
Mac Skinfinish Duo - Highlight Shimmer Side (To Highlight the Apples of my Cheeks) =D

Mac Poise Mattene Lipstick (A Pinkish Coral Colour: Alternatives - Ravishing Lipstick/Missy Slimshine)
Mac Molte Bene Lip Varnish (LE : Alternatives - Love Nectar Lustreglass or just check out the swatch pic below to find more dupes)


WHOA! Excuse the oily lookingness in the pics....I wasn't really looking that oily lol...I blame the camera flash and MSF and maybe...the MUFE HD foundation?! :D

Today, I was able to blow dry my hair straight-ish after about 2 months of not really doing anything or heat styling to my hair. I'm actually trying to grow my hair longer. My friend recommended Biotin pills. This is a vitamin supplement for hair and nails and it helps them grow stronger and healthier. The process is slow but it does work according to many. I might buy these pills soon and I'll update you guys if I see any progress.
Makeup Alley Biotin Review


As for my thoughts on Mac's Naked Honey Collection....

Welll...I thought it wasn't so great at all. I was really dissapointed at the highlighters in Honey Light and Golden Nectar. When I swatched these highlights...they seemed to be more like powder MSFNs than any illuminating product. It's so sad why Mac called this a

I didn't bother looking at the skincare Honey products since we all know how expensive Mac's skincare line is and I had no plans on getting anything.

The eyeshadows seemed okay but not too unique to buy. I prefer Paradisco eyeshadow over Pollinater. Crème de Miel eyeshadow is a pretty frosty white gold shade similar to Rose Blanc (LE). Buckwheat eyeshadow just seemed like any other similar shade like Mulch or Bronze eyeshaow.

I think the lipglosses are all quite pretty. I really liked Queen Bee and Buzz lipglass.
Hopefully, I get one! :)

FOTD from the Weekend & The Dupe of Mac Other Worldly Blush

Here's an FOTD from the past weekend. It's been a very long time since I actually had put on "full makeup". Most times I would just run out of the house with just some eyeliner and some lipgloss on. I finally got the chance to do the "full makeup look" during this so I'm pretty rusty and I'm just trying to get back into the game. YAY! =D This look probably looks like an old fotd of mines I'm also wearing the NEW....Purple Rite Lipstick from Style Warriors Collection. I thought I would never wear frost finish lipsticks but this one is GORGEOUS!

What I used:

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
MUFE #6 Primer
MUFE #153 HD Foundation
Mac Select Coverup Concealer - NW 35 & MUFE #10 Full Cover Concealer
Mac Mineralize SkinFinish Natural - Medium Dark
Covergirl Loose Powder - Translucent Medium
Mac Espresso Eyeshadow (Eyebrows)

Two Faced Shadow Insurance (Eye Primer)
Mac Cashflow Paintpot - Eye Base (WOW! Such a pretty colour....I can wear this alone)
Mac Naked Pigment (On Lid)
Mac Nocturnelle Eyeshadow (Crease)
Mac Sketch Eyeshadow (Darken Crease/Outer V)
Mac Pink Venus Eyeshadow (Above the crease)
Mac Solar White Eyeshadow (Highlight)
Mac Parrot Eyeshadow (Bottom Lashline)
Mac Blacktrack Fluidline
Urban Decay - Zero Eyeliner Pencil (Black)
Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara
Loreal Telescopic Mascara
Ardel Wispies Lashes

Mac Refined Golden Bronzer (Contour as well)
Mac Stark Naked Blush
Mac Trace Gold Blush (To Highlight the Apples of my Cheeks) =D

Mac Purple Rite Lipstick (Style Warriors)
(Hope this helps you out Janet!)

A friend from the U.S was able to hook me up with Mac's Hollywood Nights Lipstick from her CCO. What a HOT PINK LIPSTICK! I can't believe I missed it during the release of the Heatherette Collection. Anyways...I took some pics with this lippie on with Mac Magenta lipliner pencil. =D


A Frequent Question:

What is the closest dupe for Mac's Other Worldly Blush since it was limited edition?

Mac's Trace Gold blush is the closest in shade and texture. Yes! You can easily find it at any Mac counter/store since it's in their permanent line.

You can also try MSFs like New Vegas (contains glitter), Warmed and others to achieve the golden glow. However, Trace Gold blush makes a great alternative as it isn't glittery or too metallic and it contains just the right amount of shimmer for those apples of your cheeks. It's a gorgeous golden highlight. You can even wear it alone to give those cheeks a warm, subtle bronzy look. (I have it on in the FOTD above)

Mac Trace Gold Blush Vs. Mac Other Worldly Blush
(Pro Pan) - (Pot)

Other Worldly blush seems more metallic and you don't need too much of it. With Trace Gold blush you can apply it and build up the bronzy glow to what you like. If you don't like MSFs because of the glitter....Go ahead and try Mac Trace Gold Blush! =D

Monday, June 8, 2009

Along Came the Estee Lauder/Mac Warehouse Sale (Haul)

Hey Everyone! It's been AGES since I've posted on the blog or been active on Youtube. I've been busy with school and then I got sick. =( Now, I'm feeling much better and I even made it to the Mac Warehouse Sale yesterday in Toronto (Markham). YAY! My AWESOME friend Minnie hooked me up with complimentary tickets to the sale. I was so thrilled to hear that she had extra tickets for me. I really appreciated it and it was my first time going so the experience was amazing! Thnx Minnie! You're the best!!! <3

On the topic of Sales:

Mac will be having the Sumo Big Savings 25% off Sale for 3 days June 16-18
I'm assuming it will be online only.

So stay alert for any future Mac email notifications.

Here's my Mac Warehouse Sale Haul.

I went on a Sunday so many items were sold out but it's all good...I still got many great products. The best day to go is on a Friday. The maximum spending was $600.00 this time and there are limits to the number of products you buy as well. Obviously, I didn't come no where to that. My haul total was about $200.00

The lashes and mini Fix+ bottles were only $3.00
Lash #41 - Chill Collection
Tiger, Tiger, Hue, Gladiola, Prestigious, Posh, Monodramatic

These lip products were $10 each. Buy 3 get 1 free.
Of course, I just had to stock up on Gladiola lipstick. It my HG hot pink lippie!

Other Worldly Blush, Stark Naked Blush, Two To Glow Mineralize Eyeshadow
These compacts were $12 each. Buy 3 get 1 free.

They even had MSFs there but many were sold out. =(

Other Worldly Blush
: My Other Love! I had to buy backups of these babies too.

Stark Naked Blush: I can't believe I missed this beautiful blush during the release. Also, the gorgeous Ricquetta was raving about this blush so much...I just had to give in. Thnx for the rec hun!

Cash Flow Paintpot, Vintage Gold Pigment, Reflects Bronze Glitter, Bronzescape Solar Bits, Sea Me Shadestick

These eye products were $9 each.

I didn't bother getting any eyeshadows this time since I tried to get items that had more retail value like the pigments/paintpots. If I ever end up going again, I'll definitely be buying more pigments next time.

There are charity bags that are only $5.00 and these proceeds go to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundations. It's always good to give!

This one contains: Charged Water, Magnetic Fields Eyeshadow, Think Tan Slimshine, #249 Brush

Blot Film Sheet, Flip Eyeshadow, Marquise 'D Lipstick, Mousse Slimshine

Mac Wipes, Deep Shade Eyeshadow, All's Fair Lipstick, Intimidate Slimshine

These are all the lipsticks I got from the charity bags. =D

As for Style Warriors...I only did a One Item Haul!

I initially had plans on purchasing three prducts from Style Warriors Collection.
Brave New Bronze lipstick, Purple Rite lipstick and Bright Future eyeshadow. The other items I already had but in different packaging. I had the bronzers and Eversun blush and some similar eyeshadow colours. Now, I'm trying hard not to buy such similar shades.

Brave New Bronze lipstick was similar to nude peachy pink lipsticks that I already have so I passed on that. (Kinda Sexy, Cherish) BUT...who knos I might grab it during the upcoming Mac I love NUDE LIPPIES!

Bright Future Eyeshadow is a bright, vibrant yellow shade but as I was swatching it, the colour payoff wasn't so impressive. I thought it would a glide on smooth type texture since it is a veluxe pearl. I might just buy the Bright Sunshine pan eyeshadow from the Mac pro store later on.

The solar bits from this collection are quite pretty. Especially, Impassioned! I may consider it during the sale.

Now....*drum roll*
The Star of Style Warriors Collection is...
Purple Rite Lipstick
(Yes, according to me it is..... My One Item Haul)

It's a gorgeous lavender frost shade. It's a shade I don't have and it's quite unique. I'm not a big fan of frost lipsticks but this was an exception.

I have fallen in love with lavender shades lately and I'm totally DIGGIN' them.

The love started from Up the Amp, Lavender Whip, Fashion Mews and now...Purple Rite lipstick.

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